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Family & Camping

Remember when...

  • Brad stole Nicki's visor, and she convinced him he lost the strap? (Knoebles)

  • Josh, Holly, and Shannon drove really slow on the antique cars so Brad could steal Nikki's and my visors? (Knoebles)

  • Dustin kept falling down the hill? (Knoebles)

  • Josh kept trying to sell logs? (Knoebles)

  • Remember Andrew's log? (Knoebles)

  • Remember when we played truth or dare? (Knoebles)

  • Remember when Brad drug his blanket through the fire? (Knoebles)

  • Remember when I ran into a bush while we were playing football? (Greg's house)

  • We were watching a movie, and Dustin freaked because he saw a skunk? (Cape Cod)

  • Josh and Brad dropped a stuffed panda from the awning onto Katie, but she wasn't scared until Dustin put string in her hair? (Cape Cod)

  • Remember all the times Katie said something that came out wrong? (Cape Cod)

  • Remember when I got the record and pause buttons mixed up and I wound up recording the ground and my shoes instead of the game? (Annville Saints midget football)

  • Remember when Andrew fell in the creek? (Buck Camp, Feb. 2002)

  • Brad and Ryan brought corn into the cabin and started throwing it at Lauren?(Buck Camp, Jan. 2002)

  • How we'd make stupid comments to complete strangers on the walkie talkies whenever we went to Knoebles?
    Nicki: Did anyone lose $20 by the Pheonix?
    Stranger: Yea
    Me: Sorry, we didn't find it.
    Andrew: Heeey Johnny-boy! Heeey Johnny-boy!
    Stranger: Yeah, keep it up asshole.
    Nicki: This is Dr. Nicki. Does anyone have problems?
    Andrew: I'm lost.
    Nicki: Where are you?
    Me: I'm here, where are you?

  • When Andrew lost $1.26 when we were in line for the Twister?(Knoebles WTIF/or something like that/day)

  • When Nicki, Andrew, and I were on the Salt & Pepper shaker and we tried to squish Andrew?(Knoebles)

  • When Andrew, being the genius he is, decided to ride the Skloosh, despite the fact that he would have to walk around soaking wet for the rest of the day?(Knoebles)

  • When I bought a mood ring just to waste my parent's money, and it turned rainbow as soon as my brother put it on?(Knoebles)

  • When some guys liked Katie and they got ticked off and wanted to fight because she didn't like them?(Memorial weekend)

  • When Brad made the fire too high and burned holes in the canopy?(Memorial weekend)