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Durnass (aka Point)

g*G! Sleek
M!m* 2 colors
E'e! Long
n!n! Pattern
b!b* Pattern
l'l* None
t*t* Two Tails
ff' W*I! Bat Wings, Digging Claws
R*r! y* Oddly Leathery
a*d Point
D!q! Graphite Grey
D*d! Crimson
z'z' Blue Violet(?)
D*Z* Light Red
Name: Durnass (Point)
Gender: Male
Type: Custom
Cubs: N/A
Breeding status: Maybe

Durnass, or Point as he's often called, is a dark, mysterious ferilon. Born with metal and sinew to hold him together and unable to function without them, he is known as the cyborg ferilon (or Roboto, if you're familiar with Styx ;P). Rarely allowing others to become close to him physically or emotionally, he keeps to himself and spends much of his time lurking in the shadows.

Ferilons come from the Ferilon Farm.

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