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Dragon Caves

Skyflier Upon entering the dragon "cave", you notice that it is more of a large valley. As you approach the mountains, you can see caves of various sizes carved into the rock. One of the mountains, presumably a volcano, is billowing smoke from its peak. You begin to walk towards the caves when a large creature lands on the path in front of you. He introduces yourself before you have a chance to stammer out a 'hello.' "Greetings!" His voice is a bit scratchy, but otherwise deep and formal. "My name is Tigerstripe the griffin. I live with the dragons here in the caves."


"What is your name, stranger?" You answer and he continues. "Well, since you're here, I'll introduce you to the dragons. Some have their own pages. If you want to meet one, choose his or her name from the list on the left." Tigerstripe waits for you to make your decision, then continues. "First, I'll take you to meet Firesinger." Tigerstripe walks up to a cave and screeches at the entrance, and is answered by a bellowing roar. Moments later, a dragon pops his head out of the cave. "What is it now, Tigerstripe?" The dragon asks. "We have a visitor!" This appears to interest the dragon, because he looks around until he catches sight of you. "Oh, hello! We weren't expecting any visitors today. My name is Firesinger, what is yours?"

"Well, it's very nice to meet you. I must get back to my cleaning, however. A dragon can acquire quite a hoard in 500 years. Good luck in your travels." He grins as he turns to head back to his cave. Tigerstripe ponders a thought for a moment before speaking. "If I can find her, I'll introduce you to Flamerider. Stay here while I look for her." He turns around and flies off towards the volcano. You make yourself comfortable on a nearby rock and await his return. It's not long before two silhouettes approach from a distance. As they become clearer, you recognize the first shadow as Tigerstripe, and the second appears to be some form of dragon. Soon a second shape approaches them from the right, and in a few moments you stand face to face with two celestial dragons.

Snowdrift I finished the Megahunt! Flamerider
{Greetings. I am Flamerider, celestial dragon of fire, and this is Snowdrift, celestial dragon of ice. Tigerstripe has told us of you. It is not often that we have visitors. You are welcome here any time you like.} "Have either of you seen Ruby lately?" Tigerstripe questions. {Yes.} Snowdrift replies, looking behind us. "Hello. Were you looking for me?" You turn around to see who is speaking, and see a rubyscaled dragon basking in the sun with several companions.


Sapphire CopperWing

"Oh, there you are!" exclaims Tigerstripe. "It's so easy to sneak up on you." Ruby replies with a grin. "Well," Tigerstripe continues, looking a bit put off "these are Ruby and her friends. Ruby, Sapphire, and HeatWave are all Skyhaven dragens, while CopperWing is a Skyhaven crested dragon." Each dragon nods in greeting as his or her name is mentioned. "Feel free to stay as long as you like, or follow a link to adopt a dragon of your own. I must be going now, fare well!" And with that, Tigerstripe leaps upwards and with a stroke of his powerful wings he disappears into the sky.