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These Are My Sketches

This is my interpratation of the self check out I used to operate at kroger. Lovely isn't it?

No, this isn't anyone in perticular. I was just inspired by the song "Voodoo" by Godsmack.

This one's my favorite. The original is so much better.

This was done at a campus event in Arlington. ^_^ One of my teachers was playing.

This was in commemoration of my winning the girls pool championship at the same campus event.

This was a tattoo I designed for a co-worker.

This was a tattoo designed for a friend. She put it on the middle of her back.

This was to remind me never to drink Tequela again. *sigh*

This a new tattoo i made for my sister. I think it's kool.

Her name is Shry. I'll color her soon & give her a body soon.

He's Mack. Same as Shry, i'll color him soon & give him a body as well.

This is LunaKitty. Isn't she pretty?