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Moshi moshi!


Moshi moshi, and welcome to our site! This is the (Un)-Official home of a fan fiction called "Pocket Monsters: Ai no Natsu!" (Pokemon: Summer's Love!) When a Sailor Senshi from a kingdom called the Star Kingdom decides to travel through dimentions, she ends up landing in the Pokemon world and encountering Ash, whom seems to be in college! The story then begins to be an account of when the characters from Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, Tenchi Muyo!, and Pocket Mosters (later accompanied by the characters of Yu-Gi-Oh!) take on the challenge to correct this wacky warp! Also includes special apperances by characters from other animes including: Cardcaptors, Digimon and Inu-Yasha!(We appoligize if a link is broken, and if you find anything that belongs to you, please e-mail us so we can give you credit)

I can't believe it! Our first update! Well, first of all, we have slightly modified our story, if you have already read our prolouge, it is now the first episode. so pop in and read our new prolouge "The Silver Millennium"! It won't take long, its only six paragraphs, all monolouge. So read it! ^^

We have a new look now! Not much content has changed but you'll defintely notice the difference in appearence! Happy Holidays!

(Somewhat) Weekly Random Quote:

What is this feeling, as if I'm looking forward to someone shooting off his missles and destroying everything? It this a bad thing or is it normal? I can't figure it out, someone tell me! ~ "Where Have my Dreams Gone?" opening theme to Tenchi in Tokyo

(c) Copyright 2002: The characters on Pokemon, Sailormoon,Tenchi Muyo!, Yu-Gi-Oh! and other animes do not belong to us, they are copyrighted material of their respected companies. This site is a fan site and used purely for fan purposes, however, this site does contain some original material, and, if anyone finds something that belongs to them, tell us so we can give you credit.