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After wandering around for a while, you finally arrive at a place that looks hospitable. There's a small path that leads to a group of caves. You follow it, hoping that someone lives in one that can give you directions. Suddenly, you notice that there are dragons in the sky. This place you came accross must be a Dragon Weyr! But which one? you wonder as you climb closer. Perhaps one of the dragonriders could give you a ride... Finally, you reach the entrance.

You enter the Weyr and look around. It seems you have stumbled into the kitchen. Everyone is so busy eating or preparing food that no one notices your arrival. Walking up to someone who seems to know what their doing, you ask where you are.

"You are in Dragon Soul Weyr. I am Head Cook Bintah. What are you here for?" You reply that you are looking for the harper hall.

"Well, the younger dragonriders should be able to take you there. Have one of them take you. There's one now. Iruka!" Bintah calls, gesturing to a brownhaired girl of about 15 turns. "Come over here please!"

She walks over and introduces herself. "Hello! My name is Iruka, rider of Green Eibhilith (EV-ilith). This is Jeria, my fire-lizard," She gestures to the green lizard resting on her arm, who gives chirp in way of greeting. You introduce yourself and explain that you would like to go to the harper hall. "Ok," she agrees. "Eibhilith was looking for an excuse to stretch her wings anyway."

You follow her to the Weyrbowl, where she walks up to a full grown green dragon. She's rather large for a green, and has a darker color than most. She turns her head towards you and you could swear she was grinning.

"This is green Eibhilith, hatched from the second-last clutch in Dragon Soul Weyr." Iruka states. "She's a bit cocky for a dragon, she even went as far as to stick her toungue out at green Bavnath at the hatching."
I can speak for myself and besides, she deserved it! a triumphant cry rings in your head. You look around for a minute, then realize the dragon is talking to you! Most dragons don't talk to people other than their rider, but Eibhilith started the conversation!

"They can't hear you, silly!" Iruka chides Eibhilith. They can if I want them to! Now you're certain there's a smirk on the dragon's face. You nod as Iruka looks at you for confirmation. "Well, that's unusual," she comments.

Eibhilith extendes her forearm, eager to be off. Iruka laughs and climbs onto her back. Then she turns to help you climb up beside her. Before taking off, Eibhilith turns her head to look at you.

Greetings! I am Eibhilith, the best dragon in my clutch! Soon I will be the greatest dragon on Pern! I'm as good as any golden queen, and I'm going to prove it!

"Eibhilith!" calls Iruka. "Stop bragging and hurry up! We don't have all day!" With a flurry of beating wings and swirling dust Eibhilith takes off. You have a few moments to enjoy this spectacular adventure before going between. The intense cold chills you to the bone, and you begin to envy Iruka's weyr-hide vest. Fortunately, it is only a few moments before you appear above the hall. Eibhilith makes a slow, graceful decent and a gentle landing.

"We're here." Iruka calls as she slides down the green's side. You follow her and thank her for her help. "Any time," she replies. "You know,if you want to be searched follow Jeria, she knows the way. Although, I don't think there will be any more clutches here at Dragon Soul. Eibhilith and I must go now, good luck and clear skies!"

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Pern and all other references to the books of Pern are copyrighted to Anne McCaffrey. I don't claim to own any of the ideas or characters from her books.