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Desert Plains

You enter the Desert Plains and look around. It is truely a strange place, the border between a harsh dessert and a lush, grassy plain. The plains on the right gradually become less grassy until it is no more than barren sand. The temperature also seems to increase towards the desert. The river running through the plains is a good distance from the desert line, but you can still here it if you listen carefully. You are about to start walking to the stream when you see what looks like two large kangaroos coming towards you from the desert.
KitaruI finished the Megahunt at Skyhaven! SandRunner
The white creature makes and unusual noise and looks at you quzically. When it becomes apparant you don't understand, he hands you something that looks like a deformed stone. He gestures to his ear and you take the hint and put it in yours. He waits a moment, and then repeats the same noises. Oddly enough, you can understand him now. Then you realize that the 'stone' he gave you is a form of magical translator! "Hello, my name is Kitaru, and this is SandRunner. Who are you and why are you here?" You explain that you are simply adventuring, and a strange expression crosses his face that you hope is a smile. "Well then, allow us to guide you. We are Kolaroos, and former members of the Spiral Stone Clan until we came here. I have been here much longer than StandRunner, but his company has been much welcomed in this lonely dessert." Shortly a small creature, about 2 1/2 to 3 ft. long, comes clammering out of the tall grass.
"Quearde! (kay-AR-day) What are you doig here?!" StormRunner exclaims, apparantly very annoyed at the small ferret-like creature. "He is a ferilon from the Ferilon Farm, and a member of the Plains Tribe. He's not supposed to be here, he belongs with Aguata. Would you take him back, I have a lot of work to do here. We're the only creatures we know of that live here right now. Well, more likely the only ones who make themselves known..."

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