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Movie #2 - Ki-less Z Senshi

Mid-day in West Capital, home of Capsule Corporation. The Four Heroes, otherwise known as the Keep's Z Senshi: Kakarot, Crysta, Rendus, and Hayami, were walking down a street in the shopping district. For some reason, they had just decided on an outing. Hayami wasn't too optimistic about since he said he had 'more important things to do', but Rendus dragged him the whole way to the city.

Kakarot: "So, where should we stop first?"

Crysta: "Oh, I don't care... any ideas, anybody?"

Rendus: "If it's important, can we eat?"

The Rest: *Sweatdrop* "... ... ..."

Kakarot: "I suppose it couldn't hurt..."

Crysta: "Only if you don't embarrass me..."

Hayami: "Your image isn't the only one at risk, cousin..."

Crysta sighs and follows the guys into a typical Chinese restaurant.

***Shenlong Chinese Restaurant***

The four have a seat at a table. A waitress comes up to them a moment later.

Waitress: "Hello and welcome. What can I get for you...?"

Rendus: "Well let me see here... one of these, and one of these... ah forget it. I'll take one of each... on the menu."

Waitress: *Sweatdrops and turns to Kak* "And you, sir?"

Kakarot: "I'll take a double order... of what he got. Please."

Waitress: "Eh, you know that that IS a lot... right?"

Kakarot: "It's not too much..."

The waitress writes it down and turns to Crysta and Hayami, "What would you two li--"

Crysta and Hayami: "Orange juice... just, orange juice..." u.u;; u_u;;

Waitress: *Mumbling* "Two eat way too much and the other two barely eat..." She goes off to get the order started...

***One hour later***

An explosion.

Crysta: "Damn it."

Kakarot: *Looks up* "You guys thinking what I'm thinking?"

Hayami: "Potentially..." *looks at Rendus*

Rendus: *Face-down on the table* "Food... need food....!"

The other Z Senshi sweatdrop and pull Rendus out along with them.

***West Capital Streets: Shopping District***

The four heroes run out of the Chinese restaurant and glance down the street. A big Mobile Suit-type thing is wreaking destruction upon the city.

Crysta: "Oh geeze... not the giant-robot gig again..."

Mobile Suit Loudspeaker: #HAH! Now you will suffer my wrath INDEFINITELY!!!!!! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#

Rendus: "Mother Teresa! It's..."

Hayami: "... Spark."

The Four Heroes: *Sweatdrop*

Crysta: "What grand jury let you out of the icebox after what you did?" -_-;;;

Spark: #It helps to have connections! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!!!#

Kakarot: "Guys, look around..."

The others nod and they all look around. Most bystanders have fled for safety.

Kakarot: "Good... we want to stay incognito, ya' know..."

Rendus: *Raises his hand* "Um, question. What's incognito? Is that a dirty word?"

The others fall over.

Crysta: "Yes Rendus, it's a dirty word..."

Rendus: *Meekly* "Oh... okay..."

The four power up and fly into battle. Ki blasts fly everywhere, hitting random buildings. The missles that the Mobile Suit fires hit some more buildings and damage those. Imagine Spark's Mobile Suit looking like HeavyArms Custom, only silver in color. While the Four Z Senshi are flying around it like the Powerpuff Girls, one of its missle bays explode and severely damages the suit itself.

Spark: "Damn it... reserve power... to zero... EJECT!" He ejects from the suit just as it explodes and wipes out a city block.

Kakarot: "Damn it! Taste my wrath!!! Finish...!" He raises his arms over his head. Blue ki starts gathering at his hands.

Hayami flies upward, gunblade drawn, and stops beside the slowly ascending parachute that belongs to Spark. Spark shouts obscenities as his parachute is cut to ribbons and, moments later, plummets into the ground, where he is met with a barrage of ki bolts from an evilly-cackling Rendus.

Perhaps not surprisingly, he survives.

Spark: "Hah... hah... HAH! Eat this!" He presses the red button on a remote control. The scene gets all wavy and stuff, dream sequence-type special effects, and stops. Spark just snickers sardonically.

Crysta: "Wha... happened?"

Moments later, Rendus' cursing is heard as he falls from the sky and hits the ground. Hayami does the same, without cursing or screaming. Kak's half-charged Finish Buster dissipates at the moment...

Kakarot: "... BUSTER!" He throws his hands forward. Nothing happens. "What?? What happened?"

Spark: "Bah hah hah hah! Your ki exists no longer! Have a nice day!!" He taps a device on his wrist and wavers from sight.

Rendus: "Oiy... what happened?"

Crysta looks crushed, almost as if she might weep... instead, she screams, "YOU ASS! I'LL KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Kakarot and Hayami: o_O;; -_-;;

Rendus: *Startled, thinking that was directed at him* "AH! What did I do??!"

Crysta: *Glares at Rendus* "Do you want to be his burial buddy??!"

Rendus: *Meekly* "No, no, please!!!"

Kakarot: "Crysta, calm down... we'll find a way around this..."

Hayami: "Quit being so optimistic, Kakarot. You know we're significantly weaker without our ki than when we had it. In addition, we can't fly, fire energy waves, or sense such powers..."

The others sweatdrop and sigh.

Rendus: "Noooooo.... what now?" *Hugs his Sailor Mars doll*

Kakarot: "Maybe we should get back to Capsule Corp... maybe Bulma can think of something."

The Quartet agrees and they all head off to Capsule Corp in a car Rendus had with him, leaving the wreck with several bystanders poking their heads out of windows in curiousity.

***Capsule Corporation***

Bulma: "Well this was an unexpected scenario... I have no clue where to start."

Crysta: *Weeps* "Ahhh-haaaah... T_T... We're as weak as Mr. Satan now!"

Rendus: "Did you HAVE to compare us to him??!"

Hayami: "So much for dignity..."

Vegeta walks into the room and blinks at Crysta's weeping, "Wipe your tears, girl! I can't stand crying!"

Crysta blinks at her grandfather and continues her weeping.

Vegeta growls in frustration and looks at Bulma, "AND WHERE IS MY DINNER??!"

Bulma: "Vegeta... -_-;;; You just had lunch and you want dinner already? You Saiyans and your appetites... AND SAY PLEASE!"

Vegeta scoffs, "Damn it then! I'll just BUY SOMETHING!"

Bulma: "FINE!"

Vegeta storms out.

The Z Senshi Quartet, except Crysta: u_u;; u_u;; -_-;;

Hayami: "Of course, our ki no longer exists... in our bodies. It must be scattered about so we can't gather it. In a sense, our spirits have been shattered."

Rendus: "Whatever that means..."

Kakarot is concerned with other matters, "Crysta, get a GRIP of yourself!"

Crysta: "But I'm NORMAL!!! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS???! No more flying, no more ki blasts, no more extorting money from Mr. Satan..." *Cries*

Kakarot, Rendus, Hayami, and Bulma: -_-;; -_-;; -_-;; ^_^;;;

Bulma: "Crysta, you can't do anything about it if you just keep crying! Now I have an idea... just come with me..."

Crysta: *Sniffs* "Okayyy..." She gets up and follows Bulma.

Everyone else follows afterward. They are led down a spiral flight of steps into a darkened room smelling of dust and rust. Bulma flips the lights, which go on with a buzz. They find themselves in a large room with all types of gadgets, dohickeys, and whatchamacallits.

Rendus: "What is this place? It looks like a lab..."

Hayami: "That's because it is a lab, nimbostratus-for-brains. This is Bulma's lab, which was her father's before."

Rendus: "Oooooh....."

Bulma: *Blows the dust off a keyboard* "Yeah, this is my lab. I left it alone years ago to raise Trunks and Bra full-time. I came down to it occasionally, but soon, I found myself wrapped up in other matters."

Crysta: "Yeah...? *She sniffs lightly* What are you gonna do?"

Bulma: "Scan the world for ki traces... it might lead you to Spark's hideout because I have a feeling he took your ki, not dispersed it."

The Z Senshi all nod, listening. Bulma types quickly on the computer, which amazingly still works as its outside condition states otherwise. A few blips and beeps and a screen displaying the Earth shows.

Bulma: *Points to the screen* "There!"

Kakarot: "That's just outside Orange Star City..." -_-;;;

Rendus: "You'd think the guy would be original."

Hayami: "You would think that, Rendus..."

Rendus: "... ... ..."

Crysta, now like Bulma in her youth, "What are you guys waiting for! Let's go, now!"

Bulma: "Hang on, Crysta... I'm gonna have to supply you guys with transportation." She takes out a pack and looks into it. She pulls out three capsule packs and holds them out, "Okay, take one each."

Everyone except Kak takes one. "Thanks!" they all shout. Then, soon after, they all run out, leaving Bulma in her lab.

Bulma: "Oh dear, what have I done..?"

***West Capital Streets***

Rendus: "COME ON! Sunday drivers..." *Grumble grumble*

The mid-day traffic is picking up at this hour, about five PM. Kak, Rendus, Crysta, and Hayami all sit in their respective Capsule #9 motorcycles, a relatively early model, but effective nontheless.... for their purpose anyways.

Crysta: "Why is it that most humans on this planet choose this time of day to drive??! Especially when they know the conditions will be like this??!" She about pulls her hair out in frustration.

Hayami: "This is pointless. Just sit back and wait..." He reclines in his bike.

Kakarot: "Oi, this is going to take forever. Besides Hayami's nihilism, Rendus' ranting, and Crysta's screaming..."

The traffic lurches forward and so do the Z Senshi as they continue on...


Crysta: "Hah hah hah! Now this is more like it! *Having fun, until* Yaaaiiieeeeeeeeeee!" She barely swerves out of a semi truck's way. She leans out of the bike's side and shakes her fist, a no-no on a motorcycle to drive with one hand, "WATCH WHERE YOU'RE DRIVING YOU SORRY EXCUSE FOR A SECOND-CLASS CITIZEN!!!!"

Hayami: *Sweatdrops* "Don't enjoy yourself too much, Crysta... and keep your eyes on the road for Dende's sake!"

Rendus: "Kak, where's the radio on this thing??!"

Kakarot: "Rendus, it's a motorcycle you fool... even if it had one, you couldn't HEAR IT!

Rendus: "Oh...."

Kakarot growls in exasperation and rolls his eyes.

The sound of approaching motorcycles can be heard. A gang of six or seven single-wheel motorcycles comes up behind them. The riders are obviously not the savory type. As their outside appearance tells, they are complete womanizers. With this nature, they pick on Crysta first.

Rider1: "HEY! Wanna come ride with a REAL man??!"

The other gang members laugh obnoxiously.

Crysta: *Glares begrudgingly* "What would you know about being a real man!?"

Rider1: "You little wench! Did you just say that to ME??!"

Crysta: "If all that helium in your head hasn't killed off your brain cells!"

Rider1: "Grrr!" *Draws a pipe from his bike's compartment* "You'll pay for it then!" He swings the pipe at Crysta's head. She ducks, but the pipe shatters her windshield.

Crysta: "YOU BROKE MY WINDSHIELD! ARGHGRRRRRR! NOW YOU'LL PAY!" She rides up along Kak and takes his bo staff. She shoves it into the spokes of Rider1's wheel. He is catapaulted through the air and tumbles down the cliff...

Riders: "What have you done??!"

Kakarot: "Crystaaaa... that was mine!"

Crysta: "But look what he did to my bike!!!"

Rendus watches the gang close in and barks back, "Back off you little incognito buggers!"

The other three Senshi sweatdrop.

Rider3: "He CALLED US INCOGNITO! Whatever that means..." *Gets hit by a car and skids, flipping, across the road*

Rider5: "Xenophobia! You'll pay!!"

Hayami: "What kind of a fully-retarded name is xenophobia?"

Rider5: *Glares at Hayami* "You little boy!" *Pulls up alongside Hayami. Hayami does not divert his eyes from the road*

Hayami: "Look out..."

Rider5: "I can't be tricked that easily you foolish, mental, scruffy-looking--!" *Is hit by an oncoming truck, causing his cycle to explode*

The Z Senshi swerve along the tightly-curving road, their antagonists taking an alternate route, a higher road. They look down on the quite suspecting but non-reacting Z Senshi.

Rider4: "Now here's what we do. When they get to the area below we-- *goes into whispers* Okay?!"

Riders 6 and 7 nod. They rev their bikes.

Meanwhile, down on the road below...

Kakarot: "They're planning to jump us, I can guess that."

Rendus: "Those incognito idiots!"

Crysta: "Rendus, enough with that word." -_-;;

At the moment they reach that point in the road, the three remaining renegades leap off the edge of the cliff in their bikes. Upon impact, Rider6 is thrown off his bike and run-over by the Z Senshi.

Crysta points at the street-pizza Rider6, "HAH-HAH, BAKAYO!"

Riders7 and 4 are now ahead of the Z Senshi. Both of them surround Crysta and try to crush her in between themselves. She brakes suddenly and they hit each other. They try to seperate, but they are stuck at the handle bars. Crysta stops and picks up a rock. She speeds ahead to end up behind them again, and hurls the rock at Rider4, cracking his skull upon impact. He flops off the bike and bounces a few times on the road. Due to the loss of balance, Rider7 swerves off into Kak's path. Kak scowls and drives up beside the distressed Rider7. He steps off one foot, and kicks him as hard as he can in the teeth. He flips off his bike, but is somehow still conscious. He grabs on to Hayami's bike and drags along the road.

Hayami: *Angrily and coldly* "Get your damned hands off of my bike..."

Rider7 looks scared... then he doesn't look like anything when Hayami introduces him to his boot rather harshly. His body skips across the road and plasters onto a car as it passes.

The four Z Senshi, now at peace, arrive at Orange Star City.

***Orange Star City***

Kakarot: "She said outskirts, Rendus, not in the middle of the city..."

Rendus: "Yeah, but in manga the hero usually has to find a vent or sewer line to get into the base. Why this shouldn't be any different..."

Crysta: "Rendus, this is REAL LIFE, and this time, we have no powers to help us!"

Rendus: *Meekly* "Well it's worth a try..."

Hayami: "Rendus, have you any idea of how the sewage system in Orange Star City is? It is horrendus, I heard. The stench is so awful, you lose brain cells faster than seconds expire, and some people even lose sanity."

Rendus: "Eh, let's just take the direct path..." He turns and walks the other way. Crysta shrugs, sighs, and follows.

Kakarot walks up to Hayami's side and looks to him, "You know, you almost convinced me there, Hay (pronounced 'Hai')."

Hayami folds his arms and looks directly ahead, "I was serious." He walks on, following Crysta and Ren.

Kakarot: ".... damn!" He runs after the group.

***Door of Spark's Colosseum***

Crysta: "Could he have made it more obvious?!" She walks up to the door and raps it hard, "Open up, you little bastard!"

The others sweatdrop.



Rendus: "Crysta..."

Crysta: *Turns and GLARES at Rendus*

Rendus: *Meekly* "Okay, nevermind..."

Crysta looks back and the door opens. Funny enough, the camera doesn't respond back. She runs in without a second thought.

Kakarot: "Well, let's follow her!"

They all sweatdrop and follow Crysta in. The door shuts with a *DHOOM*...

***Inside the Colosseum***

Crysta runs through the darkened halls, looking left and right. The area is heavily mechanized, cables and pipes everywhere. She slides to a stop as a door on the floor opens to a pit of lava, "Phew... I shouldn't get ahead of myself..." She looks up, "Wait... guys?"

In another long corridor, Kakarot, Rendus, and Hayami all run down the center of the hall, noticing the same characteristics about the building. A loud rumbling is heard. They look amongst each other and keep running forward. They eventually come to the center, which looks much like a stadium, but with no seats or stands.

Spark: #HehehehehehehahahahahHAHAHAHAHAH! Welcome, ki-less fools.#

Kakarot: "Cut the crap. We're here to beat you into submission again."

Spark: #Oh but that is the point... you see, I am not going to fight you... *deep breath* BUT MY BIO-FIGHTER WILL! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!#

Rendus: "This... is bad. Without our ki, we're just normal humans!"

Hayami: "No, we're just a little tougher than normal humans, but close..."

From the ground rises a platform with a bio-fighter, ugly as the last one Spark created. Green skin, pointed ears, sharp teeth, somewhat heavy build, and white eyes are its major characteristics. Also, Kakarot comes up to the creature's neck in height, so it is relatively tall.


At the instant, Crysta crashes through a window screaming, "AIEEEE-AI-AI-AI-AI-AI!!!!!"

Spark: #Oh, the fourth little worm has arrived.. HAH!#

Crysta: *Looks at the bio-fighter* "Damn... this isn't good."

Hayami: "It would seem that retreat is our best chance..."

Rendus: *Looks down* "Uhh, it's no use."

Kakarot: *Raises a brow* "Eh, why is that?"

Rendus: "I didn't say, but I stepped on a tile and, well, the door... *hrm* closed."

Crysta, Hayami, and Kakarot: -_-;; -_-;; -_-;;

Hayami: "We're doomed."

Crysta: "Yeah... I never even got to drive my car."

Rendus: "WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!"

Kakarot: "Hey, act positive! We'll get out of this..."

Hayami: "You act positive, we'll act realistic."

Kakarot: *Sweatdrops*

The Four Heroes back off slowly as the creature approaches them menacingly. A few seconds; the violence erupts.
Rendus flies forward and opens up with several combinations that show mastery in his studied form of martial arts. This is quite unexpected from someone who acts as goofy and clueless as Rendus, but looks are deceiving. Rendus lands a hard roundhouse kick on the creature's neck....... it's not affected in the least. It snarls at Rendus and clutches his leg with a clawed hand. It pulls him off and spins him around over its head.

Rendus: "AHHH! Nooo..OHHHH!!!!!!" He is thrown far, far into the air. He hits the farthest wall and drops to the ground, defeated.

Kakarot: "No! Damn it!"

Crysta: "Damn..."

Hayami draws his gunblade, "Enough damning, more fighting." With that, he charges at the monster, head on with his gunblade edge up at his side. Upon reaching the creature, he rises with the blade at the center, pulling the gunblade up at the same time to add force to his attack. The blade hits........ but does nothing. He glares coldly and spins into a flip kick as he follows through with the slash and makes contact with that too. The creature stumbles back a bit..... but it reaches back, with one muscled arm, and pummels forward, sending Hayami, shouting, through three pilliars and into a wall, where he too lies defeated.

Kakarot: "That thing doesn't look a bit hurt..."

Crysta: "Can't say the same for our teammates." -_-;;;

Kakarot takes a stance, "Any ideas...?"

Crysta shakes her head and runs forward, "NOOOO!" she screams loudly and high-pitched, like a cry, as she rushes in at the monster, which is bearing its teeth. She dodges aside, leaving the monster confused for a second. She jumps onto its back and pummels at its head with punches. The bio-fighter thrashes and hurls Crysta off and to the ground. Crysta widens her eyes and growls. "YeeeeYAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!" She screams again, the same way, and charges the monster with a barrage of well executed, but relatively futile, kicks. The monster dodges none of them, but is unaffected nonetheless. It grows tired and punches Crysta HARD in the stomach.

Crysta's eyes dialate from pain, "Ungh! Ahhh-AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" She is sent flying before hitting the ground. She curls slightly, holding her stomach, then, she goes out like a light.

Kakarot: "Crysta! *Glares aside* Spark! You cowardly whiny boy! I'm going to kiAHHHHHHHHH!" He recieves a punch to the face from the creature before he can finish. He spirals into a pilliar and falls to the ground on his knees. "Ugh... Rendus, Hayami, Crysta... get up... we can take this monstrosity... together."

Nothing happens, nobody moves. Only Spark's maniacal laughter echoes. Kak looks on... his eyes roll back and he falls, outdone..

Spark: #Now I have won! No more annoying Z Senshi to keep me from my revenge! Hmm, maybe I should take over the world for good measure...


The scene fades out with Spark's laughter echoing.

"Where..... am I? Am I..... alive? Am I..... dead? Crysta, Rendus, Hayami... where are you...?"

The area lights up. The area looks like empty space. Swirls of purple, violet, blue, dark red, and lavender enwrap the area, accompanied by a white mist. Kak materializes in the area and looks around. "What is this...?

"Kak! Kaaaaaak!"

Rendus is visible about a hundred feet away. He runs to him, Kak to Rendus, "Rendus, are you the only one here?"

Rendus: "Well you're here."

Kakarot: *Sweatdrop* "You know very well what I meant, baka."

Rendus: "Riiight..."

"Hey you two! We're over here!"

Kakarot: "There's Crysta. She said 'we' so I'm betting Hayami is with her."

They walk over in Crysta's voice's direction. Surely enough, they are there. Hayami is sitting crosslegged on the ground and Crysta stands there beside him with her arms folded over her chest.

Crysta: "Do you know where we could be?"

Kakarot shakes his head 'no'. The group doesn't even bother consulting Rendus and looks to Hayami. "Well?" asks Kak.

Hayami: "From the looks of things, it might be a dimensional pocket. But, I suspect something less... and at the same time, something more." He opens his right palm, "Watch." With minimal, if any, effort, he forms a ball of blue ki and throws it easily.

Kakarot: "Tha-- that was ki?!"

Hayami: "Yes... try your bukujutsu."

Rendus nods and closes his eyes. Within a second he is floating, "Hey, I can fly again!"

Crysta, Kak, and Hayami do the same thing and look at each other.

Hayami: "We're in a ki stream... these are not our corporeal bodies. We are still at Spark's lair. Our spirits were shattered, remember? Well... here they are. We are them. We just need to get back to the lair."

Kakarot: "Everyone, touch me." He raises his right hand's index and middle fingers to his forehead. The rest do as he asks. Kak nods and they all flicker twice and shift from sight.

***Spark's Colosseum***

Spark: #What a sweet victory. o/`Lalalalalala, I-beat-you! I-beat-yoo-ou!! I-BEAT-YOU-OU! HAH-HAH-HAH-HAH-HAH!o/`#

The monster just stands there like a statue.

Kakarot's eyes snap open, followed by Hayami, Crysta, and Rendus.

They all get up.

Spark: #AH-HAH-HAH-HAH, eh?#

Kakarot: "You've made the same mistake all villians do: you didn't kill us when you had the chance!"

Crysta: "NOW I'm gonna KILL YOU!"

Hayami: "You should be afraid... you should be very afraid."

Rendus: "Let's GET-IT-ON!!!"

Spark: #Grrr! KILL THEM!#
The bio-fighter dashes forward at Crysta, who is the nearest. With great agility, she jumps into the air. As the creature passes under her, she descends so she's behind it. She spins and kicks it through the air with a roundhouse. She sends a red ki blast to follow up. The creature is hit by the ki blast, which causes a considerable explosion.


Hayami flies by as a blue beam and slashes with his gunblade. He goes into a recovery spin and lands softly on the ground. He whirls his gunblade easier now and reclips it to his belt. He holds his hands forward and moves them stylistically. He stops, holds them forward in a shape, palm-forward, and shouts, "Burning Attack!" He fires a blue beam from his hands that hits the monster, engulfing it in an explosion of blue light.

The monster drops out of the explosion, missing its right arm. It stands and growls scratchily.

Kakarot phases in before the monster and drives several pistoning punches into its stomach. It bends over more and more with each hit until he stops. Kak pushes the stunned beast up with a finger and pauses in a stance for a second. A second dies and a snap-kick erupts from Kak's right leg, sending the monster through five pilliars.

Rendus appears over the wreckage and starts to fire energy bolts in a renzoku energy dan. The explosions pile upon one another, generating a lot of dust and light. He throws a few more ki blasts before stopping for a pause, and putting his hands together he chants, "Kaaame-Haaame..." He puts his hands together at the wrists, forms a ball of blue ki, and pushes forward, "HAAA!!!" He fires the Kamehameha wave and hits the area, causing a massive explosion.

The Four Z Senshi kick and punch the beast mercilessly. They pummel it from all sides with ki bolts and shots. Special attacks are used and abused. Finally, no more can be taken and a bright blue explosion engulfs the area.

The smoke clears after an unsettling silence. The dome is gone, it is now a sunroof. The four Z Senshi stand their ground and glare up at the tower all at once.

Spark: #Meep...#

***A faraway shot of Spark's Colosseum***

A split-second flies... and so do boulders and trees when an explosion like a nuclear device destroys the colosseum. The Four Z Senshi fly away from the explosion as it happens and disappear in the evening sky's horizon.

***Capsule Corp.***

Crysta: *Stretches, dressed in a gown like Bulma's in dragonball, except lavender in color* "Ahhh, that was the most restful night I've had in months. I should call mom."

Crysta grabs a phone and dials, ".... Hello? Mom? I'm at grandma's, so don't worry about me, okay? Bye."


Kakarot: *Throws a punch* "Hyah! *Throws a kick* Hyah! *Repeats* Hyah!

Kak stops training and wipes his brow. He goes indoors and turns on the TV as he goes to the refridgerator.

NewsReporter: #Earlier this morning, convicted felon Spark was been apprehended. Spark was the man tried for the attempted murder of Mr. Satan two months ago, but was found 'Not Guilty' in a surprise judgement by the Grand Jury. He was placed on a month's probation, which expired earlier this month. He was found in the middle of a great crater this morning by a property owner near Orange Star City and reported him to the police. He is now in custody and expected to undergo a trial for 'Unlicensed Posession of a Seceret Laboratory', 'Unauthorized Posession of Bio-Technology', and 'Disturbing the Peace' with that massive explosion early evening yesterday, which was heard for miles and miles around, shattering windows in buildings as far down as South Capital. This is Arita James signing off at mid-day. Have a good one. *Commercial Break*#

Kakarot comes out of the kitchen with a cup filled with water, drinking it. "Well I wouldn't be surprised if he got off again."