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>[The Magic Seagull] Welcome to our role-playing ONLY chat..

Darkblade steps over and leans near. "What is wrong Des?" He half grins. "You don't seem your self Maishen."

Dewa enters this room

[Kagero] [[ Its the seagull... RUN!!11!!!!oneisthelonliestnumber!!!11!! ]]

Sin groans, ignoring them both he walks over to the wall and sits, he'd ignored the potion, he never took anything of the sort. He sat down against the wall and ripped off a part of his shirt. A small portion of his stomach would be seen, but not much, just flat and muscular as it should be with the amount of working out he did. He reaches over and grabbed two legs of a chair and placed them on either side of his leg, he then proceded to tie them up tight.. "This is the last time.." He utters to himself.

[The Magic Seagull] (Thou fear me, Ancient Mariner! ) >D

[Kagero] [[ I saw you kick Zack Grey's ass. Im no fool. >>; ]]

[The Magic Seagull] (Heh. Don't worry, unless you want to start a gang war with a load of godmoders as your backup, you're left behind. )

[Nosferatu_Alucard] ((back))

[Kagero] [[ Heh. Nah, I could hold up against a seagull. Wnd Demon afterall.. ]] The irony.

[Dewa] ((Derek?))

Sin winces as he yanks the thing tight, he even lets out a yelp, he was no immortal, he had no super-tolerance for pain as some of the people in this world did. He was just as he was.. And the looked down at his blood stained pants and hands and sighed..

[Kagero] [[ And Mevai. You havent hugged or said anything to me yet. I am hurt. ]]

Desaria_Valleth glanced at Sin as he tended to his body in a rather old fashioned manner, "Nothing.." she replied to Draven. She blinked slowly glancing at her whip, "The last time for what...?" she spoke in calm voice.

[The Magic Seagull] (Who said it would be an innocent bird at the helm? :£ )

Mavei sits in her little nook, way up above everyone else. Their voices carry, but are indistinguishable (sic) to even her attuned ears.

Mavei 's Jes shoves Kagie into a snowbank xD

Dewa exits from this room

Kagero is shoved into a snow bank, and spills his hot Cocoa.

The Magic Seagull is silent. He merely flaps his wings, spreading them majestically.

Kagero ooc: "......MOMMY! "

Sin looks up at her. "Don't concern yourself." He winces agains as he lifts his leg and allows it to drop against the floor, as odd as it may seem he actually reset the bone if he did it enough, the shreds of ivory eventually griding back into place. He repeats it a bit and sighs again, breathing heavily from the strain of the pain.

[Mavei] .me gives her color a nudging. And how!

[Mavei] ....stupid actions... ))

Kagero is looking for a Bonny and Clyde duo. Any chick up for it?

Trunks enters this room

Kagero snickers, and hops back IC.

The Magic Seagull points Kagero to Trunks. :£

Trunks waht ? ?

Kagero sighs contently, raising his gloved left hand to his mouth. The man grasped the cigarette, and slowly took a deep inhale from it... before removing the cindering filter and crushing it against the wall of the West Tower. As he leaned back against the stone outside of it, he exhaled the smoke from within his lungs, and tilted his sunglasses down a bit to watch it disperse within the air. However relaxed he may seem, he wwas still holding onto that Assualt Rifle pretty tightly.

Trunks walks up the stairs to the west tower ,looking inside than walking in and taking a seat against the wall

Desaria_Valleth closed her eyes at Sin's reply, "I think it does..." she whispered before standing up, "He's here..." she thought knowing that vampire had followed her. "Draven, you should get some rest and take

Sin someplace safe..." she said, her hand resting on her whip's hilt.

Nosferatu_Alucard leaves the wall and decides to go to the top of the tower.

Kagero gestures.. I said female. Not femenine male.

Sin tilts his head up and smiles at Desaria. "Near the entrance.."

The Magic Seagull sniggers. Coulda been a shemale. :3

Trunks exits from this room

Darkblade looks at Des with a raised eyebrow. "Safe... When am i ever Safe.. I will stay and make sure Sin don't get hurt...."

Mavei takes a lonnnnnnnnnnng drag from her smoke, then flicks it over the edge of the roof. Replacing her mitten, she makes a small snowball, then crushes it in her hands.

Kagero shoots Seagull down with a BB gun.

The Magic Seagull eyes the pellet...and gleams it eyes at Kagero as the pellet mysteriously falls before it. Was that serious?

Sin reaches into his holster and produces the pistol of which he was so famed for. And from that belt he grasped one of the special clips.. He unloaded his usual clip and replaced it. "Fun."

Desaria_Valleth knew where the vampire was and was waiting for him to arrive at the top. Her eyes steady, as she stood like a rock against the tide of blowing wind.

Nosferatu_Alucard is halfway up the stairs when his mind starts drifting.

Kagero blinks, oocly reloads, and fires. Ill eat you for dinner tonight, I swear it!

Mavei is then... gone.

Mavei exits from this room

[Kagero] [[ Nuuu ]]

The Magic Seagull sniggers. Last chance, serious turn to attack or just messing about? *looks in his Ladybird Book of Creatures and Mutationals> :>

Darkblade steps up near Des but closer to Sin and raises a brow. "I take it danger is coming."

Nosferatu_Alucard finally gets to the top of the stairs and sees Desaria standing there with her whip.

Desaria_Valleth spoke in her deep calm voice, "We meet again.."

Kagero was just messing around ooc.

Sin dropped the weapon back into his holster as a soft white smoke began to come from his leg. "Ahh.. burn.." He closed his eyes tightly as he gripped his leg, he smashed his head back against the wall, winicng even more. His bones were melting, fizzling and reforming. He smiled as he knew what was happening where others might not. And he released his leg as he passed out form the pain, but his leg was healed, it was good as new if not better.. He lays there propped against the wall, snoozing..

The Magic Seagull ohs. You're damn lucky then. :p

Kagero nods. But Kag is Hexed anyways; Spells dont work right now.

Nosferatu_Alucard nods "But Im not here for a fight."

The Magic Seagull sniggers. An all-magic blocker? Yay. Nae problem.

Desaria_Valleth 's hand lays off the hilt of her whip, "Why then....?" she asked in a calm voice, hearing Sin's fall.

Darkblade yawns and watches Des and Alu.

Kagero shakes his head. not all-magic just direct magick towards him.

Sin blinks slowly, the lapse of time was different.. He hadn't been knocked out long, and he was all ready beginning to regain consciousness, but he'd lost some blood that would take a little time. He smiled up at

Darkblade. "Your ears are very pointy."

The Magic Seagull thps. That's all. A simple thp. Victory? Defeat? Who knows?

Darkblade turns and walks with a wave to Des. "Hey I have to run Maishen." He walks past Alu and down and out. he does call over his shoulder. "Yea I know. Get some rest man.. Ill see you around."

Nosferatu_Alucard says "Just visiting"

Sin lays there on the floor, looking around like a happy little child.

The Magic Seagull sniggers. Don't you love it how curses help people instead of as curses do? My.

[Nosferatu_Alucard] ((ARGGH! attack of the horrible lagg))

Kagero points to his name tag. Demon.

Innocence enters this room

[Kagero] [[ So of course hexes would help me. >>; ]]

[Kagero] [[ Not like I can pray to Odin for help or anything. ]]

Desaria_Valleth lifted an eyebrow at Alucard, "Visiting?" she asked tilting her head slightly, her eyes noticing the strange markings on one of his gloves.

Darkblade exits from this room

Nosferatu_Alucard says "Yes. Why should I come to fight? Ill fight when i want to"

Ashlen enters this room

Bonerot enters this room

The Magic Seagull points out the halfblood demon. at that, Inuyasha! Innocence exits from this room

Bonerot looks at Desaria

Kagero is soooo much better than Inu.

The Magic Seagull looks up at the skies. It sees a smile no-one else does.

Desaria_Valleth 's eyes glanced back at Sin for a moment, and then returned to the vampire before her, the whip raging with it's violet luminescences. "So what do I owe the honors of this visit?" she asked blinking slowly, "I thought you only visited places within England." she said.

Ashlen exits from this room

Sin blinks again.. he slaps his face a few times and rests back against the wall of the room with another soft sigh. He arched one leg, his newly fashioned one.. Resting an arm over it he pulled out a crumpled pack if cigarettes, jammed one between his lips and replaced the pack now drawing a silver, flip-open lighter. He lit up the cigarette inhaling the sweet, intoxicating fumes and then flip-closed the lighter with that one hand and stuffed it back into his pocket.

Bonerot exits from this room

Bonerot exits from this room

Sin roses to his feet weakly and makes his way out of the room, but not through the door. He walked to an open -window- and crawled out onto the very top of the tower.. He sat there in the same posture he'd been in against the wall.. one leg straight, the other arched, the arm's hand which rested upon this knee was hlding the partially smoked cigarette.

Nosferatu_Alucard says "well, england got boring and there are all of those soldiers to protect it even though im convinced that they are only there for my eating because their guns dont work against vampires.

Desaria_Valleth tried to keep herself from coughing when she inhaled some of Sin's cigerette smoke.

[Kagero] [[ Dont listen to her Seagull! ]]

[Kagero] [[ Shes evil! ]]

Desaria_Valleth looked at Alucard with narrow eyes and stepped closer, "Your preying on them...?" she asked in her deep serious tone.

The Magic Seagull swoops down and lands upon Kagero's head. Swiftly surrounding itse;f in a pressurised bubble of air self-maintained and possibly uninterruptible before anchoring into Kagero's skull. The talons that is. Then he PECK! PECK! PECK-PECK-PECKS! into Kagero's eyes! Bleed, eyeballs! Implode and drain, spheres of ocularity! The Magic Seagull has ordained misery!

Nosferatu_Alucard replies "No, but they are fairly useless. if only they used silver instead of lead."

Kagero widens his eyes, and rears back his MK II. Instantly, he bats it at the bird, and backs up against the door to the Tower. Damn the sky god, DAMN HER TO HELL.

Desaria_Valleth ooc notes I have to leave in three minutes.

[Kagero] [[ I told you NOT to listen to her. ;; ]]

Desaria_Valleth blinked slowly, "They don't use silver?" she asked a hint of surprise in her usually calm voice.

The Magic Seagull is batted at by the gun! Lo, foreswore! His head ducks, the butt missing narrowly before he drills into Kagero's eyes again! Drizzz! Phear the Drill Peck of the ace of spades, the Magic Seagull!

Sin sniffs as he tosses the now finished cigarette butt over the tower to the groudn far below. He lays back and places his hands behind his head as he stares up at the sky..

Kagero growlls, and ducks down into a kneeling position. He stats to yell words in Latin at the bird, a red penetgon shape forming on the mans back at the seagull pecks and prives at him.

Nosferatu_Alucard says "Yes, i was surprised too. I demanded that they use silver but the expense would be too high".

Desaria_Valleth walked passed Alucard where he stood, "Hmm..." she merely uttered, she closed her eyes and placed her hands into her pockets as she began to walk away, "Farewell..." she said lifting her hand slightly, referring to both of them as she walked down the steps.

Desaria_Valleth notes ooc I have to go, farewell..

Sin sits up and rises to his feet, albeit swaying a bit. He clipped his gun back into its holster and leapt down the length of the tower to land by the entrace at its' base.. He leans back and folded his arms waiting for Desaria..

Sin *and waves her off as she goes.

Nosferatu_Alucard waves"mabey ill see you later."

The Magic Seagull pecked out yer eyeballs mate. Art thou not blind? He hisses though, his physicality being the pecking into Kagero's spine, his wings flapping and spreading widely now, a beautiful silvery glow, with a six-star shape glowing about its feet forming."FLAW BRKAR!" cawwing with viciousness in its call as the development occurs. About him small traces of ascending ether glowing softly are observed. That is his arcanality up.

Nosferatu_Alucard exits from this room

Kagero opens his eyes, still cringing the eyelids over his damaged left eye however. The attacks done to his back dont hurt nearly as much as someone would think, due to the tough material of his jacket. However, he was tired of this damned bird. " Pilar de` feugo! " Kagero pressed his boot against the wall of the tower, and rolled forward, before leaning back and pressing against the other side of the wall. He stood himself up swiftly, and threw both hands together in almost a Ka-Meh-Ha-Me-Ha stance. Aiming it at the bird, he stood still, waiting to see what would happen.

The Magic Seagull understands about the jacket then. He does'nt quite see what the rolling is and such. Anyway to phrase that more communicatibvly please before he replies?

[Kagero] [[ Rolled away from the attack, stood up against the wall, placing his hands together and aiming them at you, burning pentegon shape on his back. ]]

Sin exits from this room

[The Magic Seagull whispers to Kagero] (I must now also stress something of what Seagull cast. Still being perched on Kagero's head, it was a double defense. It firstly dispells magic and removes curses. It being on Kagero....le curse is broken senor. )

[Kagero whispers to The Magic Seagull] ...Why couldnt you have ignored janelle?

[Kagero whispers to The Magic Seagull] Go ahead with yer attack.

The Magic Seagull was anchored on your head, hence the talons. So as you move, he'd just follow. But rolling....hmph. This means he must evacuate, and hop off Kagero for now as the silly man-thing rolls! But what is this? It keeps close altitude and swoops back down to hopefully anchor itself upon the backside of Kagero's skull again as the silly man rises. If perfected, Kagero rises...replete with seagull ahoy! ^v^ Lés seagull malevolenté would roost, spreading its wings for stability and flapping as required as the man stood up. More pecks ensue, randomly into the skull with the Flaw thingie still online. More a distractimus than real pain.

[The Magic Seagull] Run my pretty, run.

Kagero would infact learn his De-Hex would be disbled, thus no action. In fear of being killed by a bird, which is very sad for a half demon, Kagero throws both of his hands to his face. " Gaht; Level One. " He yells, and tosses both of his arms out to his side. This is a blade attack... but he doesnt have his mounted blades on his arms. Thus, he sprawlls his arms out, and kicks off of the Tower. Usuing the momentum from that, he spin kicks around into another roll a few feets away... and books it. He runs holding his hand over his left eye. Lovely. Chased off by a magical rodent with wings.

The Magic Seagull can just initiate his next trislide as of now, even as Kagero stood his arms up : "CAWFAWREIZAW!!!" Yes..yes! Wings spreading quickly, from them as if the celestial blessings of angels brillaint white light forms forth! It comes to bath Kagero as he chants, and duie to the time of chanting, the light may well touch and effect; after all, Lés seagull malevolenté was anchored upon Kagero's head. Thuis this light comes forth and hopefully bathes Kagero in its gentle rays...and paralyses him in midspin! This shorts out an opponent; they are paraylised and unable to use magic or mind manipulation. Oh, and the fact their body is like a statue. But they're alive. All this calmly moved as Kagero performed before he could contemplate running. If all is well, Lés seagull malevolenté is roosting on a Kagero statue, and preens its wings.

Kagero oocly slams his head on his desk. God.. Damnit..

Kagero is frozen. Like a statue. MK II Lying at his feet, stuck with his arms infront of his face. Paraylised apparently.

The Magic Seagull 's player is thinking. Measure for measure and be merciful as Angelo was intending not to be towardas Claudio and his betrothed Juliet, or to be like every other smartass godmoder who claims to do all and everything being omnipotent and omniscent; claming to have all powers known like an encyclopedia? Choices, choices. That's the player anyway. The Seagull sits tight on Kagero, ensuring the spell is'nt interrupted and thus keeping the status quo with a degree of mature calm.

Kagero is thinking to himself, literally trying to yell at the damned bird. All he could come up with, as when the Seagull would leave, he could De-Hex and disable to spells.. then hope to god that no one found out. This was embarresing.. defeated by a seagull. Maybe he could have had a chance with his Slingblades... but in order to pack the heavy MK II he had to take them off. What bad luck.

Majestic enters this room

[Kagero] [[ Save.. me.. >>; ]]

The Magic Seagull will kill him if he goes for help! Bweee! *peck!*

Kagero growlls. Kill me, or let me free. Dont hold me here. >>; Or atleast.. thats what hes thinking

Majestic tilts her head, sitting in the snow. It was if one minute she was there, and the next she was not. Blinking at the weirdo with the boomstick, she shakes her head, sending snowflakes flying. Sniffing, she lifts her chin, and pads over to the door, nudging it open with her soft nose before she stars up the stairs in silence, her tail flicking hautily. Majestic screwed up so badly in that post, she's gonna try again ><

The Magic Seagull is sitting there ICly, looking smug. Ooooh, a third option....a curse! Nownow, don't get irate, his player is considering Justice and by what means it should be served by measure for measure. The seagull flaps its wings gently, and taps again, this time poking downwards at Kagero's right eye! Peck!

Kagero growlls. That bastard. He cant move, but he still feels the pain. Slowly, he thinks to himself. What about Devil Star.. . And techniqually.. Kagero didnt do anything to Seagull. His player just got orders from Janelle. ><;

Majestic tilts her head in curiousity at the man with the boomstick, who also happened to be being attacked by a bird...shaking her head, sending snowflakes that had settled there flying away, she stands and pads over to the door, nudging it open with her soft muzzle before starting up the stairs with a haughty flick of her tail.

The Magic Seagull notes no Devil Star evolution either! Magic and supernatural is shorted! Janelle or no Janelle! *PECK!* He shall lay here and debate, for justice is only a good thing; and certainly Kagero would be in favour of such an entity being deployed, would he not? Ahhhh, now he the Seagull is the Duke, he who decides the fate of even Angelo; that whom the Duke rises above as does the seagull rise off Kagero! *peck* Rather a well read avian is it not? *pecks several times into the skull*.

Majestic exits from this room

Kagero growlls. Getting information from Janelle, yet again. Metgaming in the least, becuase only a spare few remember the days of Devil Star. And I dont remember anyone named 'Spade' from back in the Vantz days. Now, as far as Kagero is concearned, he cant move, and a bird is pecking at him. What damned good luck.

Kagero takes the comment back. Not really Metagaming.

Kagero still thinks its cheap to attack just because of Ebon.

The Magic Seagull is Chao Evil. My bad. NEUTRAL! Well..I dunno...anyway! You happened to be about. You also shot at him with a BB gun! ; v; Then....his voice...silky, suave but echoingly deep rather but not fully is head. The beak remains snap shut though. I might let you go scot free....after all, being defeated by a seagull mars many a man; for doth he not consider him king of the beast set upon the good lord's tide to earth? Alas, alas, alas, how the might hath fallen like the fortress to the assailment of boulders! Again followed by a squawk. Freaky bird.

Kagero shot oocly.. o.o;....

The Magic Seagull scrolls up. Damnation and shadna, you are right! But he still sits there IC on Kagero's head. This is fun. Hey, he's the new Birdman! Get it? ^v^;;

Kagero growlls, and yells back from inside his head. " The might were never risen to begin with. I dont know what the hell you are, but you have some nerve attacking out of nothing, then making it look like I started something. If you let me go, Ill hold a grudge. You kill me, Ill return back to Purgatory. Either way, hurry up and decide. "

Kagero growlls. oocly.

[The Magic Seagull] Not by the smoke of your chimney-chim chim! If I act in mercy towards thy iniquity and thou returneth it in yet more darkness, I should end thy days now upon this stone altar! What say you? To be free and unharmed as of now, would be to become the debted; the payment to leave my being be! cawwing again. Dementia has not set in, do not adjust your screen, this is the Magic Seagull after all.

Kagero would shake his head if he could. But he cant. " ........whatever. Pick. Kill or Live, it doesn't matter to me. Just do it. Now. Quick. If you let me live, I might not hunt you. Or I might. Hell, I might kill myself. Never know what will happen. So whats it going to be? "

Honzoki enters this room

Honzoki exits from this room

[The Magic Seagull] Ah, but my friend. My will be done on earth as required, and thou art unrepentant! My last game, the final lap in your hands of now! To loan one's life in return of payment, or to shirk and fall evermore? At this point the Seagull nods its head once smoothly. It is still sat upon kagero's head and heavenbent on measuring for measure. Kagero yells out from however he could; " Just.. do.. whatever the hell you want. "

Kagero blinks. Seriouslly.. I dont have all that much time.

The Magic Seagull 's fen'c just developed tinnictius. >_> But to the Seagull of Justice, that Avian of Order now! I'm going to let you go. Your eyes may be healed. But the scars on your scalp of my touch shall remain as testimony to thy fall. In my mercy, the debt is transacted, and thus, I pray this jovial episode be concluded. flapping his wings again. He pecks one last time at Kagero...a time delay release of five minutes so as not to be shot in the back. Then he arises from his scraggy perch and flitters off away and beyond into the blue yonder, chuckling. / You are a good player though to have endured this. Kudos. He hopes his lesson has been learnt now and shall remain for all time.

Kagero never did anything to get a lesson in the first place. >,<;

The Magic Seagull thinks you did. One became overgrown in their ego when new friends were founded. Farewell, ancient mariner, thy expiation and penance be upon thee now!

Kagero growlls once he can finally move again... slamming his fist into the wall of the West Tower. The stone underneath the pressure cracks, before the man pulls back. Bloo drips down his face from the torn flesh of his scalp, and he leans back against the wall, feeling extremly weak... and also a bit less cocky. After a little amount of time, Kagero collects his things, and heads back to the old burnt down church where he stays. crystle enters this room

The Magic Seagull flies away, his player feeling better for being a nice person. Deceased is an old rivalry of the winds.