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Quartz - Cybele

Quartz is a small mountain villiage, essentially poor. The villiagers seem happy with their easy-going lives, although they face the threat of attack from Tiamat's Chruch. These people and most of the lands surrounding it believe in Cybele, the mother of Verdan. They are rather docile, not caring for the wars that almost constantly rage the rest of Verdan. They are much to busy with their mining and related professions. There is quite a bit of heavy machinery in the town due to the mining. The church here is the Church of Cybele.

Kirin - Tiamat

The town of Kirin lies in the upper mountains, practically cut-off from the rest of Milan because of the poor roads, tough weather, and generally aggressive nature of these people. Kirin and the lands close to it mostly worship and follow Tiamat, the Dragon Lord of Fire.

Vayne - Procne

The merchant town Vayne is rich because of all the economic activity. Once again, the peacful setting in the fields of Milan are a good cloak for what really goes on. Many of the people in the city make underhanded dealings in order to secure their wealth. In addition to that, they stand at a very threatning location, in between the mountains and coast of Milan. This is a strategic impossibility in battle, but it does have a very strategic location, economically speaking. This is a key trading town with many roads leading and leaving from it. Also, Vayne is home to the Church of Procne, the Wind Goddess of Verdan.

Rayn - Nereid

Rayn is a well-to-do port city situated on the southern coast of Milan, the main continent of Verdan. The main profession here is fishing and other related marine occupations. The people are mostly docile in this city of Nereid, Princess Goddess of the Verdan Seas. Many of the men were sailors and most of the women were housewives, but there were some that were also ship captains. Despite the peacful exterior, they knew they were constantly threatened by the other Churches, probably envious of the great economic wealth here. Thus, Rayn had a powerful naval military. A castle stands at the center of the city, as well as the Cathedral of the Sea.

Marmo Isle - Jama

In the south Verdan Ocean lies an island called Marmo Isle. It is called the Island of Darkness because of the massive volcanic activity in the central regions which causes a shroud of thick volcanic smoke to constantly surround the mountanious center. Surprisingly, people live here along with many stronger relatives as the monsters that roam Milan and the other islands of Verdan. The people of Marmo are mostly blacksmiths, with some mining and others steelworking. The volcanic fields make for a powerful forge. The most sparse profession here is fishing; sparse albeit lucrative--food is expensive in Marmo if you don't get it on your own.

With all the volcanic activity, rich and fertile fields lie to the far east of Central Marmo. A couple of small farming villiages might reside here although that is unconfirmed. Finally, the darkest secret of Marmo is that most of the people here are followers of Jama, Goddess of Death. Jama was defeated and banished from Verdan many years ago by the other four gods of Verdan, but as she took in her last she put a curse on Verdan, the origin of all the monsters roaming about. Should the Four Keys of Verdan be brought to the Temple of Jama, Jama will be reborn and will cause the havoc she once did many aeons ago.