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Z Senshi Christmas Special

In the city of West Capital, snow flutters softly to the ground. People carrying bags and boxes full of gifts and goodies walk up and down the streets. Cars move slowly down the same streets. Everyone is in a good mood today for it is Christmas Eve. It's afternoon right now, but the sun is already setting. A person in a dark hooded cloak moves among the crowd and passes out from it into a dark alley, where another figure waits. The two start conversing. Slowly, sparks spring around them. In an instant, they disappear while the people absently go on about their business, the snow falling, ignorant to what is about to pass.

***Capsule Corp.***

Bulma: "Just make yourselves at home, guys." ^_^

Kakarot: "Thank you, Miss Bulma."

Crysta: "Thanks Grandma."

Hayami: "Yes, thank you."

Rendus: "Where's the remote?"

Bulma: *Blinks and walks into the kitchen*

Crysta: *Turns to Rendus* "Can't you ever pay attention?"

Rendus: *Ignorantly* "What day is it today?"

*Uncomfortable silence*

Hayami: "It is Christmas Eve, you dolt. Twenty-four days after the first of December and seven days before the thirty-first."

Rendus: "That's nice. Where's the remote?"

Crysta and Kakarot: .;; >_<*

Hayami: "How... predictable. You should pay attention to your oft-neglected family, Rendus. Where are Leana and Samantha anyways?"

Rendus: "Back at home... err, I think."

Kakarot: *Sweatdrops. Then, he starts to tremble slightly, a faint aura of gold visible*

Crysta: *Backs away* "He's gonna' blow...."

Rendus: *Munches on some chips, mindlessly*

Hayami: "You might want to rethink your actions and choice of words, Rendus..."

Rendus: *Turns* "Huh, why Hay--" *Sees Kakarot*


Crysta and Hayami: o_o;; -_-;;

Rendus: O.O;;; "CALM DOWN, PLEEEEEZE!!!"

Kakarot glowins so brightly the room seems dark. His eyes glow green, "Only now you say PLEASE??! GO to your FAMILY, Son Rendus!!!"

Rendus: "Yesss...!" *Is out the door before Bulma can see*

Bulma: *Walks in* "Soja... is something wrong?" *Looks at the door, which is swinging widely, snow fluttering in. She narrows her eyes* "I swear, your temper is nearly as bad as Vegeta's..."

Kakarot: *Powers down to normal* "Sorry, Bulma." *Sits back down*

Crysta and Hayami: *Sigh* u_u;; u_u;;

Bulma: *Smiles sweetly* "I know you have good family values and all... but don't go to extremes, okay?"

Kakarot: "Yes, Bulma..."

Crysta: "Guys, shouldn't we be worried about Rendus? After all, he IS Rendus..."

*Everyone looks at each other*

All: "Naaaaaahh.."

***West Capital Streets***

Slowly, trying to be unnoticed, Rendus walks down the streets of West Capital. He looks aside, down an alley, and sees something no human can see: a ki trace. His mind has been wandering and he has decidedly chosen to search for trouble makers. He analyzes the trace and takes a breath of surprise.

Rendus: "The weaker one is Spark... while the stronger one... is someone else. I've gotta' tell the others!"

With that short scene, Rendus dashes back to Capsule Corp.

***Capsule Corp.***

Kakarot: "Yeah, well, thanks for having me, Bulma. I'm going home to my daughter now."

Bulma: "Anytime, Kak. ^_^ What about your wife?"

Kakarot: *Looks down* "She's had a bit of a problem..."

Bulma: "Oh... I'm sorry..."

Kakarot: *Looks up and waves his hand* "No, nothing like that. It looks to me like a curse of some sort... you see, she's forgotten a lot of things, even forgotten me and our daughter Yuriyume. I'll help her remember though. Well thanks, I'm going! See ya' Crys, Hay..."

Hayami: "Merry Christmas..."

Crysta: "Yeah, merry Christmas, Kak."

Kakarot nods and walks out the door. Just as he does, Bulma walks out into the kitchen. A sliding door is heard. Vegeta walks into the room and sits down.

Crysta: "Merry Christmas Grand--"

Vegeta: "Quiet girl!"

Crysta: *Blinks* "Okay..."

*A crashing is heard outside*

Kakarot: *Muffled* 'You idiot!'

Rendus: *Also muffled* 'But it's Spark! I sensed his energy--*inaudible*"

Hayami: *Sits up straight and narrows his eyes* "That twit again? He never learns..."

Crysta: *Leans back in her sofa* "I say we wait until Wednesday..."

Hayami: "I agree."

At that moment, Kak and Rendus stumble in through the door, arguing and shouting.

Vegeta: "SHUT UP, YOU!"

Kakarot Hayami Crysta and Rendus: o_o;; -_-;; .;; ~_~;;

Vegeta: "You, Kakarot's grandbrat! Go home!"

Rendus: "But Vegeta, sir, I--"

Vegeta: "GO HOME!!!"

Rendus flies out the door with a speed to rival Goku's.

Crysta: -_-;; "Well..."

Kakarot: "I suppose I'll be heading home now.."

Vegeta: "Go on!"

Kakarot: *Sighs and walks out*

Crysta: "Grandpa, weren't you a little... harsh?"

Vegeta: "All this nonsense! All this foolish joy! AND FOR WHAT?"

Crysta and Hayami: -_-;; -_-;;

For the rest of that night, everything seemed to be fine. Everything was, in fact, fine until Bulma's scream pierced the night.

Vegeta: *Enters the kitchen* "What the Hell is it?! Wha--?"

In the kitchen, Bulma is slung over someone's shoulder, kicking and screaming.

Bulma: "Somebody HEEEEEEEEEEEELP!!!!!!!!!!"

MysteryMan: "Heh-heh-heh... if you want her back, Vegeta, come to the North Mountains and get her."

Vegeta: "You challenge me? HAH!" Without thinking, he charges and misses just as the man disappears with Bulma. He crashes into the stove and sends pots and pans flying about.

Hayami and Crysta run in.

Crysta: "What's going on?"

Vegeta: *Growls and turns* "Nothing! I'm going out!"

Hayami: "Bulma was kidnapped... wasn't she?"

Vegeta: "... ... ..." *Walks out. The sound of blasting off the ground and into flight is audible*

Crysta: "We should follow him..."

Hayami: "Yeah..."

The two fly behind Vegeta... far behind. If Vegeta was to spot them, well, it wouldn't be pretty. The three soon arrived at a huge... dome. A big lab needless to say. Crysta and Hayami land behind a rock and watch Vegeta from there; they kept their ki low so Vegeta wouldn't sense them.

Vegeta: "What the Hell is this? Some kind of a joke??" He extends his hand and forms it at a 90 degree angle. "Live by your convictions and DIE by your convictions, WEAKLING! Big Bang...--!"

Crysta: *Jumps out* "Nooo, Vegeta! Grandma's still in there!!!"

Hayami: *Sweatdrops*

Vegeta: *Turns to face Crysta. His left eye twitches and his mouth curls into a snarl* "Stupid girl! Why did you follow me??!"

Crysta: "I, uh, uh-oh..." *Looks down*

Vegeta: "Well?! How do you suppose we get in then??!"

Hayami walks out from behind the rock and appears near Crysta and Vegeta, "There's a door down there, on the north side. We could get in that way... by blasting it of course."

Vegeta smirks treacherously and appears before the north entrance and extends his hand.

From above, a peaceful northern wood is visible, full of pine trees and misty fogs. As the scene pans, a huge dome of golden ki rises on the horizon.

Vegeta just stands there, a huge crater beginning in front of him and looping around Hayami, Crysta, and himself.

Crysta coughs, "Damn, grandpa..." *dusts some soot from her blouse*

Hayami just stands there, his face and clothes blackened. He says nothing, his eyes closed.

Vegeta looks around, "Where's the blasted lab?"

Hayami merely motions to the subtly camoflagued elevator platform on the ground.

Vegeta blinks, "I knew that... YOU TWO STAY HERE!"

Hayami and Crysta grumble. Sooner than not, Vegeta punches through the solid steel and goes in.

Two hours pass. Hayami kicks a rock, unknowing to the fact that it sails through the air and hits a crossing cop car on a road thirteen miles away.

Crysta: "You'd think this place would've been a bigger crater by now.."

Hayami nods and, without warning, jumps down through the elevator.

Crysta blinks and follows him, "Wait up!"

The trip through the shaft was uneventful. They eventually got to the main chamber, where a guy was in a person sits on a throne. Beside the throne is a glass container--a pretty big one--with Bulma in it.

MysteryMan: "Welcome, Tetsu, Crysta..."

Bulma pounds on the glass, "Crysta, Hayami... get-me-OUT-OF-HEEEEEEERE!!!!"

Crysta: "Uh, what do you want with grandma??!"

MysteryMan: "A bit hasty now, aren't we?" *Pulls out a remote. A screen rolls down showing a maze with Vegeta wandering around, cursing* "I want to be rid of you Saiyans for what misery you have caused my little brother..."

Crysta: -_-;; "Brother?"

MysteryMan: "YES, MY BROTHER! YOU BULLIES WILL PAY!!!" *Unfurls his cloak* "I am Flash, Spark's brother!"

Hayami: "There are two of you..?"

Flash: "Yes, there are two of us! And both of us with the same mental capacity!!!"

Crysta and Hayami: -_-;; -_-;;

Flash: "HAH-HAH! Now! You shall be sent to where you cannot return! HAH-HAH-HA--uhhh..." *Falls on his face*

Crysta and Hayami blink. A person in a dark blue cloak walks out from behind Flash's still form. His face is shadowed... but other than that, we know that he likes dark blue for that is the color of most of his attire, except his boots, which are black.

CloakedFigure: "It's dangerous here. Why did you come...?" *Looks aside* "Nevermind..." He walks over to the glass and taps it, with his finger, on a certain spot. Cracks run up its sides and shatters, leaving Bulma standing there, eyes awide.

Crysta takes a stance, "Okay, cut the funny stuff! Who are you??!"

The person turns after helping Bulma out and hearing Crysta, "Can't you recognize a friend's voice?" He pulls his hood back and shakes his long, standing hair back into shape. He smirks slightly, "He guys. Sorry to keep you in suspense."

Hayami: "I knew it was you all along, Kak."

Kakarot: "Sure you did Hay." *Glances at Flash, who moves slightly* "You'd best get on your way before Vegeta decides to blow this place to kingdom come..."

Bulma: "Yeah... you know his temper."

Hayami and Crysta: *Nod* "Mmm-hm..."

Hayami, Crysta, and Bulma exit the room, Hayami and Crysta flying Bulma out of the area via the elevator shaft. Kak stays in the room and does something on the large computer behind the throne.

***In a control room***

Spark: "They can't get away... mwa-hah-hah!"

He presses a button and a field surrounds the entire area. In an instant, the entire place disappears.

***In the Elevator Shaft***

Crysta and Hayami quickly tow Bulma until they come out of the end.

Bulma: "We're out!"

Crysta: *Sweatdrops* "Uh... no, we're not..."

In front of them is a medieval castle. Many horses and people walk in and out of it along a dirt path between the town and castle.

Hayami: "We've been sent back in time..."

Crysta: -_-;;

***Throne Room***

Kakarot slams his fist on the keyboard, "Damn it! I'm too late. Now I have to re-triangulate the coordinates...." He goes to typing rapidly.

Flash: "Ohhh... you...will... be... e-l-i-m-i-n-a-t-e-d..."

Kakarot finishes typing. "There..." He turns around and snap-kicks Flash in the neck, putting him on ice once again. "Now to get to a functioning control room..." With that, he leaves the room.

***Elevator Base***

Bulma: "Why are we back here? Tell me, why??!"

Hayami: "It is better if we stay around this area... we might get left behind if it disappears again."

Crysta: "Yeah..."

***Control Room***

Spark: "Now, for me to get home... uhh... uh-oh." *The computer in front of him flashes red and says fatal error = Please enter passcode* "Yike!" He quickly types the password in and presses enter. A figure appears behind Spark and chops him on the neck. Spark falls flat on the ground, out cold. The figure walks into the light and snickers.

Rendus: "Hah! I knew you were up to something!!" He goes to the computer and sweatdrops. "Uhh... I wish Kak were--"

The door explodes and Kakarot walks in through the smoke, "Huh, Rendus?"

Rendus blinks and puts his hands together, "I wish for a million dollars!"

Uncomfortable silence.

Kakarot looks at the computer and sweatdrops. He smacks Rendus upside the head with a mallet and walks up to it, "You idiot! What did you do??!"

Rendus rubs his head where it was hit, "Owww... it was Spark, you dummy..."

Kakarot: "Me, the dummy?! Speak for yourself nimbostratus-for-brains?!"

Rendus: "OH YEAH?!"

Kakarot: "YEAH!!!"

Spark mumbles and crawls to the computer as Kak and Rendus argue. Rendus looks aside and shoots Spark through a wall with a ki blast.

Kakarot: "Okay, okay! Let's just be over with this!" He walks over to the computer and types quickly. The words 'prepare for time stream alteration' appear. He nods, "Okay, we're finished. The countdown is.... five minutes."

Rendus nods and walks out with Kak.

***Shaft Base***

Crysta: "What's that alarm for?"

Kakarot and Rendus appear.

Kakarot: "What are you guys still doing here?"

Hayami: "We didn't make it out before the alteration..."

Rendus: "Oh..."

Kakarot looks at his watch, "Sit tight. We'll be out in about four minutes..."

Four minutes pass. At the end of that time length, the entire place shook violently for a few minutes, then it stopped. After the silence, Bulma cheered.

Bulma: "Yeah! Let's get out of here!"

Crysta: "C'mon then.."

Hayami: "Wait... where's Vegeta?"

***The Maze***

Vegeta: "You little coward! Come out and face me like a man!!"

His shout echoes and he growls, "FINE! If you're going to be that way then I'll blow this place to bits!" He starts charging up a Final Flash.

***Control Room***

Spark: "Noo... must... jump..." He slumps and smacks his face on the keyboard. An alarm goes off.

***Shaft Base***

#Preparing for jump in five minutes... warning, warning...#

Crysta: "Damn! We're out of time. Let's just get out of here!"

Hayami nods and they both carry Bulma out. Kakarot and Rendus look aside down the hall.

Kakarot smirks, "Vegeta will make it out. Let's move."

Rendus nods and they both fly out behind Crysta, Hayami, and Bulma.

***The Maze***

Vegeta: "FINAL FLASH!!" With that shout he releases the infamous attack and clears the entire room of its walls. The dark, nighttime exterior of the present time is visible.


Vegeta flies out and starts powering up another Final Flash. Just as he fires it and connects with the exposed base, it disappears and distorts the scenery. A cataclysmic explosion follows along with the expanding of a ball of yellow ki to the size of three football fields. Then, the explosion contracts and disappears.

Across from Vegeta's location for about 10 miles...

Kakarot: "Damn... that was him alright."

Crysta: "Uh...huh..."

Hayami: "Shouldn't we be getting someone home?"

Bulma: "Yeah, that sounds like a good idea!"

Crysta: "Oh! Right." ^_^;;

The two fly Bulma home. Kakarot and Rendus look back and then nod to each other.

Kakarot: "I guess we part ways here..."

Rendus: "Yeah... merry Christmas."

Kakarot: "DAMN! I forgot it was Christmas!" He flies home without a second thought or action. Rendus just shrugs and flies himself home.

Vegeta: *Teeth chattering* "D-d-d-damn... it's c-c-cold...." He slowly flies home.

***Christmas Morning, Capsule Corp.***

Crysta tears open a package and blinks, "What's this now?"

Bulma smiles sweetly, "It's an Instant Watch Communicator device, or IWC. I made them myself and sent one to Soja, Rendus, and Hayami. I only made four... so you are the only ones that have one!" ^_^

Crysta: "Thanks." ^_^

Vegeta sneezes, "I hope you're happy, girl! I got a cold from last night!!"

Bulma clicks her tongue, "Oh Vegeta..."

***Kak's Home***

Kakarot sits down in front of a Christmas tree, all alone minus Veno, who is beside him. "I miss Sahi and Yuri-chan..."

Ven-Ohki: "Meyaa..."

Kakarot: "Oh, I got you something..." He gives Veno a small package which is shortly unwrapped by the small cabbit. Inside there is a dark blue collar with a gold tag on it. The cabbit meows curiously.

Kakarot: "Want to try it on?" He takes it and puts it on Veno. Veno meows happily.

Kakarot: "I take it you like it." ^_^

Ven-Ohki nods rapidly and curls up on the floor.

Kakarot: "Well.... merry Christmas Veno..." He looks at the watch-communicator Bulma made for the four of them and sighs slightly, thinking to himself. "Now..."