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Tetsuo's Rage

The Plot

On July 16, 1988, a nuclear bomb of unknown origin ignited in the midst of Tokyo. Shortly thereafter, World War III broke out, and many of the worldís major cities were destroyed.

Now it is 31 years later, Neo Tokyo, 2019 AD. A secret government project involving paranormal experimentation-labeled AKIRA-is currently in the process of development. It was this project, which was started in 1988, that concerned four young children. These four children awoke to their new telepathic powers, but one was unable to control them, and a nuclear cataclysm was the result. When an inexperienced biker, named Tetsuo, has a n accident one night, he is taken away as the new test subject. His new telekinetic powers drive him to the edge of insanity as he wreaks havoc through Neo Tokyo searching for an elusive telepathic being.

Meanwhile, the Colonel, the military operative in charge of the AKIRA project, and Kaneda, Tetsuoís former gang leader, frantically hunt Tetsuo down through the city before his powers destroy the world.