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Ranma Saotome

Ranma Saotome is just your everyday, average, teenage martial arts expert who just happens to have a tiny problem. When a training journey in China turns bad, Ranma ends up cursed. Cold water turns him into a lovely girl, hot water turns him back. Everybody seems to want to marry him or kill him, but mostly, Ranma just wants to be a normal teenager again.

Over the years, Ranma as gathered several potential wives. Akane was betrothed to him when they were kids by their parents. Ukyo was 'given' to Ranma through a deal including an Okonomiyaki cart. When traveling through China in his girl form, he defeated Shampoo. Amazonian law made it so Shampoo had to track down Ranma and kill him. However, Ranma boy-type also defeated her, so she now has to marry him by Amazonian law.