A Christmas “Tail”

Written by Kiffin and Lightning

'Twas the night before Christmas, And all through the house
 Two creatures were stirring, And with foreplay aroused...

 We were both playing, All snug in Our bed,
 With tails on our rears, and long ears on our heads,
Our clothes were strung out, all over the floor,
 So many pieces, one couldn't keep score,

 The only sound to be heard, through the bedroom door.
 Was panting and yiffing, shouting more Kiffy More!

 When then from the den, there arose quite a ruckus,
 It was the friends I’d invited, to spend Christmas with us,

 Stopping a moment, to take in the sounds,
 I perked up my ears, and listened around.
There was voices, I knew them, A wolf and a bunny,
 To be caught here like this, would not be to funny.

 But the fun we were having did cause me to pause,
 Whats the worst they could do, he wasn’t my boss.

 And so I decided, after Terra nodded ok,
 That we would stay covered, and continue to play.

 With a low guttural growl, and a joyous air,
 The wolf shouted out, Is any body there?

 O Terra and Kiffin, we've come to see you,
 we hope you are there, we brought presents for you.
But from the room, only small yiffs could be heard,
 And they thought to themselves, no thats absurd.

 They dropped their bags, and snow covered stuff,
 Then Eve crossed her paws, and let out a huff,
Why let them have all the fun, she said with a smile,
 The guest room is open, lets go there a while.

 And then as I heard, the guest door close tight,
 I knew this was going, to be one very fun night,
I turned back to Terra, and rubbed the fur on her breast,
 Now knowing full well, that we both would not rest.

 Now the pause we had taken, had caused a slight scare,
 Of the problem we faced, we were not previously aware.
We now both had to go, and shower was just started,
 There was only one restroom, and to it our guests darted.

 So with a shrug, a hug, and a kiss,
 We had no choice, we both started to piss.
The warm liquid came, from her love and my sheath,
 Soaking our fur, and the mattress beneath.

 Then with a thrust, I began to slide in her,
 Now wetter than ever, she let back a soft murrr.

 Both of our guests, just stayed in the shower.
 Enjoying their time, for hours and hours.

 After their shower, they smelled such a sent.
 They looked at each other, they knew what this meant

 They followed the sent, to our door it had lead
 As they opened the door we froze in our bed
They flipped on the light, and what did they did see,
 But Terra and Kiffy, all wet with their pee.

 They looked at us and we looked at them,
 We had the room, you could've joined in.

 We shook Our heads, and started to giggle
 They jumped in and, gave us a tickle.

 We tickled them, and they tickled us,
 We were having such fun, never giving to rush

 But after all the long moments, of frenzied tickling,
 There was one other couple, who started tinkling.

 But the fun had been had, nothing more to be said
 So we giggled and shouted, Hey this is our bed!

 Now with all of us wet, there was only one thing to do
 They dashed up and grabed me, and Terra to.
To the shower we raced, I held Terra's paw tight,
 As we ran through the house, with only dim lights.

 Then into the shower, we went in first,
 We turned on the water, it came out with a burst.

 Then they started to wash, Soaping ear to tail
 It was female with female, and male with male

 Once they were done, with scrubbing our fur
 We grabed the soap, and began to make them murr
We washed and we washed, till our fur began to gleam.
 Making sure we were all, very very clean

 When we were done, we dried ourselves off
 And went out to the living room without any cloth
We stayed there and cuddled, under moon light,
 And watched the snow fall, bringing all delight

 Later that night the girls went off to bed
 Telling us guys to wait before coming instead

 We waited and after a while my friend said
 Ok thats it I need to get to bed.
He got up on his haunches, and hugged Me good night
 Walked to the door, and turned off the light.

 He opened His door and what did he see,
 Eve face down with mistletoe on her hiney
She looked at him and started to giggle,
 Then gave her little puff tail a wiggle.

 He looked at her and then back at her rear
 And a thought came to him as he smiled ear to ear.

 He walked over got on His knees bent and gave a kiss
 She murred then she shuttered shaking with bliss
With tail in the air she got to her knees
 With a small lick, she yiffed softly, please

 He answered he pleading and slowly slid himself in,
 Panting faster and faster with in a soft murring din.
With a howl he came, And she shivered with joy
 Then they collapsed in a heap, with Eve looking coy

 I heard the howl and so did my love,
 She came in like and angle, and I was kissed from above.

 She was in a long t-shirt with a small little bunny,
 I looked at her smiling, hey whats up honey?

 In silence she bent and began lick my paws
 And began to rub my sheath with out using her claws
I just closed my eyes and let out soft purrs
 An she answered back with muffled murrs

 Now it was time I decided and stopped her,
 I lifted off her t-shirt rubbing her soft fur

 I looked at her panties with a bear and a bow
 But not very long cuz off they did go

 I started licking her love in moon light
 Then set her down and slipped in she was tight,

 And All through the night sounds rang through the house
 Yiffing, Huffing, and Puffing but NEVER a mouse

 And so as the morning light came up or the snow you could hear
 A MERRY YIFFMAS to all and a furry new year!