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After coming through the portal, you enter a dark, dense, jungle. The air is thick and there are plants covering any space on the ground left over from the trees. You try to take a step, but trip over a tree root. Looking up, you come face to face with a curious dragon!

Name: NightFire
Gender: Female
Color: Jaguar (members only)
Stage: Adult

"So, you found her." You turn around and find Iruka standing there. "This is NightFire, a Jaguar Xian Dragon." She helps you up, and NightFire looks at you quzzically. "Hello, stranger," she greets you. You introduce yourself to her, and moves her head so it is just inches from yours. You can easily see her glowing eyes from this distance. Then she steps back and appears to laugh. "She has an amazing sense of humor, most of the time I don't have any idea what's so funny." Iruka then gestures to the sky. "It looks like it's about to rain, we should be leaving. Where would you like to go?"

Portal Room
Main Room