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Ruki's anime

Aiight well. Im quickly running out of room on this page, therefore i have kicked the Sailor Moon part of the site to save room. I still have to put up the evangalion and peach girl...but thats not that hard. If i have enough room ill put up Paradise Kiss.

I do have a "main" page now that links to all my sites. yoy should go there. Theres a link for it at the bottom of the page. Theres all sorts of really good image galleries on each one of those sites.

im thinking about making a bishojo page (like my bishonen page). That one will have stuff like Lum, Sailor Moon and umm i dunno, other bishojo related stuff . Till then... STAY FROSTY

Everything below here is yet to be finished...
Neon Genisis Evangalion
Peach Girl

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