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You are the person to have been granted the permission to pass through the portal.

Note: I'm sad to say that this site has died and gone to heaven (or maybe hell, hard to say which, now that I see how bad my first site was....).  Actually, it's been dead for almost a year now, I just never got around to saying so. Sorry guys. But I will keep the files up, so you can still browse through it. My newest site is a collective. Be sure to check it out for more great anime info.  The url is

Hope you enjoyed the site while it was up.


Sailor Pluto has opened the portal through which you may travel to the world of The Silent Senshi

I know that windows that pop up are annoying but it is the only one i promise.  Once you are into my site you may close this window.  It is actually more convenient in the long run.  With out it this way, every time you would hit the refresh you would be sent back to the beginning.  I am still trying to resolve this problem with out having to change my entire domain name. thank you for visiting my site and don't forget to sign the guest book on your way out.