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Delphinia's weyr

As you are traveling, you notice a large cave-like opening high on a ledge. Being a very curious person, you decide to investigate. As you urge your runnerbeast foreward, you notice a winding path leading up to the opening. Your runnerbeast snorts a bit in anxiety, but after calming it down it resumes a normal pace. Finally, you reach the entrance.

After dismounting, you slowly walk towards the opening, which is MUCH larger than you thought. You peer inside the opening. As your eyes start to adjust, you see that the "cave" is actually a very large room, connected to several smaller ones through tunnels. Then you see a young girl, about 14 turns, sitting at a desk. She hears you as you enter the room and turns around. "Hi, my name is Delphinia, and this is my weyr!"

A weyr? you wonder to yourself. You look around for any signs of a dragon, but all you see is the small blue fire-lizard that flies over and perches on her shoulder. "Well," Delphinia starts again, "it's not really a weyr yet, but I'm hoping to impress a dragon. My lifelong dream has been to impress..." She trails of and has a wistful look in her eyes. After a few moments, she comes back to reality.

"Well, I geuss you'd like to know a little more about me, huh? Most of my family are healers. I spent most of my life training to become a healer also. But then I was searched. My parents were so excited, my grandfather was a dragonrider also. But he lost his dragon in a horrible accident, so he doesn't like to talk about it... I remember him well, bronze Trileneth. So gentle for a creature so large." You stare in amazement as once again she trails off in memory. "Well, the past is the past and we must live for the future." *chirp!* "Of course, Tribith! I didn't forget! If you would like to impress, Tribith can show you the way."

"I adopted my sweet baby here."