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Looking around, I realized how few Puni Puni Poemi summaries there are. Being my usual self with virtually no life, I decided to make one!

For those of you who have seen Excel Saga, be warned. This anime is even more random. Some of the VAs are the same, and Nabeshin even makes a cameo appearance. After all, he is the director, and Poemi calls him that. Parts of this anime are very disturbing, and I have only watched the first episode so far.

Plenty of fan service (a.k.a. nudity) is shown. The bad guy in the first episode has no pants and even has a ball and chain hanging down from his crotch. Luckily that's the only thing there. Later, in a different scene, Shii Aasu rests her boobs on Poemi's head. Futaba Aasu is Shii's sister, Poemi's friend, and she worships Poemi.

This show has virtually no plot. Any plot is thrown between the crazy stuff. Heck, Poemi refers to herself as her voice actress (Kobayashi). I recommend watching Excel Saga first in order to get some of the jokes. This anime is hilarious. Try not to laugh yourself to death.