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Yeh yeah , I know I WAS gonna update my site over the holidays, but so much to do and stuff. Below, you will find a link to a snes rom, megaman x to be exact, i'll bung gundam w up....tomorrow perhaps (sorry!) Ahh well, i'll try and update at the weekend.



One new pic up an i really like it, I think i really caught that morning caffine spirit within everyone. I'll put a lot more pics up over the school holiday.(yay!). I've got another one to go up, but it needs some minor alterations first..... The file is still up for anyone who cares by the way.


For a limited time only, download a bunch of pics i've collected in to a zip file from school! The zip is about 40mb or so so ya might want to go make a cup of coffee or something, oh yeh, last update i didn't update this page, i've done it now!


3 new pics enjoy you fools. I coloured in 2 of them quickly, using an "oli vison" style.

You see the pics as I see normal things. One of them is of me and the stuuupid things that go on in my head (for those of you who can't see them, they are coffee dreamcast and funky little anime dudes), oh, and i'll put a background in the new one at some point.Yay!

I'm gonna scan in some more stuff as well, ya know, I think i'm starting to develop an unhealthy obsesion with witches,

Witch pics to come soon!

Great stuff.


1 kinda new image, that didn't go up proply last update and one rocking proper new picture.

It's of that charactor with the green jumper and spinky hair, in a dilema. I've decided to call it "Heaven is cool, hell is immense"

Good name huh! It's the best colouring job i've done yet.

Defaced drawings are also coming up soon cortusy of two bad people (you know who you are), i'll see if i can get some comments about them up as well.

Proper update in the holidays mabye.


1 new picture and one new legendary original background done my me like every other thing.

This website is becoming more of an online portfolio than enything else.

Thats no bad thing.

If you look at the first cg i did you can see how much i've improved.

A lot.


Finished pic, look at it, it's great.


3 more images, quite good ones as well, i'm particualy proud of the buffy one.

The last image is a work in progress, it's not quite finished yet and i need to draw up a background.

I have used a new style on this one, and i really like it.


Hey, another update! All i've done is change the bars on the left to a lovely lime green, everything has been changed to green , but strangely i have put a a small section on perfect blue. not at all finished yet, I hope to put up some charactor profiles and a lot of pictures, but not enough to give the main plot away


25\02\01: Another 2 new pictures up. They are just scribblings that got out of hand, and now i'm childishly pleased of them.

You have probably noticed that I have quite a lot of different charactors, and that my drawing style differs from time to time, I hope that this is a good thing.

I am thinking of putting up some sort of drawing tutorial and some series specific sections for perfect blue, metal gear, final fantasy and evangelion

Perfect Blue is a disturbing psyco-like anime and the best film i've seen

Metal gear is the steathy "tactical espionage action" game series, i'll put it up cus i just got it and i've been playing it too much.

Final Fantasy is the world renown rpg series, you must of heard of it

Neon Genesis Evangelion is the best anime series ever and is very depressing, if you want ti know a little more about evangelion go to the GAINAX site linked here and below, GAINAX created the show, be sure to click on the english version. and there is some questionable content, very little, but some, so, ya know be careful, (this is mainly for those accessing in public places, eg: my school, but ya know, it probably won't matter)

Anyway, just wait until i have the pages up.

Oh yeah, there will be some beatmania downloads, so you can play the dj simulation game on your pc!

You gotta get this download!

I've ranted on enough anyways so enjoy the site

18\02\01: I have put 2 new pictures up annnnnnd (drum roll please) an pointless-but-cool anime style flash shoot out!

Just be sure to stop the site music before you see it. I was gonna add some more sound effects, but I can't be arsed.

Also be sure to vist megatokyo which is linked below.

11\01\01: I updated the flash! the one in the top left loads up the site music

02\01\01: more images added again, have a great new year!

I'll update the flash to something half good soon as well.

Feel free to send viruses, porn, insults, piss takes, compliments and barmitzfas to my address below


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