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Hello and welcome to my Image gallery! :D Take your time, look around and enjoy! And please remember that I took these screen captures with my handy-dandy digital camera, so if you see an image (or images) you'd like to use on your site, please feel free to email me about it! (I almost always say yes, so don't be shy.) :D

But please keep in mind that, unfortunately, I don't have the time to take screen caps by request and/or create screen caps (or image galleries) for exclusive use on anyone else's site. I've (repeatedly) received a surprisingly high number of these types of requests. Please don't ask, because I simply cannot do this for anyone.

Please see the Contact Me section for info on how to email me. :)

Voltron, Defender of the Universe (anime)

Princess Allura





Miscellaneous Pics and Characters

Keith and Allura

Group Pics

Voltron and the Lions

The Villains

Prince Lotor

Voltron, the Third Dimension (3D)

Princess Allura


Hunk, Lance and Pidge

Group and Miscellaneous Pics

Voltron and the Lions

The Villains

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