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   Saiyan Levels

Saiyans are a powerful species from the planet, Planet Vegeta. They are very power, brutal, cruel and uncivilized. Saiyans have a unique ape-like tail on their backs that distinguishes from other species. When they see a full moon, their tails give them the ability to go into the Oozaru form. The Oozaru form is a form in which Saiyans turn into gigantic and extremely strong ape creatures. In order to return to the normal Saiyan form, their tails must be cut off. Their natural fighting abilities allows them to easily beat off their enemies. On their planet, they destroyed the weaker Tuffels and built rocket ships to blast off to planets with advanced technology and great wealth. Once they arrived on a planet, they would take control of it and become the rulers. The Saiyans' goal were to capture the best planets and trade it off; they were somewhat like planet brokers. Although the Saiyans' natural fighting abilities were high, one day, the evil and powerful Freeza conquered Planet Vegeta and destroyed Planet Vegeta including all the saiyans. Luckily, two saiyans survived. One of them was Vegeta, who was the prince. The other Saiyan was Goku, a normal Saiyan who had been on Earth when Planet Vegeta was destroyed. Only some Saiyans can reach a special status called Super Saiyan. There are the levels of the Saiyans:

Super Saiyan
Super Saiyan

A highly powerful form, Super Saiyan is only released with intense rage by a Saiyan with a pure heart. During this state, the Saiyan's hair will turn bright blond in color, and the eyes become a greenish-blue tone.

Super Saiyan 2
Super Saiyan 2

An extremely powerful state, SSJ2 is even more damaging than the ultra-buff USSJ, without the hit in speed and manuverability. It is characterized by bolts of electricity that streak around and through whoever reaches this level. Hair becomes more rigid, otherwise there's very little difference from SSJ.

Super Saiyan 3
Super Saiyan 3

Another leap in power level occurs when someone attains SSJ3. This transformation alters the body somewhat; the eyebrows disappear and the Saiyan's hair grows thick, full, and very long.

Super Saiyan 4
Super Saiyan 4

The most powerful transformation in the three series. This form renders the subject a half-ape with pink fur. There are endless debates on whether this is a true SSJ level, but we're going to have to go with common consensus and say that it is.

Ultimate Super Saiyan
Ultimate Super Saiyan

A sort of mid-level between SSJ and SSJ2, USSJ is a very strong, yet very slow form. It takes a long time to attain, and produces a lot of stress on the muscles causing them to vastly increase in size.


When exposed to the light of a full moon, a Saiyan involuntarily transforms into a giant monkey-like beast. While in this form the Saiyan's power is greatly increased. There are two ways to reverse it, one is to chop off the tail, and the other is to get rid of the source of moonlight.

Golden Oozaru
Golden Oozaru

Like Oozaru, when exposed to the light of a full earth, a Saiyan involuntarily transforms into a giant golden monkey-like beast. While in this form the Saiyan's power is greatly increased. There is two ways to end this transformation, either, cut off the tail or destroy Earth, but the effect will last a little longer.