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Android 18's family Quiz

Test your knowledge on 18 and her family!


1. How does 18 First die in DBZ?
A. She dosen't die
B. Cell Absorbs her
C. Buu eats her
D. she gets blasted by Buu

2. Who Saves 18 from Bio Brolli?
A. Trunks
B. Krillyn
C. Mr. Satan
D. Goten

3. What Saga does Marron first die?
A. Bebi Saga
B. Buu Saga
C. she dosen't die
D. Super 17 Saga

4. Why does Krillyn let his hair grow?
A. He thought it was time for change
B. His wife made him
C. he don't fight anymore
D. 18 said she would like him better with hair

5. Why does 18 love Krillyn?
A. he shows more affection for her than anyone else she's ever known
B. he's bald
C. he saved her life
D. he's cute

6. What does Krillyn last say to 18 before he goes off to fight Buu?
A. 18 don't worry about me
B. take everyone inside and hide
C. I'll see ya later,.... I hope
D. I love you 18

7. Who does 18 help to defeat her evil twin in GT?
A. Vegeta
B. Trunks
C. Krillyn
D. Goku

8. Who is 18 more close to?
A. Android 16
B. Android 13
C. Android 17
D. Android 19

9. Who does Marron act like the most?
A. Krillyn
B. 18
C. Trunks
D. Bulma

10. How old is Marron when she first appears in DBZ?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4