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Yozoniac's HomePage

Name: Yoel (let's keep it that way)

Age: 15

Birth Place: Manhattan (ny)

Currently Residing: Longisland (ny)

Instruments (musical): Xylophone, Trombone, Drums, Guitar
Years Practice: not even a month, 2, 2, 1

Any good at any?: no

Martial Status: Single, eh probably forever...

Is he attracted to anyone?: Maybe

Would the audience ever know? maybe...

Anytime soon?: shut the fuck up!

Do you want to tell anyone?: Fuck off prick!

Will you tell anyone?: Im gonna fucking kill you witha stick!

Are you embarrsed of it?: that's it!

And whay's that?: SKIP THE GOD DAMN QUESTION!!!!!

What kinda music you like?: Rock, (hardcore, alternative) Punk, Ska, Techno...

Ppl you listen to: System of a down, Slipknot, The offspring, sum41, Linkin' Park, AFI, Alice Deejay, Alien Ant farm, Bad religion, Blink 182, Catch 22, Creed, Puddle of Mud, Bodyjar, Drowning pool, Foo Fighters (one song, "The one"), Goldfinger, Gorillaz, Michelle branch (hee hee she hott!, only like 2 songs though), Millencolin, Queen, SR71, Suicide machines, Zebrahead (very little)

here i will constantly update to inform wut kinda mood im in well lets start!
YOZONIAC's MOOD IS!< --------------_______> = PISSED!

Quote of the day to macth my mood...:
best not to piss me off today or until this gets updated, not good to talk about anything, that might even offend me (even the slightest)!

Welcome, don't worry bout the midi, itll just keep repeating...
so you came along and wanted to kn ow about me after all! that's fucking amazing! I didn't know I interested you!, or then again I could be talking to myself. Abit about myself you ask? Didn't you read above? oh, OH! You want more? Well I'll be pleased to put up any miscellaneous information about myself as I possible can...

Hmm...Let's see now..
Well let's start out with, ah yes, me...., I grew up in Brooklyn east NY untill I was about 12, or 13, I later more to another part of New york, Valley Stream Long Island, aka no where.. (ok now this midi is getting annoying!, I work on a website/company (we are a non-profit company, that means we suck) but the company (people not Yozone) is friendly and the locals are too. At this time I would like to thank all my associates (theyre kinda not friends cause I don't see them that way...) I would like to mention some names out there, Jesse, Jesse, Anthony, Tim, Billiam (Im so getting my ass kicked when I go to school), Dan (How your hoe's doing >=). ), Estefania, Saira (Say what ever you like I still think *&%$#@ sux!), Mustafa a.k.a. Biny!, Chris (And know! Elmo can't pimp as well as Dan!), If I left you out it was for anonymous reasons and yes, I do know I am gonna get my ass kicked (>=P Haha beat ya to it!), any thing else? Hmm.. I play the xylophone (don't care if you never heard of it and don't care if you hate it), I used to play trombone, but that was before puberty and well, yes I know, I feel sorry for me too, I can't do my cartman voice any more (WASSAP MOE!) heh heh, Moises bestest friend (yes friend) any one could ever have. I used to be able to play Keyboard, till I fucked up my fingers typing on the internet 24 hours a day (yes it did happen once I WAS online for a whole day),hmm lets see, well any other instrument I played before and haven't mention I now suck in (growing up sux!) I now play drums and Electric Guitar, It's a pretty old guitar but sounds great! learn how......

Life of a shizo

Me a schizo? No!.....wel...except for capt. Jack, No it was like "Me, Myself, and Irene" kind it was more of an imaginary friend kind that got to outa hand and now people think im crazy.......Arrrh!

The great Depression

ooohhh that..., Merely just loneliness,( not in that kinda sense) more like I want to be alone most the time ( a kinda loner) then again, people affect people, and if it weren't for Jesse and Jesse, I wouldn't have been able to hide it (good thing too but when im on the net im still alone), I am also Paranoic, but in (again) a sense that im not used to being around social people (yep you guessed it, I am a social outcast.....), Why is this? cause I find people either dumber then me or smarter then me, I can't find the perfect someone, (no I am not desperate just not searching)......heh....(you can tell im gonna be a bachelor when I grow up..).

The Artist within us...

Yes I do draw, people say I draw good, others bad, I only draw cause I like the way it comes out almost 100% they way i think in my mind. But now adays Im rideculed when I draw ( That because I draw anime I am perverted) It's ok though, usually I think it's a joke, or just fooling with me, but everyone has their way of interpreting (That's In-ter-pre-ting, good job!) things, and well it seems to the people's view I am a pervert who can't draw.

Heterasecually impaired?

By the way I am not, I am as stright as any normal guy, but then again I am ridiculed as gay, not so much now, but back in brooklyn, it's all ive heard since I was 4. so, people think I am a homosexual, not my problem, if you think that way go on ahead and do so, I just don't really give a shit.

Lol! The time you have a girlfriend is the time every male in the world turns gay just for you to have one!

Yes, I do not have a girl friend. Am I ok with it? I guess, well, I guess my theory is correct, Ill grow up to be a bachelor, woop dee doo!

Why do you do the things you do?

Why? cause I don't fucking care, you can shoot me up, chop my head off and feed it to children of the damned, I just don't care about anything, or anyone, I practically hate the human race. It's best to be alone, (at least for a while) cause then you get to find out who you truely are inside and might even build on that, If you do do this, use it wisely, cause killing or hurting, or even toturing is bad for any ones human psyche! It's like the Offspring said, "It's cool to hate", as long as you keep it to your self. You'll never know if you'll need that person, or heck, even fall in love with that person, any time, any where in the future,....Just ...stay cautious!

Will we expecting anything from you in the near future?

oh why certainly yes! Please be sure to drop by my site, around July!, not much though, but we all need to work little by little, so your just going to have to wait, by the way, get those Flash players upto date!


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