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Soja History and Powers

The warriors known as Soja, "Demon Hunter" or something of the like in Japanese, are a line of fighters posessing and wielding extraordinary powers that normal people cannot posess. To date, there have been 47, up to the one right now named Kakarotto. The power of the Soja has always come from the three Stars governing this power: the Blue Star, the Earth; the Silver Star, the Moon; and the Brazen Star, the Sun. The spirits and powers of these three celestial bodies are embodied in a crystal pendant which houses these powers. Before more can be said, a little history lesson is in order.

The first Soja came about around 3,000 years ago. He was a young man named Ryukou. He was a typical adolescent, as typical as you could get in those days 3,000 years ago. It was at around that time that a conflict arose. Several unexplained tears in the dimensional fabric opened up. Unfortunately for the Earth, these rips were portals that led to a "Mirror World" of sorts. From there, demons, commanded by a dark entity named Daimon, spilled into the Earth and grew in number. In less than a hundred years, Daimon controlled a population of demons as large as the humans'.

Ryukou was the son of a soldier who was fighting in the 'Demon War', as it is known, back then. He had been trained since age 10 in the martial arts. Back then it was suicide to go out across towns without any form of combat training. As you may guess, this was a very difficult time for people. Well, Ryukou's father was eventually killed when he was fifteen. A year later, he was running an errand a between towns. About halfway through, he was attacked by demon. When he was fighting it, a rare occurance happenes: the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth were aligned perfectly during a solar eclipse. Ryukou and the Daimon were right in the middle of the eclipse's shadow. When this happened, a strange reaction took place. The spirits of the Sun, Moon, and Earth powered Ryukou up to an incredible level, and he lost consciousness. He was found by another traveler and taken back to his town; he remembered only the eclipse and the demon. The traveler found him with a pendant and assumed it was his. In this pendant were the powers of the three Stars, but Ryukou did not find out until later.

One night, Ryu's town was attacked. All the men went out to defend the villiage against the attackers. Among them was Ryu. In the middle of the fight, the town was set on fire. In reaction to Ryu's anger, the pendant about his neck shot water-like energy from it and doused the flames. In turning back and washing over the injured, it healed them. The attacking demons saw this and switched targets... to him. They started a gang up, which sucked on Ryu's behalf. When he was down, inches from death's door for tea, his pendant gave off a brilliant white burst that instantly dusted every one of the demons attacking him. Once again, he only knew of this once someone told him, reason being that he was out cold during that time.

He had several dreams that night about the demons and the Earth's future. He woke up that night and decided he should put these new and mysterious powers to use and help those in need. The next night, he left his town to explore the world with nothing but his spirit, pendant, and martial arts profeciency. From here he began his war against the demons. Although he was unaware of it, people were watching him fight them off. One day, they called him Soja, and this is where the origin for this name is. All this good news rose the people's spirits and they all joined together to finish the war. The tides eventually turned and Daimon and his forces were run off. They did not re-emerge for a long time.

About five hundred years later, Daimon came back with a massive force, and brutally, they massacred all the people within their area. Men, women, children... none was spared. When news of this spread, people got angry. Eventually, armies were formed; massive forces came together and approached the danger thoughtlessly. But, humanity had forgotten the lessons of the events five hundred years before when the demons were run off. This time is known as the 'Five Hundred Year War'. Hence, the actual warring lasted five hundred years. Even though, it was only full-scale for a decade, yet the casualties were high. A year after this, another Soja appeared, just as heavily armed and as powerful as Ryukou ever was. With this in his arsenal, the martial arts techs and all, he fought them back, only to make a fatal error and apparently die in combat. His name was never known, and he is simply referred to as 'the Second Soja'. Nobody knew this had happened, for it was right in Daimon's mirrored world. It was now evident that Daimon had grown in power, exponentially.

Over the next five hundred years, battles were few and far in-between. The humans thought Daimon had given up on the Earth and left it be and that the attackers were renegade forces. Many Soja came and went; five hundred years IS a LONG time now, come on... Very few of them were known since they had become very secretive. Only the last few were known by name. They were Reiko, a young woman who was an adept archer as well as a fine sword fighter; Kajuu, a prideful perfectionist in his personal style of martial arts with a hard discipline; and the last one, and possibly the greatest, of her time, Atalanta. Atalanta was part of a royal family of a long-since forgotten oceanic kingdom, the crown princess to be exact. She wasn't much of a girly-girl, more like a tomboy. She ran away one day and came upon the lost pendant of the Soja. She took it for herself, of course; not long after that, she was attacked by demons who saw her wearing the pendant. She was a surprisingly good fighter for royalty, but she was soon overwhelmed and that is when the powers came to light once again.

The same burst of light that had saved Ryukou so long ago probably saved Atalanta. The demons were diminished to ashes and she was safe. She mysteriously disappeared one day. Her homeland assumed her to have been dead. The kingdom literally fell apart in grief despite her still being alive. Secretly, she was training in a secluded area. She became a formiddable force and soon she went into battle. She felled many opponents and almost won the war single-handedly. Many demons were slaughtered, but it was almost the 'Rise of the Dark Moon', which was the opposite of the first perfect alignment of the Three Stars; instead, the Moon was on the Earth's shaded side, the Sun was on the opposite, and the Earth was in between the two.

The Moon was shaded dark red in what appeared to be a normal lunar eclipse... except in rare perfect alignment. This was Daimon's master plan. In doing the right ritual at this moment, his world would've completely spilled into the present Earth, overtaking it in the process. Atalanta knew this and had to summon the forbidden power of dimensional sealing. This power allowed the user to completely cut off a dimension from another... it wasn't fullproof however. Atalanta knew this was a risk she had to take, so she did. In a sad, dramatic moment of self-sacrifice, and one final confrontation, Daimon disappeared back into his dimension along with all his followers. The cost was Atalanta's life, tragically. As she breathed her last, she sent the pendant off to be buried somewhere. She knew the technique was not absolute, and the need for another Soja may yet arise. She smiled and sighed... the world she had grown to love deeply would live on... but she would not. With this last thought in her mind, her eyes closed and opened no more.

Techniques of the Soja

Silver Star Burst: A brilliant flash of pure light that destroys the darkness. It is utterly fatal to demons, burning them to cinders should they be a victim of this attack. Offensive; Form Irrelevant

Silver Star Cloak: The shadowed side of the Earth's Moon powers this technique. In a time when covertness is good, or when he/she just wants to be unknown, the Soja holding the pendant vocalizes an incantation and becomes different in appearance, even physically. With this, a Soja can change his or her hair color, hair style, eye color, and clothes within an instant. As you may guess this is a very usefull technique. Defensive; Pendant Form

Blue Star Heal: A technique in which water-like energy envelops a person and heals their wounds. It may also restore vitality to the person. Healing; Form Irrelevant

Brazen Star Spear: A spear made of the fires of the Sun. It is always effective in dealing with an enemy, demon or not. Upon impact with the ground or a barrier, it explodes into a sea of flames. Offensive; Trident Form

Light Purification: A technique used to destroy an alien agent. What it is meant by alien, is something like a virus, poison, evil spirit, or disease. The only downfall to this tech is that it uses a lot of energy in comparison to the others. Healing Panacea; Pendant Form

Silver Star Lance: The legendary weapon that the Soja wield. It is a long pole with two, three-bladed blades, one at each end. The blades are crystalline, holding the powers of the Three Stars within them. At the base of each blade is a long decoration with two bells each. These decorations are used as distractions in battle, such as a ribbon on a glaive, or an obi on a sword. Its basic form is that of the pendant, known as the Three-Star Pendant. They can both be used to cast the powers of the Three Stars, but certain powers require the pendant to be in a certain form. Brazen Star Spear, for example, requires the pendant to be in its trident form, the Silver Star Lance.

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