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Over the Summer

Remember when...

  • Pillz kept making spin art with the pictures people threw away?(St. Paul's Bazaar)

  • Rachel hit Merv's plate and he got covered in sugar from the funnel cake?(St. Paul's Bazaar)

  • Josh would always accuse Nicki of breaking things?

  • How everyone was afraid of Nicki, and almost everyone got on her "hit list"?

  • We road the Skloosh 3 times just before the park closed and got soaking wet?

  • We had funnel cake wars and tried to hit people with the sugar?

  • Andrew got pissed off because we made a coin that says "Andrew loves Lauren" and wouldn't talk to anyone for the rest of the morning?

  • Josh forgot to take his visor off and lost it on the flume?

  • Brad & Josh brought Cloey & Skippy on the train ride and Cloey jumped out?

  • Cloey bit some retarded girl at the park and then saw her again at the pool, and Brad asked if she'd go out with Andrew?

  • Brad & Dustin were sitting behind Nicki & I on the log flume and they thought it would be funny to lean forward on the hill so we got drenched, and then splashed us as we went through the tunnel?

  • We talked to some people on the walkie talkies and then thought we saw them walking buy?

  • Josh & Dustin would re-enact scenes from Smokey & the Bandit over the walkie talkies?

  • Chuck & Donna's camper broke down on the way home.

    Band Camp

  • Marie, Tory, and Jess stomped around the halls and woke everyone up, and Katelin was ready to kill them?

  • Remember the soccer guys, and how some girls got in trouble for flirting with them?

  • Remember how the horns kept running into the trumpets?

  • Remember the pizza party?

  • On the way home Pillz and I unwound my lanyard and we put the string in Cameron's hat?

  • Pillz made up songs on the busride home about how evil band camp is?

  • Remember the jokes, the laughing, the crying, the wailing and grinding of teeth? (haha, j/k)

    Myrtle Beach

  • Remember when brad drove a golf ball into the ocean and it almost hit a seagull?

  • Andrew fell out of bed and Brad said he was sleepfalling?

  • We went to the pitch&put and Andrew and I found out that we sucked at golf?

  • We went fishing and Brad got his hook caught on the pier three times?

  • Remember the Legends Show?

  • Brad was riding his bike on the beach and wiped out in a tide pool in his new shirt?

  • There was a shark in the water near Andrew and none of us saw it?

  • We rode the go-karts at the Nascar cafe and Dad got in trouble for spinning me (ok, so I cut him off, but that's besides the point ^_~)?