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**Organized under strict rules and regulations. Zoid battles are fighting competitions held on enormous battlefields using mechanical combat units known as zoids. The enthusiastic young warriors put their pride on the line and sharpen their skills against one another.

**English dub...Cartoon Network

Zoids New Century Zero is technically the third season. Let's all hope that Cartoon Network will pick up the first two seasons as well!

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Please be advised the character profiles on this page have been written by me, and if they have been duplicated on another site, it was done WITHOUT my consent in other words plagiarized.


Voice Actor: Richard Cox
Zoid: Liger Zero
Conversion 1: Zero Jager
Conversion 2: Zero Schneider
Conversion 3: Zero Panzer

Bit was a cocky junk dealer specializing in used Zoid parts until he found himself in the middle of a battle between the Blitz and the Tiger's Team. He partners up with the tempermental Liger Zero and soon fulfills his dream. You see, Bit travelled the world searching for the best Zoid parts so that he could build the ultimate zoid partner.

Bit can be defined as forthright and couragious, however, he never seems to pay attention when others are offering advice. (Kind of makes you want to have his ears checked!)

Voice Actor: Kelly Sheridan (Hitomi-Escaflowne)
1st Zoid: Dibison
2nd Zoid: Custom Gunsniper

Young Leena is a girl who just wants to have fun! She is bubbly, outgoing and very very self-centered. She enjoys flirting and driving poor Harry to the brink of insanity (If he's not there already). Her and Bit have many confrontations, because they are both very strong willed.

She is a skilled warrior, however, her reckless use of ammunition has gotten the team in trouble at times. In many cases she jumps before she thinks. Her main goal in a battle is not only winning but acquiring points.

Voice Actor: Sam Vincent (Julian-Cardcaptors)
1st Zoid: Command Wolf
2nd Zoid: Shadowfox

Brad joined the Blitz team as a mercenary, in other words, one who is only motivated by a desire for money or material gain. Even so, he seems to be dedicated to the team. Brad is very physically strong withstanding tests of equilibrium that would render even the most virile unconscience. He is highly skilled and has often been the key to some of the Blitz Team's victories.

Voice Actor: Ron Halder
Zoid: Oversee's Battles, not a Warrior

Dr. Toros owns and operates the Blitz Team. He oversees all financial matters, which can be a problem since he is such a spendaholic. Even though the team has won a lot of prize money, they always seem to be in debt. Dr. Toros may act child-like, often playing with his toy zoids, but don't underestimate him. He knows everything there is to know about zoids from their equipment to the opponent's battle plans.

Voice Actor: Ted Cole (Wufei-Gundam Wing)
1st Zoid: Shield Liger
2nd Zoid: Red Blade Liger

Leon was the first leader of the Blitz Team until Bit came along. Listening to Bit tell his life story gave Leon the inspiration to go out on his own as well. He, too, wanted to search for the perfect zoid partner.

Leon is a very skilled warrior, but also possesses traits that make him every girls fantasy! He is strong, considerate, and confident. He leaves the group in episode 2, but returns as a member of Naomi's team in episode 16. (I had to write this with a tissue so I could wipe the drool off my chin...Oh wait, this is just a cartoon..wake up!)

Voice Actor: Bill Switzer (Michel-08th MS Team)
1st Zoid: Pteras
2nd Zoid: Raynos

Jamie is the brilliant young battle strategist for the Blitz Team. It is Jamie who studies the strengths and weaknesses of the opposing teams to come up with a battle plan (too bad the other team members rarely listen to him).

Although timid, he is also a skilled warrior specializing in airborne Zoids. When he is put in a serious crunch, he has a split personality becoming the daring "Wild Eagle".

Voice Actor: Saffron Henderson (Noin-Gundam Wing)
Zoid: Gunsniper

Beautiful Naomi is the ultra skilled warrior who is an expert at long range combat. She is famous for never losing at a one-on-one battle. She is extremely brave and strong minded.

Spoiler: Later in the series you'll see that Naomi has a soft spot for Brad and that feeling eventually becomes mutual.

Voice Actor: Brad Swaile (Quatre-Gundam Wing)
Zoid: Dark Horn (Actually, just about anything)

Harry Champ is a man destined to be least that is what he keeps telling everyone. He is a spoiled rich kid (father runs the famous Champ Corporation) who's got it bad for Leena. Not only is he rich, but also extremely lucky (except when it comes to winning the affections of the one he loves). The other warriors believe he only enters zoid battles to kill time, but there is no denying he is good.

His teammates are the robots, Benjamin and Sabastian.