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Name: Yusuke (Eugene)Uramashi | Code: Spiritual Detective | Techniques:

Rei Gun ( Spirit Gun )

Rei- Kou - Dan Spirit - Light - Bullet A.k.a. ( Spirit Shotgun )

Rei- Kou - Hadou - Ken ( Spirit- Light - Wave - Ken )

Rei- Kou - Gyoku ( Spirit - Light - Gem )

Eugene/Yusuke is the main charcacter of the series. It was his untimely death that started the detectives' adventures. He was a Class A human but later got stronger and became a Class S Demon. He is the master of rei (spirit) gun, a technique he learned from his master Jermiah/Genkai. His father (demon) was once a ruler of a sector in the netherworld, he now assumes his mantle.