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Every visitor to the oceans is allowed to use a boat and scuba tank. You get rather far out before you see anything, but right before you're about to give up a dolphin approaches you're boat, followed by her calf.
{Greetings!} says a voice inside your head. These dolphins must use telepathy to communicate, you realize. {My name is Tessa and this is Demar (day-MAR). Follow us and we will show you our world.} they dive under the water and wait a few feet below the surface. You grab your air tank and follow them. {It will be easier if you hold my fin} Tessa tells you. She's right, she can swim much faster than you could. They take you past an odd-looking fish that appears to be made of stone.

{Gargoyle fish} Tessa informs you. {They're neither intelligent nor friendly. I'll take you to some of the more hospitable creatures here.} Sure enough, you soon approach two sea monsters. They do not appear fierce, however, and they seem to have an aura of intelligence about them.
GalacticoArca Iris
{They rarely talk to non-ocean beings, but they are friendly. The male is Galactico and the female is Arca Iris} Suddenly, a thought pops into your head. You feel welcomed to the ocean... That thought is very surprising, it's not clear "speech" like Tessa uses. Then you see one of the sea serpents looking at you, with what appears to be a slight grin. There seem to be more surprises waiting here, as Tessa and Demar dive even deeper. Several yards below you, you can hear actual voices coming through the water. You strain your eyes against the dark ocean depths and can barely make out the silhouette of a sea serpent and an ocean dragon.

The red dragon notices you first and looks at you with large, friendly eyes. "Hello, my name is Waterwing, and this is my friend Naga. We both are natives of Skyhaven, but have recently moved here. We're very pleased to meet you!" Naga nods her head in agreement and smiles at you as best as a serpent can. "You're welcome to stay as long as you'd like. Perhaps you'd like to play a game with us?" {Not now, Naga} Tessa answers for you. {The tanks only hold so much air, and there are more creatures to meet.} You take hold of her fin once again and she dives deeper still into the ocean depths, not stopping until she reaches the ocean floor. These oceans must be enchanted, because the weight of the water isn't crushing you at this depth. Demar fires a series of clicks at the ocean floor, and a crab scrambles out from hiding in the sand.
Another gentle thought comes to you, different from the first. This time it's the crab. Her name is Cangreja (con-GRAY-hah). She's rather cute, for a crab anyway. Another sea serpent sticks his head out from a cave. This one's just a baby, but still much larger than you are.

{Hello, traveler.} The serpent says to you. {My name is Waverider. What is yours?} You have just enough time to answer before Tessa announces that your air is running low. Waverider waves farewell as Tessa returns you to the surface and your boat.

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