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Angel Thoughts


A great lover is someone who can satisfy one woman her entire life and be satisfied with one woman his entire life. - Ricardo Montalban

He who causes another to become poweful ruins himself, for he brings such a power into being either by design or by force, and both of these elements are suspect to the one whom he has made powerful. -Machiavelli

It is truly a natural and ordinary thing to desire gain; and when those who can succeed attempt it, they will always be praised and not blamed. But if they cannot succeed, yet try anyway, they are guilty of error and are blameworthy. -Machiavelli

Days fly by too fast. Dont you guys think so? One day we are out playing in the sand or sliding down a slide. Suddenly, whooom you are a teenager struggling with a job and your homework you havent done is due tomorrow. Appreciate what you have right now cuz later on you might not have the friends or things you have right might have might have less.

So many things to do but nothing I would enjoy doing. I would like to kick it with my friends but everyone is busy...right? Interesting things have happened in this year that just brings happiness as well as sadness in my life. For instance I have learned that friends work very hard to live because they do not have their parents to help them out. They have too much to pay, no time to go out. WORK, WORK, WORK. SHE inspired me about facing life and how to achieve something that seems so impossible to do. Life must go on...even if it is very hard sometimes.

Just to tell you a little bit about myself... I am a hispanic male. I am 6 feet 1 inch tall. I weigh about...hmm maybe i shouldnt tell you everything about myself. Well this is a page to represent a bit of the so called feelings, thoughts, and whatever else there is in this page. Wow look at that monkey go.Wow sooo many big bananas. Now the monkey should be really happy.

Its scary...the feelings deep inside. The feeling of desire, fear, jealousy, sadness, etc. It is natural to feel these emotions but sometimes you just dont want to feel them. They hurt sometimes, they corrupt sometimes, they demean you. You have to be strong to face the unexpected. Make mistakes but learn from them.

You shouldnt take life for granted. It is a pressious gift that may have a meaning. Only If you put effort into it. Someday someone might thank you for just being there.