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Android 18

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Dubbed Name: Android 18

Original name: Juuhachigou

Age,first seen: appears to be 18

Last seen: Mid 40's, still 18

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Location: Kame House

Husband: Krillyn

Child: Marron

Deaths: Dies when Buu turns her into chocolate and eats her.

18 and her brother 17 were captured by Dr. Gero and remodled into androids. 18 was first seen in DBZ in the androids saga. The androids main goal was to destroy Goku. But Cell Dr. Gero's ultimate creation ,was on a quest trying to find the androids and absorb them. Well Eventually he suceeds on doing so. When trying to hide from cell 18 and krillyn meet again but Krillyn has a controller to deactivate 18. But instead he atempts to save her and in the process destroys the controller. Later on after Cell was defeated by gohan, we see that 18 and Krillyn are happily married and they have a cute daughter named marron. Even though 18 has a huge attitude we see that she does have a soft side to her. She is a very good mother and when she tries hard enough we see that she does love Krillyn and would do anything for him. She also shows very occansionally that she does have a sense of humor too. When evil 17 kills Krillyn in GT 18 beats the crap out of him but later on she does end up saying that she loves krillyn and falls right next to him holding his hand.

Also I would like to clear somthing up. Ive been on alot of web sites that say 18 lives 100 years later after GT and so on. Well that's not entirely true. Actually she dies with everyone else. Because I've seen the GT special over and over and it says at the very beginning that no one is no longer living except for Pan. yes even 18 is dead.If you want to see for yourself then Go Here, then download the DBGT special. Pay close attention to the begginning. It should be right after the song. ok then go ahead.