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Mahou - Magic

The Three Magical Disciplines

White Magic (shiro-majutsu)

Spells which draw their energy from the power of holiness are called white magic. In white magic there are spells such as Recovery, which are used for healing, and defensive spells such as Flow Break and Mos Varim. In addition offensive spells such as Holy Bless -- which can dispel low-level undead like animated skeletons -- exist. However, the more powerful white magic can be cast only exclusively by priests and priestesses who serve the gods. Also, humans are not the only ones who can cast white magic. The chief of the Golden Dragons, Milgasia, used the Resurection spell to save Amelia (a Princess of Seyruun/Saillune)'s life. When injured in battle, a party member skilled in white magic comes in handy.

Black Magic (kuro-majutsu)

Black magic calls on the power of powerful Demons/Mazoku (spiritual beings of chaos and destruction) said to have strength rivaling that of the Gods/Shinzoku (physical/spiritual beings of light and order). Since these spells draw their power from Mazoku -- beings of chaos and destruction -- most of these spells are highly destructive offensive spells. The effect of the spell reflects the characteristics of the Mazoku being called upon. To use black magic it is necessary to understand the use of Chaos Words -- special words of power -- and to perform certain gestures, depending on the spell. The more powerful the Mazoku called upon, the more powerful -- and difficult to control -- the spell is. Also, a spell becomes uncastable when the Mazoku upon whom the spell relies is destroyed. An example of this is the Ragna Blast, a spell which drew from the power of Hellmaster Phibrizzo, who has been ruined. This is Rina's main area of expertise.

Shamanism / Spirit Magic (seirei-majutsu)

Shamanism, or spirit magic, is what most people would usually call "elemental magic." Shamanism draws on the power of the spirits of Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and the Astral Plane.

Fire Shamanism (hi-kei)
Spells which use the spirit of fire have fire's destructive nature. There are a variety of spells from Flare Arrow, which is used against individuals, to Blast Bomb, which can turn an entire area into a plain of fire. All fire spells, save a few, also have the added effect of causing things to catch on fire. Those that don't are also known as Flash Effect spells.
Water Shamanism (mizu-kei)
Spells which use the spirit power of water are the counterpart to spells which use the spirit power of fire. While fire spells use heat as a weapon, water spells use extremely low temperatures as a corresponding weapon. Many water spells can be used to temporarily hold an opponent by freezing him/her.
Earth Shamanism (chi-kei)
Earth spells call upon the spirits of the earth. Since the caster is usually in continual contact with the ground, he/she has more control over the effects of the spell. The one problem with earth spells is that they have no effect on airborne targets.
Wind Shamanism (kaze-kei)
These are spells which use wind spirit power and manipulate the atmosphere to blow away targets or create a barrier of air. There are useful spells such as Levitation, which allows flight by increasing the caster's bouyancy, and Raywing, which surrounds the caster in a bubble of air and makes it possible to dive underwater.
Spirit Shamanism (rei-kei)
These are spells that draw from, not a single spirit, but the whole spiritual power of the Astral Plane. Since these spells affect things in the Astral Plane and not in the Physical Plane, there is practically no collateral damage from such spells as these. Rather, these spells affect the spirits of their targets, thus making it one of the most effective weapons when dealing with Mazoku, which are entirely spiritual beings with no truly physical presence. Ra-Tilt, the most powerful spell in this branch, has the potential to completely destroy a person's spirit.

Rina's Collection of Mastered Spells

Aero Bomb (earo bomu)
Category: Shamanism / Air
Makes a compact ball of air explode in the desired location. This spell deals little damage, and was created to deflect things like arrows and offensive spells. Since it can be used against all kinds of attacks, it is considered a useful beginners' spell.

Antipode Lance (anutipuddu ransu)
Category: Shamanism / Fire/Water
Rina's original spell. By fusing a Flare Lance with a Icicle Lance, she can create this swirling fusion of ice and fire. Its effect on a target may vary from burning it, freezing it, burning and freezing it, or causing it to crack due to the simultaneous exposure to the two extremes.

Aqua Create (akua kureito)
Category: Shamanism / Water
Creates water.

Balus Wall (barusu wooru)
Also known as: Valis Wall
Category: Shamanism / Fire
This spell is effective against flaming attacks (fire-shamanism, dragon's breath, and normal fire). Flames heading towards the caster would, instead of striking, would be diverted to the left and right of the spellcaster.

Balus Rod (barusu roddo)
Also known as: Valis Rod
Category: Black / Offensive
A whip of light appears in the caster's palm which can be used to attack. Unlike spells which are shot out, the movement of the whip can be more tightly controlled by the caster, improving the chances of hitting the target. The primary weakness of the spell is its short range.

Bamu Rod
Also known as: Bomb Rod
Category: Shamanism / Fire
A whip of fire appears in the caster's hand, which can then be used to attack the enemy. The initial damage dealt is about the same as a Flare Lance, but since the caster can control the whip's movement, there is a greater chance of hitting the target, and it is possible to attack a target in ways which wouldn't be possible with a normal spell, such as swinging the whip horizontally and cutting the target. Since this spell has a variable duration, the caster can keep on attacking with the whip, another advantage over Flare Lance.

Blade Haut (bureedo hauto)
Category: Shamanism / Earth
A spell designed to supplement sword fighting. By swinging a sword, a shock wave is created along the ground, which then attacks a target. Even if the target tries to run away, the shock wave will continue following the target. A fighter-mage skilled with a sword should learn this spell.

Blast Ash (burasuto asshu)
Also known as: Brass Ash, Black Occult Field
Category: Black / Offensive
The caster makes a black void appear in a certain area, and anything alive or possessing a spirit is turned into ash. Inanimate objects such as the ground, buildings, and equipment are not affected; the spell has an effect of a relatively large area, making this one of the few black magic spells which can be used in cramped alleys and town squares.

Blast Wave (burasuto ueivu)
Category: Black / Offensive
With a single hit, the spell can open a hole in a wall large enough for a person to pass through with ease. Even though the spell is powerful, it has two drawbacks. First, the spell can only takes effect when both hands are placed on the target. Second, the spell can only be used to destroy a single target and can't deal damage via shockwaves as other spells do. Since most mages are not skilled at physical combat, the use of this spell isn't widespread. However, the spell's effect against physical objects is absolute, making this a worthwhile spell to learn.

Bomb Di Wind (bomu di win)
Category: Shamanism / Air
By casting this spell, the caster first greatly increases the air pressure in an area, and then releases it. The resultant wind blows away anything directly in front of the caster. Even a thick log cannot stand against the wind that blows. The spell deals no direct damage, but the effect of the spell is absolute.

Boost (buusuto)
Category: Black / Offensive
This spell triggers a magical item to release its power. Specifically, this spell is used to activate Rina's Demon Blood talismans in order to allow use of high-power attacks like Burst Bomb, or it can be used to boost the power of, say, a Dragon Slave.

"Lord of Chaos and the Four Worlds, I call upon you; grant me all the power that you possess!"

Bram Blazer (buramu bureizaa)
Also known as: Blam Blazer, Drum Blazer, Blue Magic Wave
Category: Shamanism / Spirit
This spell shoots out a shock wave of blue light directly at a target. This is a valuable spell which can deal damage both to a target's spirit and body. However, this spell is not practical when trying to capture a target for interrogation, since both the target's spirit and body would have to be healed.

Bram Fang (buramu fangu) Category: Shamanism / Air
A spell which creates an arrow of wind and cuts the target. However, the arrow is so weak that when it strikes a living being, all it will do is leave a light cut along the target's skin. Since this spell requires no particular motions, the spell can be used to cut the bonds when tied up or something of the like. It's also the perfect spell for punishing perverts.

Bram Gush (buramu gasshu)
Also known as: Blam Gush
Category: Shamanism / Air
The spell creates an arrow of wind, which is shot at a target and bursts upon contact (or at the caster's choosing), shredding the target to pieces. This is an extremely lethal spell which has the power to blow a hole through a brick wall.

"Wind which blows across eternity, gather in my hands and become my strength! Bram Gush!"

Burst Flare (baasuto furea)
Category: Shamanism / Fire
A ball of light appears in the targeted area, and in the next instant the ball bursts, raising a tongue of blue white flame. The flames can melt even a golem with ease. Against a human, not even the bones will remain. This is the strongest fire-shamanist magic a normal human can cast without the aid of a talisman of some sort.

"Source of all power, crimson fire buring bright! Gather yourself into my hand and become an inferno; Burst Flare!"

Burst Rondo (baasuto rondo)
Category: Shamanism / Fire
The spell creates numerous balls of light near a target which burst, spreading flames. The spell is visually impressive, but the damage from the spell is negligible. Even a direct hit will only cause burns, making this a good spell to use as a diversion or to frighten enemies.

Damu Brass (damu burasu)
Also known as: Dam Brass
Category: Shamanism / Air
Note: Encylcopedia Slayers claims that this is a Shamanism / Earth spell for some reason.
A spell which shoots out a red ball of light at a target which self-destructs upon contact . The explosion sends high-speed vibrations through the target, destroying it. The spell is like a small, concentrated earthquake. Since the effects of the spell do not spread out, it is a useful spell for opening holes in ceilings and walls.

Dark Claw (daaku kurou)
Category: Black / Offensive
A spell which shoots out magical energy balls, which tend to resemble winged insects with unclear edges. These balls cause the area which they touch to disintegrate, and go through the target's body. Of course, it is possible to kill the target, but it is also possible to remove an arm or a leg.

Dark Mist (daaku misuto)
Category: Shamanism / Water
Spell which fills the area with a dense black fog. In the black fog, even magically created light is completely absorbed. Once created, the fog remains even after the spellcaster stops concentrating.

Demona Crystal (demona kurisutaru)
Also known as: Demonic Crystal
Category: Shamanism / Water
Highly effective spell which makes icy fog appear out of the ground, which then suddenly freezes anything within. Since the fog appears out from the ground, only battle-scarred veteran adventurers can dodge this spell.

"You who crosses between sky and earth, gently flowing water, gather in my hand and give me power! Demona Crystal!"

Diem Wind (dimu win)
Also known as: Diem Wing, Demon Wind
Category: Shamanism / Air
Spell which compresses air, creating temporary strong winds in front of the caster. If the target is a creature, all the spell does is prevent the target from moving forwards for a short while. But, as a defensive spell against things like missile weapons, the casting time is short, making this a very useful spell. Also, this spell can be used while fleeing from targets who it is important not to injure.

Digu Volt (digu voruto)
Also known as: Digger Volt
Category: Shamanism / Air
A lethal spell which shoots out a blast of lightning from the palm of the extended arm. This spell is a stronger version of Mono Volt, and a direct hit by this spell most likely means death. There is also a small chance that targets struck with this spell will catch on fire.

Dill Brand (diru burando)
Also known as: Dare Brando, Explosion Array, Explosive Array
Category: Shamanism / Earth
With the caster at the center, this spell can blast anything upwards within a circular range of the ground, including dirt, rocks, or anyone inside. Since this spell's effects aren't lethal (though the resultant fall might be), it can be used to knock targets unconscious and capture them. In addition, the pillars of displaced dirt and rocks can be used to hide from or blind the target. There is a chance that nearby party members or hired help will also be blasted, but there's little chance they'll perish, so, in a way, there's no need to worry when casting this spell. Of course, there's no harm in exercising caution, either.

Dolph Strash (darufu sutorasshu)
Category: Black / Offensive
Like Dolph Zork, this spell calls on the power of Deep Sea Dolphin. A spear-like shockwave moves at super sonic speed, destroying the target. Unlike Dolph Zork, this spell can even be used where there is no water.

Dolph Zork (darufu zooku)
Category: Black / Offensive
Spell which calls on the power of Deep Sea Dolphin, one of Ruby-Eye Shabranigdu's five lords. The spell turns water into a single sharp blade which cuts through practically anything. However, this spell can only be cast where there is a lot of water.

Dragon Slave (doragu sureibu)
Also known as: Dragu Slave
Category: Black / Offensive
Spell which calls on the power of Ruby-Eye Shabranigdu, leader of the dark forces in the Slayers world. This is the strongest spell that humans can cast without a talisman of some kind; its effect is broad and destructive enough to level a city. The name was originally "Dragon Slayer" but as the legend was passed through the years, it became garbled into its current form, "Dragon Slave."

"Darkness from twilight, crimson from blood that flows; buried in the flow of time; in Thy great name, I pledge myself to darkness! Those who oppose us shall be destroyed by the power you and I possess! Dragu Slave!!"
"Darkness beyond twilight, crimson from blood that flows, buried in the flow of time as where your power grows; I pledge myself to conquer all the foes that stand, against the mighty gift bestowed in my unworthy hand; Let the fools who stand in our way be destroyed, by the power you and I posess! Dragon Slave!"
"Heed me thou who is blacker than night; Heed me thou who is redder than blood. In the name Thou taketh, a pact I propose to Thee. Thee, I beseech: grant me all the power that you posess so that none stand in our way. To my arm... DRAGON SLAVE!!"

Dug Haut (dagu hauto)
Also known as: Stone Spiker
Category: Shamanism / Earth
A powerful and effective spell in which numerous large stone spears rush out of the ground. This is done by gathering magical energy in a hand and slamming that hand against the ground, which causes the layers underneath the ground to shift. Since this spell also causes a small earthquake, any target whose feet are on the ground will have a hard time dodging this spell.

"Earth below me, submit to my will! Dug Haut!"

Dust Chip (dasuto chippu)
Category: Shamanism / Water
Spell which shoots out numerous small arrows of ice about the size of the tip of a fingernail. The actual damage dealt is minimal, but the arrows hurt a lot. A good spell to use when the goal is to weaken the opponent's will to fight.

Dynast Brass (dainasuto burasu)
Category: Black / Offensive
Just like Dynast Breath, this spell also calls on the power of Dynast Grauscherra. Lightning falls around the target in a pentagram, and then the lightning rushes towards the target. Caution is necessary when the target is too close to the spellcaster because there's a chance that the caster will also be caught within the pentagram.

"You who sleeps in the depths of the Earth, Dynast with the soul ice; with your dark blessing, defeat the enemies that stand before me. Dynast Brass!"

Dynast Breath (dainasuto buresu)
Category: Black / Offensive
A spell which calls on the power of Dynast Grauscherra, one of Ruby-Eye Shabranigdu's five lords. This spell instantly freezes the target with ice (which can freeze even Mazoku) and, right after that, the frozen target is shattered along with the ice. By careful placement, though, it is possible to keep the target alive in ice.

"You, who sleep in the depths of the earth, Dynast with the soul of ice; grant me your freezing wrath. Dynast Breath!"

Elmekia Lance (erumekia ransu)
Also known as: Flash Lance
Category: Shamanism / Spirit
A spell which creates and fires a lance of light, which damages a target's spirit. This spell deals no physical damage, and even a direct hit only causes the target to fall unconscious for a period of time. A useful spell against spirit beings such as Mazoku.

Fireball (faiaa booru)
Category: Shamanism / Fire
A ball of fire appears between the hands of the caster which can then be thrown. Upon contact with an object, the ball explodes, spreading flames. Caution is necessary when using this spell in enclosed area or forests because this spell affects a wide area. This is the most popular offensive spell. One may use variations of this spell such as making the ball of light appear in places other than between the hands, or making the ball of fire explode on the word "break." Being able to cast this spell is one of the criteria for a full-fledged mage.

"Source of all power, light which burns beyond crimson flame, let thy power gather in my hand. Fireball!"

Flare Arrow (furea aroo)
Category: Shamanism / Fire
A spell which makes several fire arrows appear around the caster, and fly directly towards a target. The spell can be used to attack, or to make something catch on fire. The number of arrows that can be created depends on the caster's skill. Through careful arrangement, it is possible to make the arrows appear in places other than in front of the caster. This is the most basic offensive spell, but since the casting time is short, it is useful in combat.

"Source of all power, crimson fire burning bright. Flare Arrow!"
"East winds that blow / Have you as their source / Into my hands / Ignite all their force! / Flare Arrow!"

Flare Lance (furea ransu)
Category: Shamanism / Fire
Several Flare Arrows are fused together to form a spear which is then shot at a target. The spell can be used for destruction or to light fires, but by controlling the strength of the spell, it is possible to turn a large rock into a heater or a medium sized rock into a frying pan.

Freeze Arrow (furiizu aroo)
Category: Shamanism / Water
The spell makes several ice arrows appear near the caster and then fly towards the target; the ice counterpart of Flare Arrow. The arrows can also be used to restrict an opponent's movement by freezing the target's feet to the ground. Though this spell is similar to Flare Arrow, it does not cause things to catch on fire, so in areas where there are many combustible such as towns, this spell comes in handy.

Gaav Flare (gaavu furea)
Also known as: Garv Flare, Darm Flare, Demon Dragon Inferno Howl
Category: Black / Offensive
Note: No longer castable.
Spell which calls on the power of Chaos-Dragon Gaav, one of the five servants of Ruby-Eye Shabranigdu. The fire travels in a straight path which pierces the target and keeps on going, dealing damage to anything directly behind the target. Since Gaav no longer exists, this spell can no longer be cast.

"Black dragon who sleeps in the red flame; With your mighty roar, burn my enemies down! Gaav Flare!"

Hell Blast (heru burasuto)
Category: Black / Offensive
This spell creates a spear of darkness which steals the life force of living beings. This power of darkness ends the effect of all sources of power, making it possible to destroy undead whose life depend on the dark powers.

Levitation (rebiteeshon)
Category: Shamanism / Air
By manipulating wind, the caster gains the ability to levitate. After casting the spell, it is possible to rise or fall simply by willing it. This spell is very easy to control. It is possible to cast easy spells while casting this spell.

Lighting (raitingu)
Category: White
The spell creates a ball of light which is about as bright as a street lamp. Normally the duration of this spell is 2~3 hours, but by shortening the duration the spell can be made brighter. A blinding flash of light, for example, can be made by decreasing the duration to a split-second.

"Light which burns beyond crimson flame, let thy power gather in my hand! LIGHTING!"

Mega Brand (mega burando)
Also known as: Mega Brunt
Category: Shamanism / Earth
The damage from this spell doesn't differ significantly from that of Dill Brand, but the area of effect has increased, making it possible to attack even more targets. Since the amount of dirt which flies up has increased, the spell's ability to cloud the visibility of opponents has also increased. The increased area of effect also means that party members have a greater chance of being victims of this spell, but hesitation in battle usually means losing anyways.

Mono Volt (mono voruto)
Category: Shamanism / Air
Note: Encylcopedia Slayers claims that this is a Shamanism / Earth spell for some reason.
An elementary lightning spell. A direct hit simply paralyzes a target temporarily, due to the targets' skin. Because of that, this spell is often used in combination with edged weapons to directly electrocute targets from within.

Ragna Blast (raguna burasuto)
Category: Black / Offensive
Note: No longer castable.
This spell calls on the power of Hellmaster Phibrizzo, one of the five lords of Shabranigdu. With the target of the spell in the center of an inverted pentagram, a pillar of light shoots upwards, followed by black plasma which spills out of the pillar and envelops the victim. Since the source of this spell's power, Hellmaster Phibrizzo, is no longer present, this spell can no longer be used.

Raphas Seed (rafasu shiido)
Category: White
This spell can completely prevent a target from moving by entangling them within magical ropes. A target affected by this spell cannot even cast magic. This spell requires no concentration to maintain and its effects last for a little less than an hour.

Raywing (rei uingu)
Category: Shamanism / Air
The caster gains the ability to fly by creating a shield of wind around him/herself. The caster can carry other people, but since the speed, diameter, and the maximum weight that can be carried all depend on the caster's skill, more weight means less speed. Unlike Levitation, the spell is harder to control, and requires a lot of concentration, so other spells can not be used at the same time. The caster can continue flying as long as he/she concentrates, and can end the spell by simply breaking concentration. The shield of wind also serves as a defensive shield. The shield can also protect the caster from all but the more powerful spells.

Rune Breaker (ruun bureikaa)
Category: White
By creating a ward in the shape of a pentagram, all magic within the pentagram is weakened. This spell does not depend on the skill of the caster, but instead depends on the size of the pentagram. The larger the ward, the weaker offensive spells and unnatural enchantments become.

Rune Flare (ruun furea)
Category: Shamanism / Fire
Creates a flaming spear by drawing power directly from the fire spirit. This spell is slightly weaker than Burst Flare, but it is the strongest fire spirit magic which can only effect a single target. Since the spell is pure energy, rather than flame, there is no need to worry about objects catching on fire.

Scatter-Bleed (sukattaa buriddo)
Also known as: Scatter Brid
Category: Shamanism / Air This spell calls forth several dozen spheres of energy which swarm towards the opponent in annoying waves. The energy is electrical in nature, though damage is negligible.

Sea Blast (shiiburasuto)
Category: Shamanism / Water
Spell which causes a large wave to appear on the surface of water, which could easily capsize a mid-sized ship. The problem is, in order for this spell to work, the caster must have his/her hand placed on the surface of water. In addition, this spell only affects things on the surface and will have no effect against anything underneath the water.

Shadow Snap (shadoo sunappu)
Category: Shamanism / Spirit
Spell which holds a target by manipulating the Astral Plane through the knife pierced in the target's shadow. A target affected by this spell can do nothing except cast spells. However, in a place where there are no shadows or when for some reason the target's shadow temporarily disappears, the effect of the spell ends. So, by using spells such as Lighting and Fireball to temporarily erase your shadow, the effects of the spell can be negated.

Sleeping (suriipingu)
Category: White
Makes creatures within a certain area fall asleep. Those affected by this spell will stay asleep for about half a day, even if a dragon roars or a banshee screams. This spell is not taught at the Guilds because it can be used for criminal activities; it must be constructed by the would-be caster.

Val-Flare (varu furea)
Also known as: Va Ru Flare
Category: Shamanism / Fire
At first glance it looks like an enlarged Flare Arrow, but upon contact it causes a tremendous explosion and deals a tremendous amount of damage. It can be used against living beings, and also to open holes in ceilings. Care is needed when casting this spell in a wooden building because the building could catch on fire.

Van Rehl (van reiru)
Also known as: Van Rail
Category: Shamanism / Water
Strings of ice spread out from the spellcaster's hand placed against a wall, along the ceiling, floor, and walls. The target(s) who are touched by these strings soon turn into statues of ice. This is one of the few large-area spells that can be used in passages.

"Holy wind, wind which flows gently across the land, let all things be filled with your pure breath. Van Rehl!"

Vas Gluudo (vasu guruudo)
Category: White
A spell which creates a magic barrier the size of a small shield. It is effective against all types of magic and doesn't take much time to cast, so it is a well-balanced defensive spell.

Vice Freeze (vaisu furiizu)
Category: Shamanism / Water
The ice counterpart of Burst Flare; a ball of ice appears in the targeted area, which then bursts, covering the surrounding area in ice. This spell is the strongest ice magic.

Windy Shield (windii shiirudo)
Category: Shamanism / Air
Surrounds the spell-caster with a barrier of wind which defends the caster from all attacks. The most popular defensive spell. It is possible for several spell-casters to combine their shields to increase the defense of the barrier and it can be used against all offensive spells. The only problem is that concentration is necessary when this spell is cast, so other spells can not be cast while maintaining the shield.

Tera Slave (tera sureibu)
Category: Black / Offensive
Rina's original spell which calls upon the Lord of Nightmares (Golden Demon Lord). Its power is almost unfathomable, so great that it cannot even be compared to the Dragon Slave; however, this spell still does not come close to the sheer power behind the fabled Giga Slave or even the legendary Ragna Blade, both spells which were discovered and practiced by Rina's predecessor, the great sorceress supreme Lina Inverse. Despite this, the spell has two major advantages. First, there is no risk of a cataclysmic misfire. Secondly, the direction in which this spell is fired may be controlled. However, a huge amount of magic capacity is required to fire off the spell and the spell itself travels so fast that directing it is an endeavor within itself. If the spell hits, though, the effect of the chaos powering the magic will take absolute effect upon the target, and it will cease to exist... in most cases.

"Darkness beyond blackest pitch, deeper than the deepest night; Lord of Darkness, shining like gold upon the Sea of Chaos; I call upon thee and swear myself to thee. Here I ask you, become one with my power and one with my hand; to the fools who oppose us we will bring ruin; none shall oppose the power which you and I possess! Tera Slave!"