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After coming through the portal, you see that you are on a medium-sized island. Kolena walks over to the oceans edge and chirps at the waves. After a few moments, a shark-like fin appears in the water and heads towards the beach. When it reaches the shore a large creature, about the size of a horse, stands up. The fin did not belong to a shark, but to this blue, two-tailed creature!
Name: Cervo (SAIR-voe)
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Owner: Iruka
Parents: Hisiereil & Sulime
Ability: ShockWave; A huge ShockWave within the water that can blow away anything within 5 miles of him. Dangerous indeed, it can even kill, but he would never do such a thing. It can last for hours at a time, or until Cervo gets tired.

"Hiya!" he says in a cheerful voice. "I am Cervo, an Ehcora. Do you want to play a game?" Kolena sighs and says to you, "He can be such a handful at times. He's an incredible prankster. I thought he would have outgrown his "there's a shark in the water" routine by now, but I see I was wrong." She shakes her head, thinking of her tremendous assignment of keeping this trickster in line, while Cervo just looks proud of himself. "Well, I'll save you the trouble of dealing with his tricks. Tell me where you want to go, and I'll show you the way."

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