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A-C 2001-2002

Remember when...

  • Dave knocked over Zakula's desk?

  • Shanna gave Tori Pez and said she looked like a gerbil?

  • Remember how boring the "pep" rally was, until musical chairs when the football player ran off with the last chair?

  • Keith tripped over the chair at band practice?

  • Remember IUP's dancing, a-sexual tubas?

  • Merve told Torri that he was the voice of Blue from Blue's Clues and she believed him?

  • Remember the Magical Orange of Doom?
    (ok, so I wasn't there, but I heard a lot about it...)

  • Remember Mrs. Keller?
    "You MUST LEARN the definitions EXACTLY!!" She's gonna have a heart attack if she's not careful!

  • We were really, really, bored at band practice and we had a conversation that boiled down to: terrorists shot down the moon, and the ambulance went to catch it and throw it back up in the sky so the world wouldn't end?

  • Christine and Laura bought a pen from a pen dispenser at the L-S quiz bowl meet and then gave it to Señor? Then Shanna bought one at the Northern Lebanon Match.

  • Bart and Greg started fighting in science class?

  • Jess would tease Cameron about 'something?' (or should I say someone?) ;)

  • Remember our many, many, strange conversations at lunch? And how I'm always the one who takes up the trash?

  • Remember when Torri fell asleep on the bus?

  • Remember Amy's imitation Oompa Loompas?

  • Remember the strange sounds that came from the back of the band bus?

  • Remember when the Northern Lebanon drum major asked Groff if he had a girlfriend and he told her he had a lot of them? He spent the rest of the night hiding behind people. Then at the Northern Lebanon quiz bowl match she gave a note to Amy and told her to give it to "the hot guy."

  • Remember Groffy's split when we got 3rd at championships?

  • Remember when Kendra told me she was pregnant and I believed her until she told me it was a joke 15 minutes later?

  • Remember Amy's obsession with the Tower of Terror?

  • Torri, Elise, and Kris Anne insisted I was their "substitute mommy" since Jess wasn't there?

  • Alyssa R. lost her camera and we had to wait forever before we could go to Disney Quest, then had a 2-mile hike to get there?

  • We went on the safari with the bridge that broke three times, and Shanna yelled "Let's go for a fourth!"?

  • Remember all of Torri's funny faces on the ride pictures?

  • Remember when Gwen fell off the bench?

  • Remember when Tina Sanders got Goofy to give Mr. Schade a hug?

  • Remember Jerbish?

  • Remember when Jamie crawled under the bus seat and grabbed Carolyn's ankles? Then she tried to give her a hug at the senior game.

  • Remember the yellow/red brick wall!?

  • Remember the math competition to IUP with the 4 hour drive, imitation cream cheese, trash cans, people strangling each other with seatbelts, Kreiser's Posse, and that weird station with the Captain Dildo song? Everything is funny at 4 in the morning.

  • No one showed up from the soccer team to walk in the parade, so we started dragging people in off the sidewalks?

  • Remember when Jess exploded water in science class?

  • Mr. Simon would always make fun of Preston because he couldn't shoot a paper ball into the trashcan?

  • On the last day of school Jamie broke my shoe, and I had to walk home barefoot?