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Episode 1-Separation Anxiety
Episode 2-Four's a Crowd
Episode 3-Long Distance Lunacy
Episode 4-The Eternal Pledge
Episode 5-Money! Money! Money!
Episode 6-Play Date
Episode 7-The Day We Met
Episode 8-Tenchi Anniversary
Episode 9-The Guardians of the Old
Episode 10-Ryoko's Big Date
Episode 11-Moon Mission
Episode 12-Stupid Cupid
Episode 13-The Eye of the Destroyer
Episode 14-Tokyo or Bust!
Episode 15-Love Match
Episode 16-Carnival!
Episode 17-Drifting Away
Episode 18-Game Over
Episode 19-The Lonely Princess
Episode 20-Old Friends
Episode 21-Real Friends?
Episode 22-Sakuya's Secret
Episode 23-Here, There and Everywhere!
Episode 24-Yugi's Shadow
Episode 25-The End of Time
Episode 26-Payback