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Kak Vs. The Daimon Triad

***The scene is West Capital. Kak stretches as he walks down the sidewalk to a bus station. Yeah, yeah, he could fly or teleport, but itís not everyday that you see just any guy fly or disappear, right? Heís trying to fit in for you dull people out there. -_-;;***

Kakarot: "Now to get home... Iíve outstayed my day."

He keeps walking and eventually reaches a bus station. For some reason or another, a police officer taps Kak on the shoulder and asks him to come with him. Kak, being semi-trusting in authority, does. Little does he know that this is going to be a feeble attempt at his life...

Kakarot with a generally happy boyish disposition: "Okay officer, what can I do for yaí?"

Police Officer: "Just stand right.. .. ... there..."

Kak blinks and reads the officers aura. He erks and damns all as he realizes heís been tricked by one of the demons he kills on a regular basis. Readying himself, he pulls his pendant off. With a sound of steel being drawn from its sheath, the pendant expands into a pole with twin crystalline blades each consisting of three smaller blades. As he completes this process the officerís disguise is shed and out comes a demon: simialar to Garlic Jr. for you DBZ lovers, but for those who arenít, this demon has white eyes, stands at about 7-8 feet tall, has tough-looking lizard-like skin, pointy ears, like an elfís, five-fingered hands with short-lookinf yet sharp claws on the ends of his fingers, speaks with a deep scratchy voice, and, finally, has fangs.

Demon: "Heh heh heh... Soja, I am here to kill you."

Kakarot: *In a stance* "Why am I not surprised?"

Demon: "We have planned this for a while and with you out of the way we can finally take this world back as its rightful owners."

Kakarot: "... ... ..." -_-;; (Who is this guy kidding?)

Demon: "Now I am afraid your time has... RUN OUT!"

The demon leaps at Kak. They are in an alley so Kak has very little room to dodge in. He, however, manages do slide under the dive the demon made at him. Kak stands from the slide smoothly, spinning the pole weapon in his hand as he does and holding it in a poised position.

Kakarot grins slightly, "Ah geeze, this isnít going to be much fun..."

Demon: "Heh heh heh hah hah hAAAAAAAH!! I think youíve underestimated m--"

Kakarot interrupts him, knowing what heís going to say, "Aw shut up and fight if youíre going to."

The demon scowls and bares his teeth, jumping at Kak in the same fashion. Kak sighs and dashes forward at the demon, his lance held back and ready for a slash.

The area goes dark.

A silver crescent arc of light pierces the darkness.

The scene comes back with Kak and the demon having passed by each other. Kak lands softly on one knee and foot, his lance held forward after the slash. The demon lands in much the same way, but stumbles forth a bit. A visible cut, still flaming slightly with white light, is visible in his midsection.

Kakarot stands up and attaches the lance to a holder on his back, the lance held in place diagonally, "You shouldnít have underestimated me..." *sighs*

The demon growls in pain, his eyes wide, "You... damn... you-- grr...!"

Kakarot hmphs and holds his right hand forward, "Ayee! Shut up! Enerugi Burn!!" he shouts. A straight stream of ki flies into the demon. It screams as it is engulfed in the explosion caused by the ki. Once the smoke clears there is nothing more than ash. Kak lowers his right hand and hmphs. "Fools... are there more?"

Kakarot looks around, sensing more demonic auras. Surely enough, three pairs of eyes peer at the wary Kak from different venues...

Ni: ~Is he... Soja?~

Ichi: ~Yes, he is the one...~

San: ~He doesnít look so tough. Maybe if we hit íim at the same time...~

Ichi: ~Iie! We mustnít underestimate him like Gi did...~

Ni and San: ~Yes!~

The three demons drop down to form a triangular shape around Kak. Kakarot sighs heavily and looks around, measuring his chances.

Kakarot: "Oh boy, letís see here... one, two, three... three against me. Good Kaio-sama.."

Ichi: "Allow us to introduce ourselves before we attack you. I am Ichi..."

Ni: "I am Ni..."

San: "And Iím San!"

All three scream battle cries and drive inward at Kak. Kak springs upward onto one of the buildingsí side and springs off of that onto the other building, springing back and forth between the two until he lands quietly on the roof of the one he started on. He proceeds to dash along the rooftop until Ni pops up in front of him. Ni attempts to slash at Kakís chest, but Kak bends back and dodges it at the same time.

Kakarot: "Eee! These guys.. *he drops to the ground and rolls aside, flipping onto his feet*.. are gonna be tougher than I thought."

Ni just grins foolishly.

Kakarot smirks and draws his Silver Star Lance, spinning it into position, "Haaaah hyah! Bring it on!"

Ni does as Kak asks, but not before Ichi and San jump in and join the fray. The three demons fly around him sending slash and kick at him, Kak blocking most of them with the pole of the crystalline trident. After heís had enough of the trio, he springs high into the air, "Iíve had enough of these games!" What Kak doesnít realize is that Ichi is behind him. When he does it is too late; Ichci knocks the lance from Kakís grasp and he watches as it embeds itself in the side of a building far below.

Kakarot: "Damn it!" He looks back at Ichi, "I can take care of you myself, no problem."

Ichi: "Heh heh heeeh, sure, whatever kid. You only got to Gi because of that weapon yaí know."

Kakarot: "Riight..." He lands on top of a building and takes a stance, "Hmph..."

Ichi, Ni, and San look up at the darkening sky. The Moon is just a thin crescent. Ichi grins and nods to the other two, "Hey boys, we can go full power tonight... the light of the Silver Star is dim tonight..."

Kakarot catches this, "Eh!?!"

Ichi: "Juichi!"

Ni: "Juni!"

San: "JuuuuuuuuuuuSAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!"

Kakarot sweatdrops as they double in muscle. In case you havenít caught on, this is like the fight between Goku and those three bad guys, Nikki, Ginger, and Sancho, in Dead Zone, Dragonball Z movie #1.

San charges Kak first. A fast exchange of kicks and punches ensues with Kak backing up and losing ground slightly as he does. Then San jumps out and Ni attacks. Kak flips over Niís opening attack, a ground sweep, and lands on his feet in time to black a barrage of punches from him. Ni slides out from Kakís first attack, a straight punch, and Ichi jumps in. An exchange simialar to the last two takes place, but Kak gets thw worst of it and is knocked to the ground, sliding back and holding his stomach. He bleeds lightly from a wound there inflicted by Ichiís claws.

Kakarot stands up and smirks, "Hmm, that might work..." He looks up at the three. "Catch me!!" With that heís off like a shot, bounding across buildings in the area, not straying from his lance as he has to retrieve it. He stops for a few seconds, and sure enough, the trio surrounds Kak and stops, laughing as they do, as Kak expected them to. Kak snickers to himself and crosses his arms over his chest. He spreads his arms out to his side and a thundering noise is heard. The area shakes and the three fiends are flung far in three directions. Kak figures heíd better make quick work of them and starts with San. He teleports to where San is.

San: "You bastard!!"

Kakarot cackles, "Spare me." With that he dashes at San and delivers several hard punches into Sanís cross-blocking arms. Kak moves from Sanís arms and punches into his stomach. He stuns San momentarilly this way as he reels his right hand back for a VERY hard punch. He smirks and throws the punch as San blocks it, but the punch is so overpowered that it breaks the block and sends San into a building, a part of his clothing suspending him as he is worn. Kak steps so his side is facing San.

Kakarot: "You guys are so easy to beat one-on-one." Kak extends his right hand, aiming it at Sanís form, and fires off a massive pulse of ki, killing San instantly. Kak ífehsí and walks off with Sanís ashes slowly fluttering off.

Ni appears just as Kak jumps onto the third building from where he was. "Where is San??"

Kakarot unamusedly cracks his knuckles. "In another dimension. Heís probably waiting for you, why keep him waiting??"

Ni looks like heís straining all of a sudden. Kak sweatdrops at this. Then, Ni pulls two swords out of his legs. His LEGS!

Kakarot: "... ... ..."

Ni laughs and charges Kak with both swords poised to strike. Kak systematically dodges the swords, making it look easy at the same time. He falls to his back, on one instance, and Ni brings both swords down at Kakís waist. He rolls his legs back so heís literally folded and dodges the swords. As Ni tries to chop Kakís folded body, Kak stretches out so heís on his hands. Ni angrily tries to chop Kak in half at the waist but he also dodges this by landing on his knees, on all fours, and letting the swords fly over him. Kak backsprings only to catch sight of Ichi and move his head aside, dodging Ichiís sword (yes, he has them too) and getting some of his hairs slashed clean off.

Kakarot is now dodging both Ichi and Niís swords in the same manner as he did Niís. He jumps back a distance, placing both furious warriors in front of him. Kak motions with his hand to ícome oní. He is succeeding in making them angry as they charge swiftly towards him. With a sweep of his right arm, he brandishes a huge sword, somehow concealed (presumably in a capsule). The sword has a hilt of wood two feetl long, and a blade of steel, seven feet long. In doing this he successfully cuts Ni in half at the waist.

Kakarot spins the sword over his head and attempts to cut Ichi in half down the middle. Ichi dodges to the right as the sword embeds itself in the rooftop. Kak lets the hilt go and dives down into and alley. He raises his right arm and grabs hold of the Silver Star Lance, embedded in the side of this building from very early in the fight! Kak uses the lance to pole-swing his way back up to the building and land in front of Ichi, the lance back in his hand. With a quick slash of the lower blade, he cuts Ichiís swords and renders them useless. Kak springs back a good distance and lets his trident become his pendant once again.

Ichi charges madly, not seeing of the danger thatís before him. Kak falls back and uses his legs to throw Ichi into the air. Kak appears behind Ichi and double hammer-blows him into Niís still-writhing body, both halves. Kakarot scowls and powers up, a blue aura appearing around him. His pendant glows silvery-white as he motions his hands quickly.

"Kame Hame..."

He places his hands together and thrusts them forward shouting the end of that.


A beam of blue, Ichi and Niís screaming, and a violent explosion of ki. Once the smoke clears, small bits of debris and the building flutter down from the air as Kak lands on the rooftop, or whatís left of it.

Kakarot: "... ... ..." He looks down at the street, people gathering around the area. "Damn it, I was too noisy..." He jumps down into an alleyway and tries the Instant Transmission.

Kakarot: ~_~;; "Damn it all~~~! I used too much energy!"

With that Kak sighs and walks off to the bus station. He arghs as the last bus to the West Capital country reigion left an hour ago. He looks at his watch.

Kakarot: "Ayeeeee! Sahi-chanís gonna kill me!"

Kak is basically stuck. He canít fly, he canít teleport, and his pendant is worn from the fights. Kak pulls out a capsule and pops it. He begins the long 400-mile drive home on his Capsule #9 cycle ...

By the way... Kak did not get home until very late that night, 4:00 AM that is. He spent too much energy fighting the daimons. Thus, he could not go to Super Saiyan, thus he could not fly for more than fifteen minutes, thus he had to drive home. That's it for this story!