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Shout-Outs and Remember Whens

A-C 2001-2002
Family & Camping 2001-2002
Over the Summer

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A-C 2002-2003

Pillz's Party
  • Marie kept trying to look at her presents before she was supposed to?

  • Marie started drawing on Chris, and then everyone signed his back?

  • We were talking about "girl stuff" and all the guys left except Adam?

  • We played Jail break and Chris and Greg were wrestling and Nate just stood there laughing?

  • We had to keep restarting and changing the rules because it was getting too violent?

Marching Band
  • Marie unraveled my lanyard on the way home from band camp?

  • Remember Mary's drumline voodoo doll?

  • We had the "battle of the bands" with Cocalico at the football game?

  • It started pouring at our first competition and almost no one had their rain coat?

  • Dave would slap people's butts with his bandana after we won?

  • Pillz was fascinated by "lepricorns" on the way home?

  • We still chanted "Groffy" even though he graduated last year?

  • Pillz would always sing Hero songs on the bus rides?

  • Keith threw his lunch box on the roof?

  • We went down to J&S before band practice and left our stuff on the bench with a "don't take this stuff" sign?

  • Amanda sprayed Johnny's coat with perfume, and then chased him around the field with it?

  • We asked Johnny what a kiwi sounded like, and he said "High and squeaky"?

  • We asked how he knew what a kiwi sounds like, and Krieser said he was in a band called Johnny and the Kiwis?

  • We got random people to go up to Johnny and ask him what a kiwi sounds like at the banquet?

  • Hannah said "I turned around and Jamie didn't have any pants on!"

  • Marie licked Mt. Salt?

  • Remember the goblin mating call?

  • Marie: "Baseball! Hot guys...tight wonder it's America's favorite sport!"

  • Marie and I both had melted ice bags and we started squirting each other?

  • Marie drew Trogdor on napkins, in ice cream, at DQ?


  • Only five of us showed up for the coffee house, and then we all went to see Sweet Home Alabama?

  • Remember how Heidi wasn't going to go, and then she just kind of showed up while we were waiting anyway?

  • My mom thought that Chris was driving us to the movie?

  • Marie sat on my lap and said "It's a Soky seat. It's like a chair, but it's alive" and then decided that I was also a wall and a punching bag?

  • We got to the movie early because Chris thought it started at 9?

  • Marie decided she wanted to make cat fondu and sell it in China for $40 an ounce?

  • Marie, my brother, and I went to see LOTR II and Marie kept throwing popcorn?

  • Marie left a bunch of messages asking for Soky on some poor person's answering machine because she got my number wrong?

Family, Camping, and Vacations

Remember when...

Nina's Party
  • We drove around the street for 10 minutes because we couldn't find their house?

  • When Brad was calling numbers for bingo and he said "B4. My favorite number, B."

  • When we went down to Turkey hill so Josh could buy Nicki the soda he owed her?

  • Brad bought a Red Bull drink at Turkey Hill, and Josh told him to get out of the car because it smelled?

  • How we spent almost the whole picnic sitting around in Josh's car, and he got mad at Andrew for writing on the fogged windows?

  • I got hit with an egg playing egg toss, and it got all over my shirt?

  • Remember Brad's "fan club" of six year olds?

  • All the little kids got this really scared look on their face whenever they saw Andrew?

  • Josh asked why girls wear Capri pants, and we got into a 10 minute discussion on it?

Labor Day Picnic
  • We were playing bocce, and every time Kathy threw her ball, Mollie(her dacshound) would chase it and try to move it?

  • We played win lose or draw, and after Randy went Papa said to skip the next card because he probly looked at them? And how Grandma kept shouting out answers for the wrong team?

  • Abby figrued out how to unlatch the cooler and got into the potato salad?

  • David tried to take Abby for a walk, but she took off and drug him with her?

Penn State v. Nebraska

  • Greg threatened to make Angela go home on the roof if she didn't cheer?

  • Remember the guy walking all the way around the stands with a cow bell, and how you could hear him all the way on the other side?

  • The water guy started yelling "Nebraska sucks!"

Camp Buck (January)

  • Tim, Anne, and Josh came to camp in their swimsuits? (And of course, Josh was wearing his cowboy boots.)

  • We decided to play jailbreak in the dark and the snow, and I tripped over a rock and cut my head on a pipe?

  • We had to drive 45 minutes to find a hospital?

  • We had just left the hospital when our car started making noises, and it turned out we had a flat tire?

  • Everyone said that Kevin gave me a black eye because I beat him at LCR?

  • We played Screw Your Neighboor until 3 a.m.?

  • Three words: Tyler and Ashley.