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Welcome to the online portion of #Anime-trix! The website for the actual club is here. For those of you who don't know, you can find us on the Aniverse ( on mIRC or any other chat program. We have plenty of people with fserves and XDCC lists, so come on in and leech! We have people on hand to help if you don't know how.

Staff and random people who hang around:


Title: Founder, Super Operator

Status: Operator, Godlike, Sexy, Single ;)

Description: It's me! That's right. In this channel you answer to me! I 0w|\| j00!!! Mwahahahaha! ...Sorry. I got a little over excited. Anyway, if you want to be auto opped/hopped, you have to talk to me or my other name, Seitentaisei.


Title: Founder, Super Operator

Status: Operator, refer to above

Description: This is my other name. I'm on this name a lot more often. This program runs my fserver and my xdcc list. Plenty to leech!


Title: Baron, Operator

Status: Operator

Description: I am the baron of all #anime-trix! muhahaha! Anywayz, I'm all over that biznatch, w00t! 15 m and ....well what else is there to say? ~.^


Title: Resident Neko and Scripter

Status: Operator

Description: Cute little neko. What more is there to say? ^_^


Title: Son of Adam, exiled by God

Status: Voiced/Single/Exiled

Description: Full of jealousy, anger and denial unlike his brother Abel. Other than that, Cain is a normal "run-in-a-mill" leecher. More details to come =P


Title: Guardian Angel

Status: Operator

Description: It watches over the site and remembers ops and schtuff. Don't try talking to it. It doesn't really exist.