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Drigetti Desert

It's been a while since you last visited those unusual tiger, horse, dragon creatures. They were just hatchlings when you last saw them, so you decide to visit them and see how the drigetti are doing. Upon your return to the desert, you begin to search for them. You don't have long to wait, as one of them has spotted you and lands delicately in front of you.

"Hello, stranger. Your face seems familiar. My name is Starlight, a drigetti. Have we met?" You explain to him that you saw her hatching, and an expression resembling a smile comes over her face. "Ah, now I remember. Come! My siblings will be delighted to see you." She trots a short distance away and, sure enough, three more drigetti appear seemingly from nowhere. One by one, they come foreward as Starlight introduces them.

"This is my sister, Moonbeam. She's the most temperamental of all of us. You don't need to worry, though. She wouldn't hurt anyone without good cause."

"This is my oldest brother, Whiteblaze. While Moonbeam is the hothead, Whiteblaze is the calm, compassionate one. He's always there to help whenever anyone is in trouble."

"And finally, this is my second brother, Daybreak. He's the strongest out of all of us, and he makes sure that we're all safe." Each drigus greats you personally, and are such good conversationalists that it is late before you even realize it. Regretfully, you inform them that it is time for you to leave and say your farewells.

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