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You step through the portal right to the base of a volcano. Kolena follows a moment later. "This is the base of a dormant volcano. Fuego should be around here somewhere." Sure enough, a large red creature comes walking towards you. His ferocious appearance and expression make it clear that he is not as friendly and easygoing as Cervo was.

Name: Fuego
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Owner: Iruka
Parents: None (Custom Ehcora)
Ability: (NOTE: not yet approved) Infernos; Fuego can start a raging fire to escape his enemies. Although the blaze looks fearsome, it will not harm those with a pure heart.
He saunters towards you, his bladed tale twitching slightly as he walks. His gliding flaps wave back and forth with each step of his clawed feet. The spikes seem more for show than anything else, although your not sure you want to test that theory.

"Hello, stranger." Fuego's voice is a rough half-growl. He stares you straight in the eye and, surprisingly, there is no anger or hate in his eyes. "There is no need to fear him," Kolena answers your unasked question. "He looks fierce, but holds honor and peace in high regard." Fuego nods his agreement, and you relax a bit. "I must leave now, stranger. Fare thee well!" He whirls around and is gone before you can blink twice.

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