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Role Playing, Many of you may recognize this in chat rooms/ :: blocks ::, or * Takes out sword *. Tell you the truth us at Yozone are 100% complete amatuer newbies ("Fresh meat") at RPing (well... Yoel anyway..) So you need steps? We can't give you it! There is on the other hand a manual, but youll have to email about that, personally the best way to start out on how to learn RPing is friendly chat with some one who knows the basics (If you use AIM or AOL that hasn't blocked AIM users send an instant messege to "AnimeReviewer" he'll give Some tips on how it works, or email us! scroll down to the bottom of the whole page for the link).


"MODING!?!? WUCHA TALKIN BOUT I DIDNT MODE!!!....What the %@*& did you just call me any way?", Yes Many newbies go through that embarrising characterization (did I spell those 2 words right?) But again it's all in RPing. MOding means you haven't gone through the "proper steps" to initiate what you were trying to do (for example killing somebody) We again know what it means but cant give you rules, tips, or deffinition of what exactly means Moding. But its more then just that, It's merely a disgrace but heres an example you should stay out of...

Yozoniac: ::Draws out sword and slices (anybody) in half with the blood gushing from sides to side as I quickly draw in back my sword::
(anybody)... Shut up your such a %@*& Moder!

....see? not so cool is it? Whats missing is (anybody's) turn to counter act! or else you dont get the battle. If you dont whant the battle, but what to kill (anybody) you have to wait until they show their weakness that the don't have, I dunno, the stamina to go on fighting , or there weapons are gone, and then using someething that is undodgeable (undojable for some of you ppl) for instance...

(anybody): ::loses weapon and off guard (ya sure chances are something like that will happen! sorry, keep on reading):: Whoah what a battle!
Yozoniac: ::lunges at (anybody)::
(anybody): !!!
Yozoniac: ::Cracks (anybody)'s neck:: Heh heh!
(anybody): AAGGGHH!!!


 Heh heh, once or twice i'm  sure youv'e seen things like these: o.o, -.-, o.O, well it's not very new to anyone but to some it is! I can't really explain this to you without any pictures so click the following and go and check!

see now?



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