Update 01/20/05
Today marks the end of my Spring Vacation. So far I've only managed to compose 2 songs, write a first draft for a story prologue, and draw 6 pictures. In other words I accomplished little of nothing. I have no idea where all the time went. I did go see Master and Commander Finally. It was a good film but it was really drawn out. I still have 3 projects I need to work on before class tomorrow, one for Photo, 1 for Graphics 2, and 1 for Marketing. Atleast nothing is due until the end of the week! Almost everything you see for this site was done between 2pm today and 5pm. Not bad if I do say so myself. That includes the graphics which all come from sketches I did in my sketchbook and coverted in Photoshop. Almost nothing is posted in any of the links yet but I will be working on that, in the mean time enjoy the linked sites that I've added on until things are up and running here.

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