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g None
M! Two colors
E* No Fringe
n' None
B' S/R
l' None
t* Two Tails
D' Fire
f! W*C* Batwings, Rainbow
Z! Deep Blue (doesn't show)
D* Crimson
a' Caramel
Z' Pale Blue

Name: Flaze
Gender: Female
Type: Custom
Cubs: N/A
Breeding status: Maybe

Flaze is a very spirited ferilon. She loves heat and warmth, and basks in the sun when she is not involved in an intense game of 'pounce.' She rarely slinks, prefering to simply bound wherever she goes trying to attract attention. It's just as well, since her unusual color combinations make her rather hard to miss

Flaze won Supermoon's Colorful Ferilon Contest!!

Ferilons come from the Ferilon Farm.

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