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The Attack of Antrowa

The scene is as goes. The Keep's Z Senshi had just defeated The Bio Artificially Cloned Super Android 16, and after that was done they came with Crysta over to Mr. Satan's house.. again. She wanted her 60 million Zeni, sports car, and Subway for life, immediately. Kakarot, Rendus, Samantha, Kuririn, and Hayami were standing outside, just sweatdropping as they hear glass shattering as well as the occasional ki blast.

Kakarot: She thinks I'M obsessive...

Rendus: Crysta is a girl who won't quit if she wants something badly enough.

Hayami stays silent.

Crysta: I want my money! I want my sports car!! PAY UP, SATAN!

Mr Satan: AHH! I haven't gotten the money yet, wahhh! Ju-just give me more time, p-p-please!!

Crysta: *looks at his trophy room and smirks coldly* Hm hm hm... what a mess you have in there. Allow me to..'clean it up' for you...

Mr Satan runs after her, "No, please!!"

Kakarot: ((Hmm... BHX and Dahak got away...)) Kak, being as obsessive as he is, wonders what BHX and Dahak were going to do with the energy and just flies off to where he senses them.

Rendus: Kak, wait!!

Hayami: Don't bother, he won't listen to you.

Rendus: ... ... ...*sweatdrop*

Samantha points up at what appears to be The Outlaw Star II, "Daddy, look!"

Rendus just looks up at what Samantha is pointing at, "Tha-that's BHX!!"

Hayami stays silent.

Meanwhile, inside Mr Satan's house, Crysta is snickering madly as she enters Mr Satan's trophy room. Mr Satan is holding on to her leg and begging her to stop, but he is being dragged along with her, seemingly effortlessly.

Crysta: Not until you pay up, Satan!! *she tears the door off and grins*

Mr Satan: I'd give it to you if I had it, but please just wait! I'll call them and tell them to send it to you right away!!!

Crysta: .......... For some reason, I don't believe you. *she hears the sudden whirring of a familiar engine* .............

Mr Satan: Wha-what's that??

BHX's ship touches down in front of Mr Satan's house. BHX steps out, along with Dr Tomoe and Dahak, in the similar form of a thirteen-year old boy.

Rendus: BHX!

Hayami: Feh, loser.

Crysta steps out and looks at the scene around her. She looks at BHX and Dahak and blinks. "What are you guys doing here? I.."

BountyHunterX interrupts, "Crysta, I have you now that Kakarot isn't here to save you! Ha ha ha ha haaa!!!"

Crysta: -_-;; He isn't here, but they are. *motions to Rendus, Hayami, and Samantha*

BountyHunterX looks at Samantha, "She is just a child. I don't have to worry about her. And these two weaklings? I'll kill them easily! HA HA HA HA HA!!!"

Samantha drops her Pikachu doll, "I'm a kid, but I could kick your butt everyday, mister!!"

Rendus scowls at BHX, "She could, but even if you ARE going to fight us, you'll just run away when you see that you don't stand a chance."-_-

Crysta turns to Mr Satan, who is too now outside.

Mr Satan looks at BHX, "What are you doing here!? I'll kick your ass if you don't leave!!"

Dahak laughs evilly, along with BHX and Dr Tomoe.

Dr Tomoe: Oh, let's see here... one, two, three, four, five... Five Heart Crystals are waiting just for you, my lord.

Crysta: -_-;; I'm surprised you can count that high...

Rendus gets a phone call on his cell and turns around. "Hello?"

Everyone sweatdrops.

Samantha: Daddy? Can I kick the bad man's butt?

Rendus: *looks at Samantha* Sure, but daddy's busy right now. *turns around*

Samantha grins and goes Super Saiyan.

BountyHunterX starts sweating all of a sudden.

Hayami just watches, tapping his gunblade's hilt.

Crysta just watches along with her cousin.

Dahak and Dr Tomoe laugh at Samantha.

Mr Satan watches, sweating but keeping a cocky grin on his face all the time.

BountyHunterX body slides to Mr Satan and slashes at him with his beam sword.

Mr Satan, having the stupid luck of staying alive through almost every major crisis that has happened in his time, jumps and runs to the other side of his house, "WHAT THE!? Leave me alone!!!"

Crysta sweatdrops and looks at BHX, "What do you want with him?"

BountyHunterX: It's a job, Crysta. *makes a kissing face*

Crysta scowls and slaps BHX. BHX flies across the street and hits the next building, damaging it badly.

Samantha flies at the down BHX and starts pummeling the area with ki bolts, damaging the building even further.

Crysta snickers, "She's almost as bad as Kak."

Hayami watches silently.

Rendus gets off the phone, "Hey, where's Sammy?"

Crysta points to the rising smoke and explosions.

Rendus blinks, "Hey Sammy!! What have I said about blowing up other people's houses?"

Samantha keeps firing, "I'm blasting the bad man!!"

The scene escalates into pure chaos. Dahak and Dr Tomoe attack Samantha. Since Samantha's attention is turned away from them, she is hit and sent into another building, damaging it. Just at that moment, Kak arrives cursing because he didn't find BHX. He looks at Sam as he lands and turns to Rendus, "What happened to her?"

Rendus goes Super Saiyan and flies at Dahak and Tomoe at once, without answering him.

Kakarot blinks and looks at where Tomoe and Dahak are, "They're here!?"

Kakarot grins and goes Super Saiyan. He rockets into the sky and shoots into the frenzy.

The three Super Saiyans fight violently and without concern for the surrounding area. During the fight, Rendus misfires a Kamehameha, which misses Dahak and slams into a building, demolishing it. He doesn't notice or care and keeps fighting. Kakarot shoots BHX with a Big Bang attack after he sticks him with a so-called deadly virus. All it did was piss him off and cause him to use the incredibly destructive energy attack on BHX, who was hit by it and smashed into a building with it. That building had the same fate as the last. Last but certainly not least was Samantha. Her favorite move to use was the renzoku energy dan. She easily did most of the damage by using that attack relentlessly while trying to hit Tomoe with it. BHX was at a loss to where Satan is. By the way, Spark hired BHX to try and take out Satan for beating him at the Tenkaichi Budoukai, but anyways...

Mr Satan: *cowers in a clump of bushes* I don't wanna die! I don't wanna die!! I DON'T WANNA DIE!!!

BountyHunterX: BWA HA HA HA! You won't expect our next move!

Kakarot, Rendus, and Samantha just watch as BHX, Tomoe, and Dahak take out the dark-energy-gathering-whatchamacallit. They laugh evilly and release.... TROWA DARIAN BRIEFS AND ANDUIR THE RED!!!

Crysta sweatdrops remembering the two, as does Hayami. Then, they both laugh, "Is that the best you can do!?" says Crysta. Hayami just laughs without comments.

Kakarot, Rendus, and Samantha: *sweatdrop*

All of the Saiyans fly into the mess at full power each. Kakarot went to SSJ2, Hayami went to his max at SSJ, as did Rendus and Samantha. Crysta couldn't go SSJ, so she just powered up to her max, which was more than enough for this band of weaklings. Surprisingly enough, the Keep's Z Senshi were losing. BHX dodged everything, Dahak absorbed everything and ate the Trix Rabbit, Dr Tomoe's annoying laughter kept the Saiyans away from him, and Rendus started crying in disbelief when TDB and ATR told him that they were related. The fight went on for hours and hours... all this time, Satan was still cowering in the shrubbery. Meanwhile, at the fight, Crysta gets pummeled with stupidities from Trowa, who is now in his Gundam, the DragonFangIII. Kak is about to get blasted through from BHX's beam cannon after being ganged by everybody, but Hayami makes the save, lopping off the beam cannon's barrel with his gunblade. While BHX is cursing, Crysta shoots him with her PikachuLaserô from behind. BHX painfully turns into a Pikachu, much to his dismay. Samantha grabs him and hugs him so tightly, his yellow fur turns blue from suffocation. Kak recovers and flies up to the Gundam's face. Trowa starts spewing idiocies when Kak simply raises his right hand and blows the Gundam's head off. The Gundam blows up, but Trowa survives, not surprisingly. Dahak takes on the appearance of Tenchi and starts to fight with Rendus, who just realized that he and the other two idiots weren't related. While Rendus and Dahak fight, Hayami chases Tomoe, now immune to his idiotic laughter with ear plugs on. He slashes at him multiple times, which mostly miss but he does hit his leg. Tomoe tries to take everyone's Heart Crystals but the lasers just bounce off of their ki barriers. A piece of the the Gundam's head, the one Kak blew up, falls on Tomoe and kills him. A few minutes later, a building collapses on Anduir's head while he was trying to cast a spell of 'Saiyan magic', thus killing him. As the Keep's Z Senshi appear to be gaining momentum once again, Trowa fuses with Anduir's dead body. They become... Antrowa!!! Everyone sweatdrops and throws a ki blast in Dahak's direction. Busy with Rendus, Dahak doesn't see the blasts coming and is hit by them, splattering him all over the place. Everyone turns their attention to Antrowa. His IQ level is below 3, but his power level borderlines 600,000,000. First to attack Antrowa is Kak. His punches barely do any damage, and then he is flicked away by the dumbass powerhouse. He hits a building and sits there, all dizzy. Rendus goes, and then Hayami, and Samantha. All are done the same way. The last one is Crysta. She charges headfirst into Antrowa and knocks herself unconscious. Antrowa picks her up and flings her across the street and into a garbage dumpster, purely by accident because if Antrowa meant it, he would've killed all of them. Kak appears by Crysta and wakes her up a bit, then he drags her out of the dumpster. Crysta is all groggy and dizzy, but then she eyes a stupid poster of Britney Spears and Aaron Carter across the street and gets an idea. She pulls out an Aaron CD and throws it at Antrowa. Antrowa, being the idiot that he was, tried to catch the CD, but took it in the chest and was cut in half. Antrowa screams ten seconds later. Everyone gathers for a mass ki attack. They all float above Antrowa and start raining ki shots on him in the way 18 and 17 did to Gohan in Mirai Trunks' timeline. There are 10 minutes of continuous ki blasts shot down on Antrowa. They all finish off the monstrosity with a Kamehameha, and really wreck the area.

The smoke clears... There are almost no buildings left, Satan's house is the only one standing, incidentally.

Kakarot: We showed him, didn't we guys?

Hayami: What a waste of energy, time, and lives...

Crysta: Where is Satan?? I'm gonna kick his ass if I don't get my money...

Rendus: Sammy, are you okay?

Samantha: Uh-huh, yes daddy.

Mr Satan peeks out from the bushes just to be held at tailpoint by a certain rabid Pikachu...

Mr Satan: Cry-Crystaaaa!!! Heeeeeelp!!!!

Crysta: 20 million Zeni!!!

Mr Satan: Alright, JUST HELP ME!!!

Crysta puts on rubber gloves, grabs the Pikachu, and drop kicks him into the stratosphere.

Mr Satan: Thanks Cry-

Crysta: MY MONEY!!!

Mr Satan eeps and cowers at the furious woman.

Kakarot just laughs and instinctively pumps Dahak's sneaking form with several more ki bolts.

Kuririn just blinks at everything that just happened.

THE END.... thus far.

((NOTE- This story is the sequel to Crysta's story "The Attack of the Bio-Artificially Cloned Super Android 16!" at her website. Please go there, many thanks!!))