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Everyone likes stories, right? ^_^ When I have something in my mind that results in an adventure, I always write it down and I always like the result. Some of my favorites I have put up, for others such as yourself to enjoy. Whether you like them or not is up to you, and some of these have quite a bit of humor. I will also say that the rate at which I place these stories up is kind of slow, but I hope that those that go up within due time were worth the wait. Until then, enjoy what I have here!

Shorter Stories
  • The Attack of Antrowa!
  • Makiri Soja
  • Slayers Forth - Explosion! Flames of the Rainbow Devil!
  • Slayers Forth - Challenge! A Dragon's Rage! How Cliché...
  • Slayers Forth - Chance or Fate? The Beginning of Something Big.
  • Slayers Forth - Night Falls! Don't Give Up, Rina!
  • Slayers Forth - Run! My Great Escape!
  • Slayers Forth - Light! A few revelations and twice as many mysteries...
  • Movie-Length Stories
  • #1 - Nani?! Assassination?!
  • #2 - Ki-less Z Senshi
  • Z Senshi Christmas 12/24/2001 Special

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