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English Version: DBGT Final Bout for PSX

Ok I've decided to do a review on this one mainly because I have the game and my site wouldn't be complete without it. I've had the game for about a year now. It was a main goal for me to have it.

Ok now let's begin.

First I would like to start off with the characters.

I think they did a nice job on the details. Even though they kinda look like blocks on the game. But hey that's PS for ya. Anyway they have a nice selection of characters if you put in the code which i'll show ya later on. Characters From DBZ and DBGT. Which I think is awesome. The Bad thing about this is that when you chose someone thats very powerful like Veggito or SSJ4 Goku, they move very slow. For example, you are in the middle of combat and you fighting SSJ chibi goku with Veggito, Goku is moving so fast you can't catch up with him because Veggito can't move any faster, then you end up losing. I usually like to fight with Majin Buu or SSJ future Trunks. I recommend you fight with someone small like Chibi goku, majin buu, or pan. That way you can move around very quickly when your fighting. I especially like to use majin buu because you can be both fast and powerful. ^_^ ok now moving on!

Ok now let's talk about the audio. In my opinion I think that the backround music rocks! They use some music from the show. Cell's theme is awesome. The one thing i really hate about this game, The characters voices. Sure they talk in english but oh my god i would rather them not talk at all since it's so horrible. They sound nothing like the real characters. even though they try to. I cringe every time I hear chibi goku talk on that game. Poor Vegeta has a corny voice and buu sounds like a friggin pokemon. Overall I really like the music ^_^

Finally we come to the combat. *jumps for joy* Well anyway let's begin. Of course we have to have the fighting, it wouldn't be DB without it right? First, I think the combat is very awesome and you gotta have the KAMEHAMEHA wave. What the cool thing is about this game is that when your doing one of the characters specials you hear the original voice actor!saying it. Ok the basics, Yes each character has there very own fighting style. Which is awesome. Also everyone has different punches and kicks and all that good stuff. They fight almost exactly like they do on the show.

There is this move kind of thing on the game called meteo. It looks cool when a character does it but it can get very annoying after it happens over and over again. Well i haven't quite figured out how to do that but it's when a fighter continusly kicks and punches you and then finishes you off with one last blow. The bad thing is that i don't think you can get out of it and it can last until you die. o_O

Now this is one of my favorite things about the game. Oh yes this game has every original move from the dragonball series.Goku's Kamehameha, Vegeta's Final flash, Piccolo's special beam cannon. Oh yea they have em all. I quite haven't figured out how to do these but it sometimes works for me. ~_~ But what is very cool about this is that you can find yourself in the middle af a Kamehameha battle, Like gohan and cell's famous battle. Well anyway i think the effects are OK but they could be better. Like is said before, you can hear the original voice actor say the attack. But overall this is another great quality of the game.

The rating I give this game Is 8/10

Tips and Stratgies

1. Pick someone small that can move quickly.

2.Don't waste all your energy on blasts.

3. Try to find a weak spot, ex. the stomach.

4. When fighting Bebi, to charge up go between his legs, when you want to attack keep punching him in his face, then go back down and charge up again. ^_^


*More Fighters*

At the title screen press- right, left, down, up, right, left, down, up

*Play as SSJ4 Goku*

At the title screen press- Triangle "10 times" and Square "9 times"

*Play as Gotenks*

Beat the game nine times with GT Trunks on hard mode after nine times highlight GT Trunks and press select nine times.

*Wire frame mode*

In training or 2 player mode while selecting your character hold Select and press X.

Sry but thats it for now.