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Arctic North

You enter a world filled with ice and snow. It's incredibly cold, but at least there's no blizzard here today. Looking around for any sign of life, you hear the flutter of wings above you. Looking up, you see two Illumidrakes circling above your head.


{Ah, so you finally spotted us.} You hear the voice of one of the drakes in your head. The blueish one does an aerial flip to let you know that he is talking. {My name is Frostbite, a glacier Illumidrake. And this is Niebla.} He gestures towards the white one, who nods her head in acknowledgement. {Welcome to our home. We are not the only creatures here, I will guide you if you wish to see them.} You agree, and she flies towards what appears to be a small cave. Right outside the cave there is a white seal enrapt in his game of bouncing a ball on his nose.


You can almost "hear" Frost sigh when he introduces the seal. {Bouncer, don't you ever stop with that ball? We have visitors!} "Hello there!" he says, not even pausing his game. "Can't stop now, I'm about to set a new record!" The drakes give a mental sigh and lead you into the cave.

The cave, much bigger than it appeared before, is warmer and dryer than than the terrain outside. It also offers protection from the howling wind and snow from any blizzards that might pass by. Farther back in the cave, you can see two dragon hatchlings.


{These are baby Snow Dragons,} Niebla informs you. {The lavender female is Kayliana and the navy male is Ranger.} "Don't call me Kayliana, I'm Kayli!" the little dragon squeaks. "Hey, wanna see my new toy?" Ranger asks, not one to be left out. He holds up a red bathtoy, which sends Kayli into a fit. "Nuh-uh! That's mine! Give it back!" {Enough! There are enough for you two to share!} Frost scolds them. But when they look up at him and say "Sorry" with big, round eyes he gives up and smiles. {If you would like to leave, take the portal below,} Niebla tells you. {You are welcome back any time if you wish to see how the dragonets are doing. If you want to find you own Snow Dragonet, follow me to Cosset Territories}