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Video Game Music

Me and video games go way back, all the way to Atari's first home system (whose name I can't remember. Brilliant, eh?). I have many many favorites right now, and this looks to be an awesome year for video gamers. As of May 17th, 2003, my favorite games, concurrently, are Skies of Arcadia Legends, Suikoden III, Xenosaga: Der Wille zur Macht, Golden Sun: The Lost Age, and Animal Crossing. All of these games I HIGHLY advise to anyone who loves video games. Animal Crossing, especially, is proof that one should not prejudice. ^_^

NES = First Nintendo
SNES = Super Nintendo
PSX = PlayStation
SEGA Saturn, CD, Dreamcast, and Nintendo GameCube are spelled out.

Super Mario Bros (All Nintendo systems)

Super Mario Bros. Theme (Remixed!)

Sonic Games (Sega Systems and GameCube)

Live and Learn (Sonic Adventure 2 theme)
"I am the Eggman" (Dr. Robotnik's theme)

Chrono Trigger (SNES and PSX)

Chrono Trigger Main Theme
Crono's Theme - The Chrono Trigger
Marle's Theme - Far-off Promise | 2 |
Gato's Song
Gato's Song (Remixed!)
Lucca's Theme - Fanfare
Frog's Theme | 2 | 3 |
Robo's Theme
Magus' Theme - Dance With Death; The Black Wind | 2 | 3 |
Ayla's Theme
Jurassic Rhythym
Jurassic Rhythym (Remixed!)
Battle Theme | 2 |
Boss Battle Theme
Legendary Battle (BIG Boss Theme)
World Revolution (Final Battle 2) | 2 |
Finale (Last Phase)
Unreleased Battle Theme
Kingdom of Zeal
Schala and Janus' Theme
The Trial
Moments (Plays during a sad moment or memory)
Moonlight Parade (Moonlight Parade Ending)
To Far Away Times (Ending Theme)
Singing Mountain (Theme never released in the game)

Chrono Cross (PSX)

Scars of Time - Intro
The Brink of Death - Boss Theme
The Brink of Death Remix
Star Stealing Girl
Thoughts not Forgotten
Remix of Grasslands of Time
Summer's Cry, or Spring's Gift, whatever. It's just Lucca's theme.
Voyage~Home World
Magical Dreamers: the Wind, the Stars, and the Waves
Devourer of Time - Dragon God Theme
Devourer of Time Remix
Radical Dreamers - Ending
Radical Dreamers Remix
Fragments of Dreams

Lunar Games

Main Theme Remix (Short but very cool ^_^)

Lunar Silver Star Story COMPLETE (PSX)
Fighting Spirits (Battle Theme)
Stand and Fight (Boss Battle)
Go Go Go! (Final Battle)
Kaze no Nocturne (Luna's Boat Song)
Toward the Horizon (Overworld Theme)
Mysterious Cave
Magical Weapon Nash

Lunar 2: Eternal Blue COMPLETE (PSX)
Brave Warriors (Battle Theme)
Fierce Battle (Boss Battle)
Omni Zophar (Final Battle)

Lunar: The Silver Star (SEGA CD)
Battle Theme
The Grindery

Zelda Games (Various Nintendo Systems)

Zelda 2: Link's Adventure - Title Theme
Zelda 2: Link's Adventure - Dungeon Remix VERY cool ^_^
Zelda 2: Link's Adventure - Dungeon Remix 2 Also very cool. ^_^

Super Smash Bros. Melee (GameCube)

Main Theme
Mushroom Kingdom
Mushroom Kingdom Alternate Song "Dr. Mario"
Mushroom Kingdom II
Peach's Castle
Rainbow Cruise
Yoshi's Island
Hyrule Temple
Hyrule Temple (2)
Hyrule Temple Alternate Song "Fire Emblem Pride" - Marth and Roy's Theme
Great Bay Alternate Song "Saria's Song" - Young Link's theme
Fountain of Dreams
Fountain of Dreams (2)
Eagleland: Onett
Icicle Mountain
Mute City
Big Blue
Big Blue (2)
Brinstar Depths
Pokemon Stadium
Pokemon Stadium Alternate Song "Wild Pokemon Battle (Johto Version)"
Poke Floats
Alloy Warrior (Metal Enemy Battle)
Final Destination

Gundam Wing: Endless Duel (Super Nintendo (Japan Only))

Rhythm Emotion (Intro)
Mobile Suit Bay (Select a Fighter)
Aircraft Carrier - Gundam Deathscythe
Ruined Oz Base - Gundam Heavyarms
Colony - Wing Gundam Zero
Antarctic Base - Tallgeese
Libra MS Hangar - Mercurius and Vayeate
Libra Block - Gundam Epyon

Golden Sun (Game Boy Advance)

Menu Theme
Menu Theme (2)
Ivan's Theme
Saturos and Menardi's Theme
Home Vale
Sol Sanctum
Sol Sanctum (2)
Overworld Theme
Imil and Suhalla
Kolima Forest
Battle Theme
Battle Theme (2)
Battle Theme (3)
Showdown at Mercury Lighthouse
Venus Lighthouse

Final Fantasy X (PS2)

At Zanarkand
Suteki Da Ne
Battle Theme
Battle Theme (More accurate)
Boss Theme
Game Over
Blitzball Gamblers
Tidus' Theme
Yuna's Theme
Auron's Theme
Lulu's Theme
Rikku's Theme
Seymour's Challenge
Contest of Aeons
Ending Theme

Other Final Fantasy Games

Final Fantasy Legend 2 - Critical Hit
Final Fantasy Legend 2 - Critical Hit
Final Fantasy Legend 2 - Boss Theme

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