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Been a while, ne? Anyway, my team and I won our regional Japan Bowl! We didn't even plan on placing! Go us! Oh, and new layout coming soon. Ja.



ACK! My site is no where near XHTML-compliant! Things that should make this site better made other things not work properly. If you didn't notice, some things may not work the way they should. Oh well, I'm working on it along with about 50 million other things. On a slightly different note, I've been admitted! Now, I know someone wants to bail me out. If nothing else, vote for me on The Wizards Quest. I need that banner rotation again.



New poll! Check it out down below...



Thank you so much for advancing me again! I've been really busy lately, but I promise some new sections soon. You may even find a new layout in the near future. Until then, stay with anime! =^_^=



New award! AWA was really fun! It was quite disturbing seeing my friend led around on a leash during the costume contest. I would upload pictures of the Con, but I forgot a camera ;_;. Anyway, I'll try to put more stuff up soon and stop saying anyway as much.



Friday the 13th! Eerie, ne? Anyway, I've spent most of tonight watching The Fifth Element and learning Gackt songs on the guitar. Go Gackt! Odd fellow, but cool songs. Anyway, sorry for the lack of updates, but here is the Gackt I am most like:


Which Gackt are you most like?


A new awards section is up. Everything is from Wizard's Quest right now, but I'll try for more awards later.



This section is probably my biggest right now. I promise I'll add stuff soon. As soon as my homework lets up a bit and I get some sleep. I am very tired ~nyo. I am beggining to think that no one reads these. Vote for me! Also, look for a mascot and a self-chibi. Is that a real word? Oh well. One more thing! I've started a "Best Anime Site" award. I personally think the award's really cool. YES! You too can be recognized for the Feng Shui of your site! If you want to try for it, email me at I will give away one award every month. A sample is below.



As you can see, I made a new banner. This one's actually mine. Also, I made a new vote banner. Please scroll down, sign the guestbook, and vote for me! Please! Don't make me beg!



Ugh! After only 5 days of school, I am very tired. I am also kinda swamped with 5 essays to do and a presentation to give. Don't ask. There may be no updates for a while. Oh, but the layout of the page may change again. It should make getting certain things you look for easier, like letting you know which sections have pics. Anyway, that's for another day =P



After all this time, I finally have the new banner I promised a while ago. This was made by JuNpEi-KuN. He's part of the #Anime-trix staff. This may or may not be a permanent banner, but right now I have no time for working on one. Just new sections and awards. Ok, I do have the time. I'm just lazy. Well, it's back to work/sleep/goofing off. Ja ne!



Wow. I am very tired. After a week of waterskiing, tubing, and DDR at the Mall of America, I am very tired. Too tired for even more anime. I'll save that for the morning. Also, sometime tomorrow I will add an awards section for everything I've been getting. Thanks so much more your support! My guestbook is under massive 0v3rf10w4g3 right now. Also, I will soon start making awards for people's sites I like. Make sure the Feng Shui on your site is up-to-date. Ja!



As you can see, the newest stuff now has a different color to it. The newest section is now the website half of my channel #Anime-trix. If you want to trade anime or just chat, look in the section and find out more about us.



I have part of the new section with the comparison of X and the Bible up and running. Check it out! Oh, and I'm now a part of Freedom's Landing. Vote for me when the time comes! Ja ne!



Woo hoo! I've been approved! Wizard's Quest, that is. Eventually, I hope to win an award. Soon you will see a new banner up in here. Oh, and I finished phase one of my research comparing X to parts of the Bible. New section soon! There will also be a review of the 3x3 Eyes and the Chobits manga. Keep coming!

Yeah! Approval!



Just checking in. I was surfing around and found that I'm like Spike(Cowboy Bebop) I'm also like Van(Escaflowne). I'm not going to name the other people I'm like. Check out the site. It isn't totally anime, but it has cool little quizzes. I might borrow the code some day and make one. Maybe tomorrow.

I'm just watching a bad dream I'd never wake up from.
Find out what anime bad boy you are.

Lil Boy
Find out what bishonen you are.

Find out what anime character cliche you are.



Konnichiwa! It's me again. I decided to update what I can while I'm still in town. Starting next Sunday, I'll be gone for two weeks. Please don't hurt me for not returning e-mails. Oh, and yesterday I added a review of sorts for Puni Puni Poemi. It's not a final copy yet- it might change on you. BTW, if anyone has some CGI space I could use for a counter, it will be much appreciated. Ja ne!



Konnichiwa! What was I thinking?!? Wow, I got really tired of that last layout so I decided to try something new. And I will try to get all my fancy effects working this time. Wish me luck! Oh, and please sign my guest book and post on the forum.