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Dirty Pair Vs. Harley & Ivy

Two bad girl duos. Either one is a fanboy's night out on the town come true. The Dirty Pair come from the mid-22nd Century where mankind has colonized the galaxy and most of society's internal problems are handled by the WWWA. Two of their agents are Kei and Yuri who are code-named with the title: "Lovely Angels", although their reputation has dubbed them: "The Dirty Pair". Along with their genetically created pet Mughi, they take on the most dangerous cases that originized space crime can give them. Kei is the rough one where as Yuri is a little more subtle. Both are pretty good shots, but Kei is the real markswoman. Yuri usually relies on her "Bloody Card" weapon which acts like a shuriken/boomerang. Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are two of Gotham City's deadliest criminals. Constantly a threat to the great hero Batman, these two occasionally join forces to wreak havoc. Harley was a psychiatrist who fell under the spell of the manipulative madman, the Joker. Since then, she has been his sidekick and possible love interest. Poison Ivy was the result of a botany experiment gone wrong. She can control plant life and is immune to all known toxins and viruses, while at the same time able to send out various poisons mainly by kissing her victims. Between the two of them, Ivy is the one with the real power, but Harley is a gymnasitcs and fighting expert with a vast array of strange clownlike weaponry. In an all-out catfight between these four, if Kei and Yuri could stop arguing with each other, and if Ivy could convince Harley to stop lusting over her precious "Mr. J", then we'd probably see some real action!

Dirty Pair Vs. Harley & Ivy
Who is the deadlier duo?
Dirty Pair
Harley & Ivy

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